Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Art Vibration - 498

Natural Painting 2018 
Dedicate To Late -
Sir Dilip Dahanukar  Mumbai

Late Sir  Dilip Dahanukar , Founder of Prafulla Dahanukar  Art  Foundation Mumbai
Friends you know last seven years to I am living busy in farming work in our farm, when rain time is on . kind  your information our farmland depend on rain water for farming work  so I am living three month busy in this farming work in rain time or I am calling to farming work , my natural painting .
I am taking to farming work as a art painting, yes its real painting for me by aesthetical view or angle .  philosopher plato and Arstu was accepting  to natural painting , they said nature have original creation or  human is just copping to that ..its fact ..

Kind  your information this year  Prafulla Dahanukar art Foundation was noticed  to my natural painting  and they gave me Kalananad Rajasthan State Award  from Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation Mumbai . I wrote about it on this art vibration in past post . Actually PDAF team accepting  to  my view and art concept about natural painting  so they selected my work for award list of PDAF. I am very thankful for PDAF team . 
Natural Painting 2018
I wanted to collect my award from Hand of  Late Sir Dilip  Dahanukar  but the black time pulled him in black time before Award  Function day and I could not collected  my award from hand of Late Sir  Dilip Dahanukar  Mumbai . Sir  Dilip Dahanukar  was founder of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation  Mumbai . 

Natural Painting 2018
A very artistic thoughtful person is no more for me , he has been read to me  or my inner art sound  very well without any live talk or face to face meeting . he was artist reader , he was reading to sound of artist soul from his pure soul . he was promoting to true art and artist from his PDAF . you want to know about him then  you search to prafulla dahanukar art foundation  on google  and know about him or his great art work for our contemporary Indian Art . 

Here rain time is on and I have started once again  my natural painting on my natural big canvas ( 825 X 825 fits ) Farmland . 

Natural Painting 2018

When I entered in my farmland I missed to late Sir Prafulla Dahanukar . I thought who will notice to  my natural painting after him in this universe , no one can read to my natural painting  like Sir  Dilip Dahanukar  .my eyes was wet  when I started  my work for natural painting . I was missing to him there and feeling alone in myself in a role of natural Painter .

That time I thought this natural painting 2018 I will dedicate to late Sir Dilip Dahanukar Mumbai . because he noticed to this art concept , he understood to it and explored it in our world from His Prafula Dahanukar Art  Foundation Mumbai . 

 It was full respect to  my art concept from a true art promotional NGO /Society /team of PDAF . so this thought came in my mind or I dedicate to my natural painting 2018 to late Sir Dilip Dahanukar  Mumbai . 

I sure His soul will give me more blessing from Heaven and his soul will feel proud on me because I am continue busy in natural painting work for care to nature of earth .  this year my natural painting work is not main its work of  late Sir Dilip Dahanukar . I am feeling it in myself  now so I am writing it with my true feelings for share with  you . I sure  you notice it ..

Natural Painting 2018

Late Sir Dilip Dahanukar was first person of my nation , he noticed to my concept of natural painting and he was promoting to that through PDAF Mumbai . now  it is very must ,  I dedicate  my natural painting 2018  to him from my deep heart . 

So here I said ,natural painting 2018 , Dedicate to late Sir  Dilip Dahanukar  Mumbai …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA