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 Heritage Discussion at Hotel Bhawar Niwas , Bikaer 
Friends My city is  people of thinkers or  critics, it is a heritage property of our city life culture .its region is our city people are very sensitive and emotional .they all know to definition of society and that’s true relation or work  . here people thinking for others very first because we are living like a family .our city is not only a city.  it’s a complete home of us . I am writing this post it is a true example of  my words  .

We are doing discussion on all subjects  of our world, nation or city and then personal life. Senior always observe to juniors and juniors following to seniors right steps for future by right discussion on right time.  This human or social culture is running  in this city to last 525 years like a rule of joint family.Here we are live our best in our limitation. We are making best food in home or in market because that market food is also part of our big home Bikaner. Here I will not write about Bikanery Bhuiya , or Rabdi or ETC. ( it is also heritage of our City ) .

 Heritage Discussion at Hotel Bhawar Niwas , Bikaer 
Here I will share with  you a serious discuss matter  . that was on heritage look of city Bikaner.  Heritage is a subject of My art study , I am working on it time to time when time need to me real heritage care sound and I am giving my 100% to this heritage matter of our world. In this project work or that’s chain , I were participated  in a open discussion  on heritage look of Bikaner city.In foundation time of Bikaner city . our city was best designed city of Asia  and our  city Public park design was copied  in city of London in our King was a real achievement of our historical design of City Bikaner.

Freedom Fighter saying about heritage matter in
Discussion of heritage matter .
At Hotel Bhawar Niwas  Bikaner,
Today time have changed so city and that’s location and demand also  change according to time. so its natural  but we can give look to this change in form of heritage look . our System was taken some heritage look step for city , in that case they were re constructed to SURSAGAR water pool with heritage look . that was real step for heritage promotion by Govt. of Rajasthan ( INDIA ) .

But that was not enough , today advance technology is working on land of city Bikaner , the technology is working for underground function to basic requirement of life.  In this progressive action our city have lost historical street structures . some animals like cow and ox is moving  on the road ,that is not wrong , that is our city culture because in past Bikaner was a big milk dairy of Rajasthan . here problem is petroleum tempos . that tempos creating pollution in our city because in 20 to 30 KM area 50,000 to 70,000 tempos  are moving every day for income of money . in this fast income track city is getting loss very fast for heritage look or natural environment  .On land of cow grass farming ( GOCHAR BHUMI ) someone are cutting plats and selling for home construction , in that case cow and ox are moving in city and on that’s roads . it is not a mistake of animals its mistake of system. They are fail in care to cow grass farming land ( Gochar Bhumi ) .In king time in history all animals were moving and eating grass on land of GOCHAR BHUMI .

Sursager of Bikaner -  Water pool of King time  in under reconstruction ..for heritage look 

Our city streets were  decorated by very fine stone  crafting work in form of Haveli’s  . that Haveli’s  were  live mural art work  in stone . A senior  tourism writer U.C. Kochar was wrote a book * A City of thousands Haveli’s * he was wrote very perfectly about heritage element of  Haveli’s of Bikaner  . But today our city have very limited historical Haveli’s in City Bikaner , it is a big tans  matter for heritage look of Bikaner. People are selling to stone craft work of that historical Haveli’s. they are making money after sell to city heritage for money of for new look to old home . it is painful matter for our discussion .

Sursager of Bikaner -  Water pool of King time  in under reconstruction ..for heritage look 

But someone is thinking on this tans matter of heritage look. Its example  I were saw and observed live in Hotel Bhawar Niwas of Bikaner , it was a Haveli in past but today it is convert in a hotel form but it is a heritage symbol of our Bikaner for international tourists . In hotel cum Haveli Bawar Nivas  I were invited for a open talk on heritage look of City Bikaner . I were went there with my camera . I saw there many seniors were presented for talk on heritage matter.  On desk I saw a writer of tourism U.C. Kochar, Officer of Tourism department of Bikaner Mr. Hanuman Mal Arya , Director of Hotel Bhawar Nivas Mr. Sunil Ram Puriya , A Trusty of Cow Care society Mr. Kothari , A Senior  Editor of News paper Mr. Ashok Mathur, senior writer and thinker Bhawani Shankar vyas  and one very senior freedom fighter of INDIA. ( I think Mulchand pareek ji ) was sited .

They were ready for work about  Heritage look of Bikaner ..ha ha ha..
There I were listening  to all and noticing to right way for heritage look . there to I were got many point of view for future heritage look  and that’s care action . there  I were thought  in past when Bikaner city was designing  in that movement a one mind was working . that was king Mind . today we people are king so we have many lakh ‘s minds,  each one  mind have a different angle for heritage look  in this case we are getting different types heritage look concept today . in this different angels it is very tuf for one definition of a one heritage look of our city Bikaner. I  think this same talk is fit on all cities of nation or world.

I were felt happy someone art  thinking and someone art working  or trying for a one definition of heritage look by discussion,   so I said discussion on heritage look ..

Sursager of Bikaner -  Water pool of King time  after  reconstruction ..for heritage look .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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