Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Vibration - 235



and literature is a base of our Historical records or that’s history . we all know it very well. Art and literature is giving  to us education or knowledge of history or about social system . Art and literature is making some good sense or observation  in our vision step by step. When we work with it  and we learn from this art and literature way.

In world life system we have education format  for mind design . in this format of mind design we have literature and art form for mind making . this mind design work we start with  kids mind in our world. We know  kids mind is a soft and sensitive mind so by format of education we are giving to kids mind very easy and simple exercise for mind making process. In this light education process we have designed some light literature and art exercise for kids . today many primary schools of our world are  following it for kids mind design .
It is a very must for kids mind about right angle . otherwise kids mind can go on wrong side or in negativity activity.that negativity can get some danger form in future so kids mind design work is very must for positive work of world energy. 

I am saying it because I am feeling it and in my childhood age I were got this education format for my mind design through my  primary education format.Today I am master in painting and I am full time busy for share to art and art energy with our world for love and peace. Its working step by step so I am happy and confident  today about my mind design. It was possible by art and literature .it is true.

Here I am telling it because last week I were lived busy in a art exercise . that was on literature of Rasjasthani language, my first language is home we talking in Rajasthani language . Actually  a writer Manish Kumar Joshi Bikaner, he was wrote a book in child literature format . that book  is in  Rajasthani Language . that  book copy I were received  on my E mail from writer Manish Kumar Joshi , he was asked  to me can you create some illustrations on this story book ?

I were read his posted book matter . that was a story on virtual power or that’s use by a kid . I were notice in that story some magical movement and some self confidence maker step in words or in text visuals . that is a short story of child literature with a right message for kids .

So I were read that story very  critically and then observed some visuals part for illustrations . start to end of that’s story  I were observed  8th visuals , you can say in 8th visuals I were completed to that story .

That art exercise was transformation work for text to drawing  format. It was  my first Story illustration  work for a  Rajasthani child literature . when I were creating  that illuistrationin that movement  I were in presser of my daily art work or time limitation . so in three days I were completed   to that art exercise for a child literature of Rajasthani language .

After a long time  I were done that job so visuals creation or that’s drawing form was making lots of challenge for me. because in story , writer was created fantasy  like Harry Potter child literate  . writer Manish Kumar Joshi  was broken a definition of  kids fear by his literature  work  . in that story he was wrote  a  ghost ( In rajasthani We are saying to ghost  -Hau )  care to a kid when kid get trouble in Journey  of jungle .

Over all  in three days  I were created 8th  illustrations with right message of story  in visuals and then I were created title design of that story book . here I want to share that art exercise  for your visit before publication of that child literature of Rajasthani Language . because it is  my  art work on Rajasthani child literature …


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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