Friday, October 18, 2013

Art Vibration - 239


Friends in my view we have two type people in our society . one is creator and second is follower .creator can’t follow and follower can’t create it is universal fact .in nature following culture it is working itself we can’t change to it .  because that is natural for this earth , because nature creator know what is right or wrong for our earth . so we all are following  to that creation  rule in our daily life on this earth. Yes I am saying about natural energy we have define to that universal energy - our GOD .

Today I am saying it because we all are following to rule or guide line of god in any religions on our earth. In Hindu religion philosophy . all Hindu is following to system of Hindu God with prayer. Someone created some prayers poetry or literature for impress to god . they were creator of Hindu Family , this prayer concept we can see in all religions of our world  religions families.

In Hindu religion that literature is VEDAS , RAMAYANA , SHIV PURAN , BHAGWAT GEETA , MAHABHARTA and some short prayers for  different type of god’s .

 In human life many creator come in front side of society, time to time in past or in contemporary time of today. It is natural because natural energy is creating follower with some creators on this earth . It is true,  Here I want to share a example with a creative art form story . it is 150 year old creation story of my city .it is from Hindu religions but in this creation a Islamic Creator was created some prayer  for god  by his soul feelings  .

My city Bikaner have a very old temple Raghunath ji temple  in main city of Bikaner, that temple is god VISHNU . On SHARD PURNIMA ( today is shard purnima ) there many peoples of Hindu family is celebrate this religion festival on Sharad Purnima night. They are perform there a theater art ( RASLILA  ) with old format .they are performing that theater art to last 150 years on Shard purnima Night .

In that live performance of theater art they use  some stories of god Krishna or king BALI . but that’s music, dialogue , script or prayers song ( BHAJAN ) is creation of two creator . they are Hindu or Muslim two close friend or creative artist of my city. When that theater was performed first time on stage of that temple , that was a fresh creation of religion theater art in form of RASLILA with BRAJBHASHI  language .

Today follower is following to that fresh art creation by performance of RASLILA  on that temple . they are using same costume , same script , same prayer song or  that’s rhythm of music or dance , same character same day or time . this performance is taking 12th hour in performance . it is very big performance on a live  big script play  with lots of characters .

Time have change to condition but follower of that musical theater performance  are  not change to that fresh play script or that’s natural rhythm . it can possible by committed followers . without commitment of followers  any fresh  art can’t get the real traditional form . it is true . its example is Ajanta cave’s .  Jain Temple , Islamic Azzan , or christen prayer.

Here I want to share with  you a think of creators. They were followed to natural life system but in that system they were created something new and fresh creation  in new form  because they were creator . their fresh creation was true work of art then follower was adopted that as a culture or tradition . you can say that art work was created follower itself by impression of fresh creation , in society and that follower were gave a traditional form to that fresh art work of that creators, today that fresh creation is convert in traditional form after 150 years . it is not a joke it is a true example of follower trust and carry nature. Followers were know the  value of that fresh creation of live theater art  so they have cared  to that in same format after 150 years . I can say follower of that fresh art work are  live human museum . that temple is also a historical Museum of a fresh live performing art . I were noticed there follower of musical theater art are working like academy.  they were  promoting to juniors for follow to that fresh art performance from live stage on Shard punima . there followers are working in a team.  there junior and senior work both on a one stage for care to fresh art of senior creators . they all follower live busy all night for organize to that musical theater art . someone sing , someone dance, someone perform  to character of play script , someone give same music rhythm of  first creators of that music   . over all I were noticed  practically how to a fresh  creation get traditional art form by followers.
So on shard purnima day  today I am thinking about it or I said it follower create tradition to fresh creation …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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