Thursday, October 03, 2013

Art Vibration - 223


Vision is a base of life . vision is giving a aim to life. Vision is a path of success . vision is a definition of future journey. Vision is a energy box. Vision is a canvas of peaceful life. Vision is a observer of time. I am saying it because I have knew to vision definition by my art journey.

Vision was always supported to past time or that’s historical culture . Egypt culture was moved with time by a very strong vision . After Egypt we have noticed different type of vision in different time of historical cultures of our past  history .

We know vision have own tool in a human body we are saying to that sensors .that is giving feeling and visual sense to a human by his or her observation . a human can observe by touch , smell , taste , visit or hear and then his or her mind can judge a final observation or after that a complete vision about observation or feeling .

It is a fact of human life or that’s vision. By this post I am explaining  my vision in front side of  yours vision. We know creative people and that’s mind always live busy in observation or after that for a vision definition. Its strong example is  great writer of theater art BHARAT MUNI .

He was observed to social condition of his live life time. He was observed to social condition by his sensors and then created a new vision in form of theater art for refreshment of mind of society . Today we are saying to that NATYSASTRA . Bhart Muni  was told to society or to creative people of his time,  he said you can get and give peace to people mind by  your creative vision through performance of physical exercise  in form  of  Naty , he was wrote a big theory about Theater art and about artist duty.

Today contemporary cine art is completely following to his vision of theater art with some more advance technology . Mostly all art sector is following to vision of Bharat Muni.

I am master of Art by  academic art  education .i have also read to Bharat Muni or his Natysastra .his  art vision is helping to me very well for develop  to more strong art vision about visual art .

 My art work job for people eyes . its come out by me , after observation through  my own eyes . In Hindi language we are saying to it  CHAKSHU KALA ( Visual Art ). People can visit it by eyes and after visit by eyes that live observation give a vision to observer of that art work . that live observation and that’s vision can give peace and some more other vision to a viewers .but in visual art eyes are  very important for feeling and observation to visual art presentation of a visual artist .

Here for  your vision I am going to share a art exercise visual for your visit . I were created lots of eyes on a paper by my vision . when i were created that visual in that movement I were thinking about vision or the role of eyes in  that vision creation.  I though without eyes a visual artist can’t create a final vision for people or viewers . there no definition of visual art without eyes or that’s vision.  A blind viewer can not  get to a right vision of a visual artist in his blind condition. This kind of thinking was coming in my vision when I were thinking on visual art and that’s vision. In that thinking time I were created lots of eyes on a one paper by black ink pen .  for that art exercise  here I said only vision..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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