Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Art Vibration - 509

 A Art work dedicate to CRPF JAWANS of INDIAN ARMY…

i created this props  for lion's Club Bikaner  2019 ..
Invitation of Golden Jubilee , Lion's Club Invited  me by this invitation  2019 

14th Fab. 2019 . was celebrating in our world as a valentines day . but in our nation we were looking that as a black  day of our nation . because we were faced a terror attack on our CRPF bus of INDIAN  ARMY . 

We know terrorist are dead body , they have no any feelings or sense in their vision . they can’t feel to pain of others .they are senseless so in my view they are dead body or killer machine for our peaceful world life. 

We  INDIAN lost our 40 CRPF Jawans of INDIAN ARMY . it was big loss of our INDIA . I am disturb till today after that terror attack  . because no one can complete to that big loss of our CRPF JAWANS . but as a Indian we are with our late 40 CRPF  Jawans families . we know its time to take a action as a strong nation or as a peace designer nation . the world and the people of our INDIA and families of CRPF JAWANS are  Hopping about it from system of our Strong Nation INDIA . we can do it or we will do it for natural peace of life in our world just like Nation America and France . we are capable and Nation America or France know it . 

props are use in  performance on Stage of Lion's Club  Function  2019

 As a artist I worked for create a seen of Terror Attack of 14 -2-2019 - Pulwama , INDIA . the Lion’s Club of Bikaner has been completed  50th years . so they organized a golden jubilee celebration function in building of lion’s club  Bikaner in last week . the function was planned for fully celebration  but after terror attack of 14-2-2019 they changed to program setting . they designed a play on terror attack of Pulwama . so their team member called me for design two props for their play performance . I taken their art and craft task with full feeling . 

They demanded to me a cut out of CRPF bus or a one coffin . as a artist I completed  my duty and in short time I created two props and submitted to team of Lion’s Club  Bikaner . 

By luck the Director of Lion’s Club Bikaner liked to my work dedication  so he invited me in lion’s club golden Jubilee  Function . 

Date 24 -2 -2019 at 6 pm I joined to Lion’s Club  golden Jubilee  Function as a viewer . I noticed there all members were in tens or upset in their celebration  time of golden jubilee .  it was critical  and painful for me but it was there ..

Finally some boys came on stage and started performance of play . that was a recreation of live condition of CRPF BUS or Pulwama Attack . boys used to crafted CRPF BUS cut out and model of coffin on stage . in last movement of that play  I saw real true  tears in eyes of all members of Lion’s Club . they all were forgot to celebration  mood and motion after that performance . it was critical , that movement I thought a right action is must on terrorist  community or that’s promoters  like PAKISTAN AND other terror countries .  
There  my art work  could helped to director of that play , the director could created same seen/ condition of Pulwama terror attack  and he created sympathy /respect/love and dedication for late  40 JAWANS of INDIAN ARMY ( Attack date 14-2-2019 ) .

same props are use in performance at stage of Rajasthan Youth Board  Department  Function at Ravindra Rangmanch  Bikaner   2019 , photo i found from facebook Page of Friend Jaswant  Singh Rajpurohit..
After Lion’s Club  Bikaner  that same play was presented at Ravindra Rangmanch  Bikaner , yesterday , it was presented through stage of Rajasthan Youth  Board Department . kind  your information my crafted props were used in that play . so it was right use of true dedicated work of myself about create the feeling of unity or about nation action . 
So here I am very thankful for lions club Bikaner or Rajasthan Youth Board  Department . they were  used to  my art knowledge for work of nation in this critical  time . A artist can reflect to condition  by his/ her art form , like a mirror image or that mirror image can reflect to society or system about a right action on wrong / critical condition ..

Here some visuals of that art and craft work for your notice , you will know how to I created and that used in feeling full  performance ..

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Art Vibration - 508

A workshop with Designer
Master Jiwan Kalia …

What is Design ? this question asked to me Art master Jiwan Kaila in a open talk show of Inifd Gurukul Bikaner at Railway Auditorium  Bikaner. 

I answered to him as a art master  with full definition of Design . I said design is a layout of our  thought, concept or idea . Design is a basic of a final product or production . it is use full for all sectors of our  industries . 

Kind  your information master Jiwan Kalia is a Designer, painter, sculptor , cine script writer, fashion designer, cinematographer , film director  and much more in his art vision . we can say a malty talented master /Artist of our INDIA . 

 I joined his two days  workshop that was organized by Inifd Gurukul Bikaner.  The Director of Inifd Gurukul Ms. Reshu Mathur invited to master Jiwan Kalia  for two days workshop for  students of Inifd Gurukul  . I was entered in this workshop as a guest . ( kind  your information  I have done 30 days job as a visual art teacher in INIFD Jaipur ,Under Msr. Kamla Poddar . )

So I have some experience of subject fashion design or that’s requirement . I am thankful for Ms. Reshu Mathur because she created a special space in that two days workshop  for me  and I gave  my 100 % as a master of Visual art . 

First day I noticed to talk show that was a live introduction of Sir Jiwan kalia or his art journey and on second day we all invited at Moomal resort of Bikaner . there we followed to sir Jiwan Kalia or his art instruction . he guided to us about design, fashion or manual practice of self design ( Creativity ) . so we created sketches and  wooden ornaments . 

I created sketches on sheet but I did not used to Eraser in sketching , so that was  live demo of sketching  by me for all students . students were surprised when I am drawing some objects without use of eraser .Sir Jiwan Kalia also appreciated to my art practice , because I did not used to eraser in sketching .

After work of Sketching  we got a task about ornament design by wood . so I created a gladder by wood sticks and painted that by blue color . in visuals you will see what I done and how to .

For me that was a open platform about  express to myself creativity in front of Sir Jiwan Kalia or team of INIFD Gurukul  too.  

I noticed two theater artists were also participated in that two day workshop of INIFD  GURUKUL . Actor Meenu  and Actor Shashank Ram Anand  they both were created ornaments  by wood , I noticed their true art and craft interest in that two days workshop . 

In end of that workshop sir Jiwan Kalia created a portrait work on canvas he gave some basic instructions about portrait to all students of INIFD Gurukul .

Director of INIFD Gurukul Ms. Reshu mathur and her father Sir Ravi  Mathur  gave thanks to Sir Jiwan Kalia for his input or special interest about their two days workshop . for me that workshop was a recall of  my past time job of INIFD . I went in same mood of  my teaching time .but in that workshop I presented as a student of  Sir Jiwan Kalia . or I learn something more about my visual art or that’s journey .

So I am thankful for Director of INIFD Gurukul  Ms. Reshu Mathur of Art Master  Sir Jiwan Kalia they both were provided a fresh art and design environment for myself .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Art Vibration - 507

A Set Design for play of Writer  Mohan Rakesh …

Friends last week of last month,  I lived busy in work of set design of play “Lahron ke Rajhansh” . this play writer is Mohan Rakesh . play is in Hindi  Language . in Bikaner The URJA Theater  Society has been taken to this play for perform from Stage of Town Hall . so about set design they selected to me . 

The Director of Urja Theater  Society  or director of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” master Ashok Joshi gave me work of set Design about play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” . so I demanded to him very first the full script of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh”  , I read to script and designed some idea’s about set designs. One layout I created in painting form on paper about play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh “ .

Director Ashok Joshi and myself discussed on instructions of writer about set or that’s elements . so one bed , one dressing table , one bar setup, a swing , one door and room decoration of Boudh Tipe Period .
 So I designed very first a idea or layout for electric light lamp ( look of traditional light lamp ). that was craft work plus technical exercise with electric items , by luck it was successful for that set design .

I created a design of room for set Design after read to play script . as a  symbol I used  to flower , flower selection was indicated to mythology or sociology too. Flower is common,  it is use in  prayer or in love expressions  too . in visual of final  set design you will notice or feel it . 

When we hanged to swing in town hall, that time I focused on safety of actors. because that swing was using many time in mid of play by actors , so there I played  my role as a set designer ( care taker Set Designer ). it was must for success of play by perfection of set design . my one mistake could  damaged to play , set, or may be life of actors. So I was very serious when we fixed to swing on our set of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” .

Actor Ram Singh  Sekhawat  and Actress Niharika Gour

Traditional light lamps Form by craft and technical work of electricity .

By flowers I decorated to wings of town hall so that wings were converted in wall form or in black background the flower of color yellow,white,red were  giving  a natural room look of BOUDH time period .on background of stage Urja Theater Team provided me a wall setup of wood. So on that wood board’s I pasted papers of color Gamboge Hue or Burnt umber ..i cut a design in form of stone carving in burnt umber color paper  and pasted on Gamboge Hue  color papers of that boards. In that set design by some  limited elements to I designed that set of play “Lahron ke raj Hansh” ..

In bikshu look master Sagar Chouhan
Before play of “Lahron ke Rajhansh” I designed set design for urja theater society  about their play “Jab Shahar Hamara  Sota  Hai” or play “An Inspector call” . 

Kind your information Urja theater  Society is self made theater  artists society,  its working in theater art field  as a independent unit. So they know their own limitations but in limitations they are  accepting challenge of play writer or  theater performance format too  . it is inspire to me so I join to them on their call without any demand , I take set design work  as a challenge in their  limitations .or I am trying to give some freedom full space to them  by my set designs. I save their money , time and space of vision . when I design a set for Urja Theater  society . I think I know to their limitations .  so they are call to me for their set design work.

Senior Theater Artist  kailash Bhardwaj  and Om Soni noticing to play Lahron Ke Rajhansh in Town Hall Bikaner .
In visual of LAHRON KE RAJHANSH  you will see and feel it very well .  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA