Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 230


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Yes , white house of America . in 2008 I were saw a video presentation on online that video was updated  from white house America . I saw a very simple educated person was taking commitment for duty of president of America  in white house . yes I am saying about Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama . he was taking his post as a president  in white house that time  he was gave a good speech  on his post  or duty matter .  He told to his nation about peace or U turn action .  He was remembered to father of My nation  Mahatma Ghandhi  in  his speech . when he called to name of mahatma Ghandhi  in that movement he was won my heart  And I were notice d a real peace maker in him. So I were posted a first mail to white house by my online network and that’s copy I were shared with our president office of INDIA.

 That was  my first step for talk to a great person of our world. He is  President of America Barack Obama . I were noticed  in him a good human , a good teacher, a good army man nature  and a very right thinker like a philosopher .  I were noticed  he had knew the definition of  world peace . today we know he got Nobel Prize for peace creation . ( I was right  ) ha ha..

When I were posted my first mail to white house I were wrote a big thanks with sound of world family member . we know many people’ s were created sound for president of America a black Man was got president post in white house . that was not a right statement for him in my view . so I were created a two line poetry for him . I were wrote it in poetry language ..


Friends  I were got a first reply from white house .they were accepted  my true words and thanks for Hon’ble president of America . After that President of America  was noticed me and my art sound . 2008 to till 2013 . he is with me like a backup wall or as a senior member of our world family.

Tracking  report of my gift post to white house .
Tracking  report of my gift post to white house .

In this long communication of art and social subjects,  many time  I were shared  my view with him as a family member or as a junior artist of our world. He was noticed and accepted  my view many time as a family member .it was true love and blessing on me by him or  by white house .

In this years I were received many greetings and sign of president of America by his own online E mail .  In past I  were created  a portrait of him and then I were printed that on a coffee Mug then I were  posted to white house on birthday of president of America . I hope  he was received that from post service  of IND – AMERICA ? .

My comment was notice by Community of OF President of  America on online network .
Greeting From Hon'ble president of America Barack Obama for me ..

When president of America was added me in his family then I were connected to all family member of white house on this online communication network. They all were noticed my presence and views about world peace , environment, education,. Healthcare system, medical backup, child care act and very important matter terrorist attack control or some social subjects. I am sharing  my view because he is listening  me as a member of house or family. He is giving respect to my view as a senior of world family it is giving me great feeling always when I am communicate with white house or Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama .

A thanks from Community of President of America .
Here I want to share a E mail  copy image  for your visit or  reading . I were posted some view to white house and in reply of that mail Hon’ble  Vice President of  America  Joe Biden was reply  me with congratulation  word. That word was showing complete confidence and trust on my views from Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama or Hon’ble Vice President of America  Joe Biden. So my thanks to them or to white house team.

Hon'ble Vice President of America  Joe Biden Was replied me by his reply mail .2009 

Actually white house of America was observed  my inner sound for our world peace design or my progressive idea . because white house always use creative idea for change to condition for better future like  pholosphy of Mahatma Ghandhi, president of America and his white house team also following to it with joint work sound. So I were connected to white house without any fear and they were created lots of confidence in me about  my vision of world peace . so I am with concept of white house as a family member . today all world need a one white house  in each one country for world peace  with character sound  of Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama . so I said here only white house.

Thanks .........................................................................................................................................................................!

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Anonymous said...

Dear Yogendra,

I read your blog almost every day. Some friends of mine recently had their first child, and I was wondering if you would write something, maybe a poem, for them.


A friend in the USA