Monday, October 07, 2013

Art Vibration - 228


Its creation of a Fan of Actress Deepika padukone 
Last month I was busy on my online communication network for art communication . in that case I was a art updated of Indian Cine actress Deepika  Padukone . I am connected with her  on her online communication page as a visual artist . I saw she was updated a very artistic portrait of herself  that was pencil portrait sketch . she was wrote her fan was created that perfect portrait of her. Really that was a good sketch of artist cum fan of actress Deepika Padukone .

As a visual art master when I saw that portrait with word perfect sketch . that update  was inspired to  me for a portrait work of Actress Deepika Padukone. I were told her I will create a portrait of  yours in next few days in my free time  and I will share  with  you and I hope  you will like that .
Actually for me that was a live challenge or a open challenge about portrait sketch , I were felt it in myself by self thinking . I were not taken that like a competition but that was a competition sound itself  in social thinking. But that was not . I can say that was a live effect for a perfect presentation in form of portrait work.

I were searched  a special picture of Deepika padukone on her online communication page but there to  I were not got portrait level picture . so I were taken help of google image there I were saw lots of images of Deepika Padukone and finally I were selected  a portrait image of her for portrait sketch by google image help .

I were also selected pencil or paper for her portrait sketch. After one to two hours exercise I were completed a portrait sketch of her on paper . in that portrait I saw the  character look of Deepika Padukone was came in line’s . that was giving a effect of  face of  Deepika Padukone so I were stop that art exercise after a final touch .
I were observed light and shadow impression from  her photo image .i were not tried to show my artistic styles or some special effect in  that portrait sketch I were draw that  in simply lines with effect of light .

I were created This Portrait of Actress Deepika Padukone.. 

That portrait I were created  in size  A4 paper. After creation that portrait of Deepika Padukone I were shared very first with Deepika Padukone on her online page .After that I were shared that art exercise  with Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir  on his blog .but I were not updated that on my online network page . because I were waiting of reply from  Actress Deepika padukone but she was not replied  to me about my art exercise so I were felt  my art exercise was not perfect  just like her fan perfect work . ha ha.

But in my view it was perfect after a right effect of a art work . so here I am sharing with  you this short story with my art exercise for your visit or  observation .I hope  you will like it and notice this effect of perfect in form of portrait sketch of Acress Deepika Padukone  .

 So  I said here Effect of perfect  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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