Monday, October 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 249

Life like Peanut

peanuts  in form of art work  with concept  life like peanut. 

 I have thought like a poet  when I saw  to peanut  in my art education time . it was year 2004-05 , I  were busy in master education , in that time I were creating some concept for  my art project  and in that project design work  I were observed lost of social elements of  society and then I were transferred  to that in form of art concept . in that art exercise  I were converted  some concept in form of painting and some in installation art .

In my  art  education   I were selected a subject  for myself  art study  that was life. Every day I were observing  to life in society with different views . here I want to share  with  you a live observation on peanut or by that live observation  on peanut I were expressed  to life definition  in form of installation art work .

That was not a big art work because I were used original peanut for presentation of my life concept by art sound.  I were buy peanuts from market and then I were painted that with primary color red, yellow , blue . after paint to that peanuts I were exhibited as a art work with concept of life observation . I said to that art presentation  symbol of life.

 I were wrote a note on that art work with this words. I wrote life is like peanut , peanut have two step in a natural form , one is peanut cover and second is corn of peanut. That same thing is with life in life cover is body and corn is soul . it was my philosophical  logic about life observation. Peanuts not only related to human body that is connect to human vision or that’s inner sound . like consciousness or unconsciousness .

I were painted  to peanuts for make difference in peanuts by  logic of color painting I wrote we all human have different color in life or in skin  tone but our inner color is same just like peanuts corn . here inner color mean is self demand to life by nature design. Every life want to live with peace and love but their life is getting  to that love and peace by different colors tones. It is a design of nature for life.

Peanuts can create peanuts on this earth by process of nature this same thing is with life on this earth . peanuts corn give energy to life and life corn ( vision, inner sound, inner demand )  is giving energy to other life on this earth.

In life,  people use to peanut for life energy  in that use they are use only corn of peanuts . on earth people throw to cover of peanuts corn . this same thing is working on life,  society use to vision of life and they damaged to cover  ( human Body ) of life corn  (vision ) .

 You can say  this concept design is like philosophical view or a poetic view . but when I were observed to peanuts in that  time I were went in poetic mood naturally without any force . but that true observation on peanuts was gave  taught  to me lots,  when I were thinking on that matter of peanuts or life. That was live education for me by self thinking process and that observation was gave me a one more view about life with a art work  form . there I were noticed time and self  research way is teaching to life naturally with strong knowledge  or maybe it is time design for life , it can a another view of research .ha

But that small observation on peanuts was gave me a logic with art work and by that art work I could exhibited a true  art study work in my presentation of master education  of  art collage. I were exhibited that art work in form of installation art. Here  for your visit a  visual of that art work , I sure  you will accept and notice to my observation on peanuts or life . because I were felt  life like peanut.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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