Friday, January 06, 2017

Art Vibration - 448

I Revive a Memorable Movement of Karan  Kapoor

Our past is not come back in our life we know it very well . Our past is our History , registration of live life or a album of our  memory . In this contemporary  time we have  many tools for register to our past  in form of visuals ( Photographs )  ,text  or sound data . 

Here I want to talk about visuals , because I am visual artist ( M.F.A. ) and photography is a part of  my visual art  journey . this blog post is also registration of my historical art work as a memory . 

Sir Karan Kapoor shared his Memory , I find this Image from facebook  page of  Sanjna Kapoor ..2017 
 Why I am telling this ?  actually yesterday I saw a update on facebook page . that was a photograph image . that post was shared by Actress Sanjna Kapoor ( My Facebook Friend ) ( daughter of Actor Shashi Kapoor Ji ) . in that updated image I saw real condition of that image  . that image was almost damaged . The son of Shashi Kapoor ji or Brother of Sanjna Kapoor  - sir karan Kapoor was updated that image on his facebook page . Shanjna Kapoor was shared that image on her page  so my facebook home page was showed that to me . first I saw the condition of that Black And White image and then I went in that emotional part or memory of  Sir Karan kapoor . I did tried to read the heart motion of Sir Karan Kapoor  by that image . He was missing to his Mother company or sharing his memorable picture with his good friends of facebook . 

So as a art master I were committed for revive to that picture . I could that only,  by art ,because it is in my hand . 

I said to Sanjna Kapoor by a comment on her fb wall , I wrote it ..I will Improve this damage  picture . After  one hour I were edited that damaged picture by my photo editing practice . when image was came back in natural look  I were saved that and shared  with Sanjna Kapoor  on her facebook page wall  .
When Sanjna Kapoor was visited that editing work of myself on image of damaged image of  Sir Karan Kapoor  , she wrote to me very  kind words for  my art practice..she was wrote it ** That’s Fantastic! Thank you ! 

This kind words of her was gave live indication to me  about understanding of feeling of Sir Karan Kapoor  or his memorable movement of past life . I knew I were not completed to loss of their  past but I did revive to their past memory that was a photograph image . so I did that as a art master . 

In that editing  movement I did  my duty , as a friend I were followed  to my real friendship role  by way of art and art communication . 

Here I am going to share that both image for your visit . first image was updated by  Sir karan Kapoor ( I found that  by facebook page of Sanjna Kapoor  My Facebook Friend ) 
After Editing work  of myself  on this picture ..2017

And second image  is come out after  my editing work on that damaged  image .
So here I said I revive a memorable movement of karan kapoor …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA