Sunday, March 15, 2020

Art Vibration - 556

When a face inspired to me for Sculpture  work ..

Art is a inspiration of our environment . it is in form of music, visual , performance  and food also .
A artist live always to his / her environment in his / her inside and he /she present to that live experiences in form of art . 

When artist transfer to environment impact in art form that time he / she work like a mirror for viewer. It is real fact of art or nothing in art after it .
This live impression come in art form or that art form write a cultural history of  present time of a village or a nation. 

I am also working for visual art and I am living in society so social environment also impact on me just like others .  I am reacting for that impact , that reaction come out  from me in form of art . 

Last week  I was riding  my iron chetak (  Bick ) . then I saw a very special look of a young boy . his hair style and style of  Mustachio was very different to others . so his face was attracted to me , inspired to me for deep observation on his look as a art master . 

My observation  ordered to me for work on that live observation . so I selected 3D  art form for that live observation on a special look of a  Human face .

I started  work by card board ( paper Sculpture )  step by step  I got a right impression of  my live observation . the result came out in right form . I could transferred to my observation in  3D form ( visual art  ) .

 In visuals  you will see what I observed and how to I converted that in paper sculpture as a art Master  

Kind  your information I got very short time for observed  to that face of boy . because I was on bike and he was also on bike we were riding opposite side so I could saw and observed his face look  in very short time , I think  10 seconds only  . I observed  his face in that time like a  click of  Still camera  .
This sculpture is that’s print out in 3D  form .. ha ha .. it is art ..

Card board is a easy medium  for me I know the nature of card board medium  , because I have done lots of art and craft works  in past with this card board. So it is easy for me . or its result come out very fast  for  my art transformation practice ,

It is true  art work  of today , before this art work it was a live impression  or impact on my creative  mind . that face was special so it came in my creative action . it was a live challenge  for me because  I am painter , I have master in painting  but as a task I accepted  it once again for  my creativity or practice of 3D art. 
Before this 3D  work I have done four paper sculpture of faces in past  . so I have designed a format for structure of face sculpture in   card board medium . I have shared that in  my past post at this art vibration for  your visit. 

This kind of art task is giving me full freedom and I use  my extra efforts for complete this  in my own creative style . it is not perfect but its giving way of perfection to  my art practice . you can say I am creating   itself a live institute for me from my challenging art task and I am learning lots of by work and art practice . that learning matter support to  me for  my next art practice . so it is very much useful for me .
This kind of  work inspire  to me itself for more work  or more challenge ..

So here I said when a face inspired to me for sculpture work ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA   

Monday, February 03, 2020

Art Vibration - 555

Zee JLF 2020 Was Serious For How to Care The  Languages Of INDIA ..

Zee Jaipur Literature festival 2020 . started on date 23 rd January 2020  to till 27 th January 2020 . Our Rajasthan  Chief Minister  Hon’ble  Sir Ashok  Gahlot and our Rajasthan  Art And Culture  Minister  Dr. B. D. Kalla inaugurated to Zee JLF 2020 at Diggi palace  Jaipur  with Sanjoy K Roy and Director of Hotel Diggi  Palace  Jaipur . .

 As  A Participant I participated in zee JLF 2020 . 

When I entered in Diggi Palace jaipur  there on main Gate  Mr. Sanjoy K Roy  the concept  Designer of JLF  was welcoming to each one guest and participants of Zee JLF 2020 . it was great feeling for me or I felt Sir Sanjoy k Roy is loving to each one participant of his JLF .

First day I joined many sessions you can say I was full day busy there in sessions of ZEE JLF or I noticed the Zee JLF is very serious about languages of INDIA . 

There I listen two session one was focused on Sanskrit Language or second one  was focused on Rajasthani  Language . young writer master Vishes Kothari translated  a book of Late Rajasthani Writer  Vijay Dan Detha  ( Bijji ) . writer Vishes Kothari translated in English to Rajasthani language  and he noticed some special words of Rajasthani have no any translation form in English language. so he used Rajasthani words in his translated book . that session showed Rajasthani language have itself a strong  Dictionary that is creation of Rajasthani Language . 


In other session I listen about  Sanskrit Language the Speakers were talking on Sanskrit language or their discuss was focused on live or death of Sanskrit . that was interesting session . there I noticed past is our future base . so Sanskrit language is base of our INDIAN culture but other branches of Sanskrit language is beauty of that base . because we are communicate easily today with other branches of Sanskrit language . we know language designed for easy communication .it is a tool of  communication or our education too . I educated it  to myself in that session .


There in other session  I listen to writer Shobha De , Padamshree C. P. Deval  ( Rajasthani  Language Writer ) . poet  Prashun  Joshi , writer makrand .

Our  Vice Chief Minister of Rajasthan Hon’ble  Sachin pilot  gave kanhaiya Lal Sethiya  Award to a Very senior Writer of UP . kind  your Information late Kanhaiya Lal Sethiya  Was a Rajasthni language Writer of Rajasthan . 

Second Day in morning Session I enjoyed to Classical music and after that I joined to session of great  classical Singer Shobha Mudagal . she was noticed to  my sketching or  bahi too.

After  that I joined another Rajasthani language Session . it was open debate about Rajasthani Language . writer  Padamshree C. P. Deval , writer Madhu Acharya writer vishesh Kothari and two more rajasthani writer were discussed on present Condition  of Rajasthani Language . that session was sponsored by Sahitya Academy  New Delhi . kind  your Information  Sahitya Academy have registered to Rajasthani language in list of official  INDIAN language or they are giving awards and rewards to Rajasthani Writers from Sahitya Academy  New  Delhi . 

In mid of  sessions I saw to senior writer Ashok Vajpai . so I requested  to him for write some in  my Bahi . he wrote congratulation  in HINDI (   SHUBKAAMNAAYE  ) .i taken his picture because  that was great movement about my  art journey . 
I also lived busy in that sessions of two days . I created many sketches of that zee JLF 2020 in my Bahi by pencil . or many participants knew the language of sketching by live sketching work of myself in Zee JLF 2020 . 

Here some visuals of live Zee JLF 2020 ..i shoot that from my Mobile Camera .

I am very thankful for Sir Sanjoy K Roy and His teamwork Team  they provided a right space to me at Diggi Palace for join to Zee JLF 2020 as  Participant . 

Or  this year , I noticed Zee JLF  2020 was serious for languages of INDIA  .
So here I wrote it .. Zee JLF 2020 was serious for How to care the language of INDIA ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Art Vibration - 554

A Hotel Can  Live Art Museum 

Hotel a Temporary residence for traveler of our world . Hotel mean relax and comfort stay for traveler . Hotel is a new experience for traveler . Today  many hotel’s are converting in form of home culture  designs. The hoteliers are using cultural  format in Hotel decoration . they are using  contemporary art and art elements for design to contemporary time  culture about vision of traveler . it is must for their business because the environment of a hotel create a right judgment for better or not about a hotel . 

The Taj Group a very big Hoteliers group is following this task for better business or better relax by creation of hotel environment about a traveler of our world . Hotel Diggi Palace  Jaipur also following it too ..

When I was art student in Jaipur , I noticed a first hotel Design that’s look like a old Rajasthani village . the hotel designer created a village environment in architectural structure of that hotel  , designer used to rajasthani folk art painting format about wall painting , we are calling to that MANDNA ..  here I can share that hotel name , the name is Hotel CHOKHI DHANI ( fresh Village ) . I am writing it here because my many art  collage   friends were worked for that  Hotel as a Art worker . I can say they decorated that by their own art sense . for me that was surprising because a hotel was giving space to art and artist or they were creating a live art museum for travelers . it is noticeable  for art future . 

In my city the Hotel Gaj Kesari a Art Hotel is also creating a live art museum for traveler . last four months to I am completing some art  tasks about decoration or art environment of art hotel Gaj Kesari Bikaner . here I have shared some post of  my art works .  today that works are install in art hotel gaj Kesari  Bikaner .

                                                                For me it is a great experience , I am knowing or you can say I am learning how to create contemporary culture environment by art in a hotel . there a senior Artist Ann ( other country lady but wife of a Indian Man ) is art manager of Hotel Gaj Kesari or the Director of Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner Sir  Sunil Rampuriya is a good artist too . they both know what kind of environment is must for traveler or what kind of art can complete that . so they are fully busy in this art exercise . 

I completed some painting works , some installation  art works or paper sculpture works too. I shared that all at here in past posts for  your  visit. But I share some another visuals of  final display of  my art practice for  your visit , that is install at Gaj Kesari  Hotel for contemporary  culture or environment too. 

When I saw final display of  my art practiced works. I surprised because a hotelier Sir Sunil Rampuriya gave  a live art museum to  my visual arts. It was great experience for me or I felt  my work in safe hand , because Sir Sunil Rampuriya  Know how to care a art and artist for art environment ,


Lady Artist  Ann is using her very creative art sense for decorate to Art Hotel Gaj Kesari . she is install to 
very creative idea in form of art , that installation presentation is surprising  to each one traveler when he /she stay in Gaj Kesari Bikaner . 

She is very sensitive for care to artist image or his/her  work , I noticed she was mentioning the right name with each one art work of Artist , she was tagging the tag with name of artist on his/her  art work in art hotel Gaj Kesari .I saw this kind of tag format in all kind of  museums of our INDIA . 

So you tell me why I not say the  art hotel Gaj Kesari is also a live art museum for Artists ? Hotelier  Sir  Sunil Rampuriya  and Artist  Ann have prove it ,  a Hotel can live  Art Museum ..

 So here I said it  A Hotel can Live Art Museum ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA