Monday, January 30, 2017

Art Vibration - 452

Four Days Dedicated To
My Pushkarna Community

Open  Registration of  P.C.O.C. at Basic  P.G. collage Bikaner  26 th Jan . 2017
Last week  I was on journey of Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 , In that journey  my friend Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was with me in Bus . So we did talked on  our life or that’s future projects . when mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was explaining his future plan in that plans he was told to me about his chess competition event about our Pushkarna Brahmin Community . He was invited to me for join to his chess competition as a player , because he know I am playing chess in my art journey after  work of art ( refreshment of Mind  by chess ) . 

 I was accepted his live invitation in that  journey as a commitment with friend .  when I came Bikaner After join to Zee Jaipur Literature festival 2017  , Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was posted me message with full information of chess competition . On date 26th Jan. 2017  at 4 pm I was went at Basic P.G. Collage  Bikaner . There I was  met to Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga and his team or  my friends master Harsh Vardhan harsh , Anand Vyas, Rajasthani culture promoter master kishan Purohit and  Anand Acharya ,B.D. Harsh  over all you can say the youth team of our Pushkarna Community of  Bikaner was presented there for a social sports activity about our Pushkarna community . The chess competition was open Chess competition for all members of our Pushkarna  Community . There I was noticed near 80 participants for that chesss competition. It was a great achievement for trust of Shri Ramnarayan Jetha Devi Ranga Trust . Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga is organizer or Director of that  trust . Late Shree Ramnarayan Ranga was grandfather of Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga  so today master Shyam Narayan Ranga is busy in work of His late grandfather  about  our Pushkarna Community ! 
Social Worker Sir Janardhan Kalla , Sports Person  Sir Shankar Lal Harsh and Sir Maghan Bissa  at stage of  P.C.O.C.2017  
  As a friend or Promoter of Chess plus a social supporter I was presented there , There I was represented to myself in form of a chess player . So I did registered myself as a player or  submitted  my entry fee 50 Rupees in senior category of chess player . My presence was showing  my interest in my Pushkarna community or that’s promotion by positive way of art and culture plus sports spirit too . 

Sir Janardhan Kalla is starting to P.C.O.C. 2017
 On Opening day  our senior citizen social worker Sir Janardhan Kalla ji was started our pushkarna chess competition with Senior most Chesss Player of our Pushkarna community Mr. Shankar Lal harsh or rock climb person Mr. Maghan Bissa .

Master Shyam Narayan Ranga is monitoring to stage or opening ceremony  of   P.C.O.C. 2017

 First day we were played only one round or in that round I was  won  my first match as a chess player . second day I was played two another chess boards , in  one board I was loss and in second board  my match with a very young guy , before play he very  young guy said to me ,  I will loss this game  because I am very young to you . so I had read his mind or inner feeling about our match , I said to him we will play , we did played and I was draw to that game for his confidence , because I was there for promotion of chess or energy of our youth and  young  boys . so in three round  I was got only 1.5 points. 
My first match board , picture  click after win to match  by black P.C.O.C. 2017

Myself with  my chess board game at P.C.O.C.  2017

Myself with  my chess board game at P.C.O.C.  2017

Other players of P.C.O.C. 2017 

But  in free time there I were enjoyed to art , Because in form of canvas I was got big black board and white chocks in Basic P.G. Collage ( Institute )  , So I was created  some sketches on black board before play to chess boards  . ha ha , 
Myself Is busy In sketching on black board  in mid of  P.C.O.C.  2017
when I was creating sketches on black board in that movement  all players were visiting  my live sketching and they all were clapping for  my art performance , they all were giving respect to me or to my art,  so I was very thankful for all of them ,
My sketch on subject Chess at P.C.O.C. 2017
On day third I was played a very nice game with a very fresh young guy or a regular chess player so he was won natural game to me . I did congrats to him before game or after game . ha ha ..

Juniors are busy in chess board at P.C.O.C. 2017
On day third I was got a change for play to SAYMEL Game Of Chess  . A great player Mr. P. R. Harsh from Jaipur was came for Saymal game , In  a one time he was played with ten players on ten boards. In that ten boards I was on a board against P.R. Harsh . I was gave full challenge to him,  we both were played a long game , we did cleaned almost our board but in last I was loss that fine game to a great chesss player . But when I was played in that movement I was showed  my deep chess in front of Mr. P.R. Harsh and he was noticed that as a observer of chess so that was achievement  movements  for me in our Pushkarna chess competition . 

Myself is busy in Saymel match with master P.R. Harsh , in tree board images you can see my game  condition , i played by black

On day four once again two more chess board was waiting of myself for play  so I was played one and in second board was still in confusion so I did not played but organizer was gave me half point for that game there something disturbing  movement but I was very light because I was there for promotion not for winning motion.. Ha ha ..

 The day four was last day of our pushkarna chess competition . so organizer team was invited to more senior persons of our pushkarna community  and from their hands to they were provided prize to winner with some prize money or they were submitted certificates to all participants of our Pushkarna  chess competition ,There  as a player I was got one certificate  with point 3 ..ha ha ..

 Actually I was completed  my commitment by presence of myself in that chess competition , I did show I am with  my Pushkarna Brahmin  community  as a member of our Pushkarna Community , I was showed  my dedication about sports spirits for inspire to juniors or I did observed to that all activities of our Pushkarna community or that’s organizers  as a visual art master . I did shoot some visuals and shared on online networks with  my Hindi Notes here that’s link for your notice or visit too . you can say,  it was  my dedicated campaign work for our Pushkarna Community .

 So here I said four days dedicated to my Pushkaran community …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art Vibration - 451

I did Signature of Art
At Zee JLF 2017

My entry passof Zee JLF / BAHI / Session chart 
Friends on date  18 November 2016 , I was  received a mail from  it was  a mail for registration about Zee Jaipur literature festival 2017 . So I did registered to myself or I did received a conformation mail about  my registration  from teamwork arts. You can say that conformation was  my ticket of Zee JLF 2017 . 

On date 18 Jan. 2017, I was updated  my travel kit and started Journey for Jaipur . Before this Journey I was planed a art project for JLF . So I was buy a not book of  old fashion business note book  , The businessman’s  are calling to that BAHI ..A yellow pages  notebook with crafted red cloth cover . ( I did remembered  the talk of late philosophy writer Sir Haridwari Prasad Shastri ji , he was  wrote ART IS A BUSINESS OF MIND  so about my art business record I did  buy that notebook BAHI  ,for  a indirect indication of my art business ) .

On date 19th Jan. 2017 , I was entered in Zee JLF , that was at Hotel Diggi Place Jaipur . The team worker were  providing entry pass to every registered person of Zee JLF. So by a mobile image or id proof I did got  my entry pass with title participant . I was wear that and entered in Zee JLF as a participant. 

Signature of Great Poet /writer Sir Gulzar Saheb for me  at   Zee JLF 2017
There I saw many persons or  youths were busy in Mobile selfie’s collection in front of very  fine or colorful art decoration  . so I did also taken one picture of myself . kind  your information  I was joined to first  JLF In Jaipur in year 2008 , that time I was busy in Jaipur as a freelancer artist after  my masters of  painting . There  my work place was JKK graphic studio . But this year I mean after 10 years JLF have very much changed for security . it was  very must for all of Them .

Art work Presentation of Cartist Unit at Zee  JLF 2017
On first day  my eyes were searching to someone at Zee JLF . so I was entered in Front lawn  with search mood or  Motion . There I felt god is blessing on  true relations , There I was found to  my close friend or in my heart his level up to friendship with full respect , I did met to him and click his picture  silently but the sound of camera was indicated  to him about  my presence. He was hugged me very tit  and after huge he was caught my right hand very tit . for one minute we did not spoken  any words and his close person’s were noticed our get-together . Actually I was met to him after 8 years so lots of love and respect  was bounded in our hearts , Bur when we met then our emotions were come out silently .After few minutes  we were came in  normal mood ,  we did taken Kulad tea  ( A special refreshment item of Hotel Diggi Palace – but this year  they were charged  30 rupees each one kulad tea )  . There we did talked  on our art journey and much more about our eight years past life  , Here I am telling this about  my friend master Himanshu Vyas ( The chief  Press Photographer of Hindustan Time‘s Jaipur ) .  

Art Critic And myself  at Zee JLF  2017 . i was taken this selfie from my mobile phone
Day one I was attended three session’s of Zee JLF  at front lawn  in same time I was started sketching in my BAHI . when I was busy in Sketching work in that movement  I saw Gulzar sahib the poet of INDIAN literature  was coming  my side , so I was submitted  my BAHI  In his hand with pen , Sir Gulzar  Saheb was gave me his signature on Page of my BAHI . we did not spoken any words but I did showed my respect and Sir Gulzar Saheb was showed his blessing on my art journey , There he was noticed  to me when I was busy in sketching of Zee JLF or that’s live motions . 

There in front lawn I was  joined three sessions  in that sessions I was listen to Sant Satguru ji , our Rajasthan C.M  Vasundhara Raje JI , Sanjna Kapoor  or in  mid of sketching,  you can say in rest motion I weas visited other sessions or that’s place  like Darbar hall, Mugal tent , Baithak hall or Sanvad tent then book store tent . 

Selfie from Mugal Hall of DIGGI Palace  ( Zee JLF 2017 )
First day I was draw 125 sketches in my BAHI  from ZEE JLF . Many person’s were asked to me  about  my sketching or use of BAHI ..That was interesting point of  my art activity or selection of art medium BAHI . I did noticed my art business is gaining something special from Zee JLF . 

First Page of My BAHI , it was ready for sketching work of Zee JLF 2017

Day one  of Zee JLF , I was  draw to art critic Sir Vinod Bhardwaj on page of my BAHI  , on facebook or other online networks Sir Vinod Bhardwaj ji  know me but at JLF he did not knew me when I stand in front of Him . But after some talk he did knew I am yogendra of facebook artist ..ha ha. He was also gave me his signature on page of  my BAHI . 
Writer Shobha De  at Zee JLF  2017 , I click this picture from Zee JLF 2017

Signature of Writer Shobha De , its for me from Zee JLF 2017
Day second of Zee JLF , I was  joined three session’s  at front lawn of Diggi Palace . in that sessions I like the speech of cine star Sir Rishi Kapoor , He said I am first writer in my kapoor family . he said very honest about his life or writing too . His bold nature was impressed to me because I  have same nature  in  my writing nature , so his talk ( celebrity talk ) was promoting to  my writing nature from that stage or his bold talk sound . so thanks to Rishi Kapoor ji . 

Signature of  Writer Javed Akhtar Sahen from Zee JLF 2017
In evening time of day second of Zee JLF , I was joined to Rajasthani book launching event or session . writer Dr. Nand Bhardwaj was launched his Rajasthani book ( critical book about Rajasthani ) in presence of Padmshree C.P. Deval sahib . 

Day third of Zee JLF , I was  visited very first the art exhibition of CARTIST  OR Rajasthan School of art at P.R.O Office Jaipur , It is very close to Diggi  Palace . so I got chance of art visit , there I was met to my junior Shreekant Ranga , he is connected with Cartist unit and I was  talked to  my Rajasthan school of art teachers . There  I did shoot some photographs of  art works of my juniors, They all were created art work on concept of literature . That was a nice art activity of art and literature for bounding to two subject of creativity . ( kind  your information  few years ago I did this kind of exercise in Bikaner at Ajit Foundation  with some artist and writers ) it was  interesting for both . 

In Zee JLF  on day third , I was  met to writer Shobha de , first she was stand in front side of  my eyes  so I was draw her sketch to her back side because she was busy in hear to a session , but when she move back then I was knew her to her face look  . in that movement I was  shoot her a nice  picture  from my camera and submit  my BAHI in her hand  for her signature , I said to her I am yogendra , she was knew me , so she did  wrote it ,  to yogendra Shobha de Jaipur 2017 on page of  my BAHI  in very bold text . 

Day third of Zee JLF , In evening time I was join a poetry session , There I was  listen two Rajasthani Poets of My city Bikaner  Dr. Neeraj Daiya and Pro, Monika Gour  .

 Kind  your information  in all sessions I was  lived full busy in hear by  my ears or  my hand was busy in sketching continue .

Critical Poet Surendra Sharma  was gave me this signature in My BAHI at Zee JLF 2017

Day four of Zee JLF ,  I was listen to one more poetry session or in that session I was  listen to Dr. Aidan Singh Bhati , He is a great  contemporary poet of Rajasthani , he read his poem without paper reading , he have great memory for his poetry , I did  noticed his mind is a live library of his poetry or other literature , so a salute to his memory power .

Photographer Himanshu vyas  is Busy in his work for press HT.. i click it from Zee JLF 2017

Day four of Zee JLF , I was met to two great poet /writer , they both are very strong and impressive writer . first I was met to sir Surendra Sharma , he was gave me his signature in my BAHI , when he was signature in my BAHI at that movement he was visiting  my sketches then he was created a cartoon image in his sign , I saw his artist was trying to come out , his artist sound need some space after his poetry , because he was created a cartoon in his sign , when he was submit me  back my BAHI after his sign I said to him Sir you are artist to today , then in critical sound he was replied me in Hindi ACHHA..ha ha ..

 I shoot it at  DIGGI PALACE  in Zee JLF 2017
Day Four Zee JLF , in evening time  I was busy in talk with  my close person Himanshu Vyas we were talking on art and literature plus on our real life at Diggi Palace with kulad tea . that time  great writer Janab Javed Akhtar Saheb was passed to me , I did noticed and stopped to him for signature on page of my BAHI , He was gave me signature in walking mode . in that evening I was join a extra session in front lawn of Diggi palace , politician Shashi Thurur was speaking about politics mater and on matter of Artist M.F. Hussian sahib . 

Day five of Zee JLF , once again I was  visited final display of Rajasthan School of Art  at POR office JAIPUR . there I was talked on display matter with my art teacher Sir Jagmohan Mathodiya . After that talk I join to JLF and there I was shoot a picture of food stand of birds , when I was  shoot that picture in that movement a subject was clicked  in my mind , I did thought about storage of food system of our nation , you can notice that in a picture . I update that at here for your visit . ( transparency in food storage ) …
Day five Zee JLF , I was try to enter in Darbar Hall for join to session of Rajasthani language or that’s demand . But that hall was houseful so I did clicked a picture and came out  to Darbar Hall and started sketching out side of Darbar Hall .

After some time I was came in front lawn side and there I was  started again sketching , when I was busy in sketching in that time the director of DIGGI Palace was came near myself  and he was showed his art interest in my sketching , he was visited  my all four days sketches and to my BAHI . The Director of DIGGI Palace and His very artistic soft heart life partner were appreciated to my sketching skill . They both were enjoyed to my sketching or that’s lines . that  time I was  noticed the sound of art is working on their heart and vision . it mean I was signing on their very artistic  heart  from  my art.  

  In evening time I was  joined to last session of Zee JLF 2017 , That was a live debate on subject truth , in that debate journalist Barkha dutt was monitor and sir shashi Thurur , Prashun Joshi , and some more great celebrity of literature or politics experts  were participated in that debate  . That was very interesting debate of JLF 2017 . In last movement I was taken one more KULAD TEA in alone condition ,in a corner of Diggi palace or the Director of Diggi Palace and His Life Partner or  son were  noticed to me one by one silently , They were  indicating to me we are noticing to you and  your art sound very well .  

Day first to  till day five the organizer of Zee JLF ( concept Designer ) Sir Sanjoy K Roy also Noticed to me, time to time in JLF ,  at  any place of DIGGI Palace , when he was noticed to me in that movement I was lived busy in silent Sketching work in his JLF Concept, as a participant . Sir Sanjoy K Roy was not talked to me but he was understood to me very well without any words in event of words  festival. There I felt , it was live success of VISUAL ART  in mid of TEXT  BAZAR …

 ( Note :- in five days at Zee JLF I was draw near 600 sketches in Bahi . every day 125  something sketches  )
 So here I said I did signature of art at Zee JLF 2017 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA