Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 244


This week I were joined a child art workshop in a privet primary school of my city . I were invited there as a artist , there I were joined to seven junior artist of Kolkata . they were working also joined that art work shop with kids . I were felt happy because they were busy with kids like a family member . art need always this kind of nature for art environment . they were creating so I liked that . there a young artist was asked  to kids about definition of art , kids were gave many definitions to him .ha ha ha ..

Because I were thinking about definition of art , you know here on this canvas art vibration  I have many type art logic and that’s definitions but kids art definition was very different to my logical art definitions. But I were observed to that live art talk  a true art need very first soul power and then medium for expressions of  inner sound.  There kids were exercised with young artists of Kolkota , there were created some clay modeling work some paper work and some wall painting work . I were noticed the soul power of kids because that one day art workshop was giving lost of freedom to kids from text reading in that case kids soul power was getting lots of freedom for self expression with art exercise , I saw there was not any boundary for kids so kids soul power was playing with art medium .

 In same time I were remembered  my past live art movement of art journey. Here I want to share that for your notice. I was in Kota for art camp of Hadoti Kala Anchal .art and craft art workshop . there I saw many senior and junior artist was busy in work of art by his or her soul power.  In that gathering of artists I saw two young artist was very energetic for visuals art work . they were very conscious for his creation . they both are in very critical condition but they were busy in work of art that was great observation for me so I were shoot to them by my camera .

Artist Ashutosh panikar from Orissa , he was busy in painting by his hand , because he have no normal finger on his hand but he was busy by his handicapped hands on a white canvas  for painting creation . there his soul power was supporting to him very much . A other young artist he was not normal to mind , he was upset but interested  in painting creation , I saw he was creating painting by his finger  on canvas  he was not using any tool of painting like brush or any other tool. I saw he was want to live busy in art work by his soul power or his soul power was ordered  to him for painting in his critical condition of mind. I saw after painting creation he was came in cool mood and I saw a natural smile on his face .his smile is very close to smile of  that school kids. I saw to HOD of Fine Art section of Rajasthan University Artist Subrato Mandal was creating painting in that came like a school kids, he was on ground of Kota Art gallery and painted to a canvas, in same camp I saw international Artist Sir Jatin Das was created a very big painting by two canvas paint .  in visuals you will notice  my talk point about soul power. I sure about it .

Because I know what need art so here I said art need only soul power…
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  


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