Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 231


It was year 2009 . I were connecting to world by online communication path . it was giving me more space and a big canvas for world art communication from My nation or from my art studio . in this communication or in work of connecting ork . I were connected to lots of peoples , they are artist, writer, poet, actor, creator , thinker, philosopher, painter, sculptor, art lover and some royal family people of our world royal families .

 As a Artist they were communicated with me and today that communication is continue for world art communication. I were done lots of art exercise for  my art communication with work of art sound. Some time I were created portraits, some time I were shared  my art views in text and in my own art style visuals . some time I were shared art photography and some time I were done some editing work on old pictures of peoples.

 Actually online communication was giving me some way for art exercise with sound of true art communication. In this case I were faced some time open challenge some time helping sound for creative exercise. over all this online communication was making me more advance and strong for my art presentation or  that’s practice, so I am thankful for my all  online communication connections or that’s  owners.

Here I want to share a royal art work story with  you . because it was came out from my inner sound  after connected to a real royal family member.  I were saw a page link on facebook in year 2009 . that was a page of HRH princess Margaret of UK. I saw her updated on her own page of facebook . when she was accepted  my like request then I were visited her portrait and some other photograph as a art master . mostly her all updated pictures were   in black and white . so I were taken a challenge itself for me . I thought , I will edit a picture of HRH Princess Margaret  in color . so I were selected a picture of her , she was  in center of that picture composition . I were informed  to HRH princess Margaret  page  of facebook by message for her picture editing work . I got a permission for editing work on her picture . so I were started editing work on her  image that was black and white image .  in editing time I were edited only image of HRH princess Margaret  in that picture.

By help of Photoshop software  I were completed a simple editing work on picture of HRH princess Margaret . when I were completed that color editing work . I were shared that image with page of HRH princess Margaret . that page owner was liked  my editing work and then they were updated that art exercise  on photo album of facebook of HRH Princess Margaret .

Its my editing work for Image of HRH Princess Margaret UK  

That was a royal promotion to my art exercise by a real royal family of HRH Princess Margaret UK. Kind  your information that art work of photo editing is update today on facebook page of HRH Princess Margaret  UK in section”  post by others” . here that’s link for your visit.

I sure  you will like it when you visit it .

That was  my first true art exercise for Royal Family of UK . I were felt happy when they were accepted  my art exercise for update and by that update they were gave me real art energy for my more art exercise of  future . they were showed trust on my art communication or that’s result.  my editing work is update  today on facebook  page of HRH princess Margaret UK . what I say after it ?  on this royal editing work of myself ,  so I said photo editing work for HRH Princess Margaret UK..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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