Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 165


We know definition of word chili . it is danger but beneficial for human life. Its natural medicine for filter to our blood and its clean to our stomach by food . we Indian are saying to it   LAL MIRCHI, red chili. Our INDIAN food not give real test without this red chili powder, you can say this red chili is a base of our Indian food taste .other side effect of this red chili ,  When we touch to it then its  virtual impression come in our hand finger ,that finger when we touch on our eyes,  we feel lots of burn feeling of fire . it is fact  you all know about it very well  . when this red chili dry dust come in our nose by air we can’t stop to our self to sneezes .  

So its danger but it is a natural medicine for healthy life. I am sharing this words at here because I were noticed a true story of past with sound of this red chili  . I were went to Jaisalmer for my art exhibition . that was solo show of myself  in hall of Public relation office , Jaisalmer . there I were displayed  my exhibition banner at public place , in that place I were hanged a banner on wall of SAGARMAL GOPA CHOK . Kind  your information Sir SAGARMAL GOPA was a freedom fighter of My INDIA . In fight of freedom  British GOVT. was arrested him and putted in jail . in jail they were putted red chili powder in his eyes , nose, mouth, in hip and in his penis . I have read it in my education of history . can you imagine his real pain after  putted that red chili in his body ?  he was felt pain like Christ ( The God Of British ) .

After exhibition I were came home by car in that journey I were move to Jodhpur side and then Bikaner. in mid way of Jodhpur or Bikaner, i were observed some red color on land . that was very far to road so I was confuse and thought what was that ?  that red color land was farm of chili .

 I were saw some worker were working with that red color land . I were said to driver please stop to car I want to shoot to that red land , he was stop to car and I were came out to care with my camera . I were went near that red land . and I saw that was not red land that was natural red chili . Farm worker were  putted that on open ground for dray .

In my art view that was a live installation art work and that’s definition . there worker were putting to that red chili on land like a carpet , yes red carpet . that red chili was recalling to me about story of Freedom fighter  Sir SAGAR MAL GOPA and his real condition after red chili powder case . I were noticed there natural color and in that color a danger power of kill to life. Actually that short visit and art documentation time was gave me lots of view through that red chili live installation . I noticed they were putted to that red chili with very artistic style , that artistic style was pulled to me for this view. I were shoot many pictures of that red land , red carpet ,natural medicine or  red chili a tool of death of Sir SagarMal Gopa .

Here  you can visit  some visuals of that live installation of red chili  and I sure   you will feel lots of after visit to red chili visuals . here in side I have lots of but I have no more words to explain to my inner words matter without words. But I know you can understand my inner motion after visit to visuals of red chili installation because I were observed to that like a  land of red chili.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 164


Myself  after played  our cultural holy with City Collector of jaisalmer
he is in sky blue shirt with pink TILAK , i did pink Tilak to him
Very first for start to holy  activity In desert festival of  Jaisalmer .
It was my visit on Desert festival of Jaisalmer .I were went there with our family .Kind  your information desert festival is a very popular festival of Rajasthan in International culture festivals of our world .we were went there for visit to that cultural festival of our Rajasthan . we were stayed there one week for enjoy to desert festival .

 There I were lived busy in study on  cultural activity, historical buildings or that’s environment . I were lived busy in photography work by still roll camera . In that seven days I were shoot lots of visuals of Jaisalmer . you can say that was a still photography documentation or my study on a traditional city of Rajasthan. That was work of art by me for our world art family.

When Desert festival was performing some cultural activity that was giving me some more cultural knowledge ,that was live educational class of culture for me . I were studied on  folk dance of Jaisalmer city , kalbeliya dance , girls is performing to That  kalbeliya dance . I  were saw some performance of folk music that was another study on cultural music of manganiyaar or langa casts of Jaisalmer . I were observed to instrument of folk music of Jaisalmer , Morchang, Algoja, Kamaycha , Sarangi , Pungi or Khadtal . when  you listen this instrumental music then  you can say its folk music instruments sound  of Jaisalmer folk music. There I were learned how to create music by Khadtal ( khadtal is two wood slices in size 5 inch X 2 inch X 2 mm ) that desert festival give me Khadtal Music performance style very first. So I am thankful for folk musician of I have Khadtal in my collection  .ha

A international tourist is in motion of critical victory after waer to male Dhoti
on stage of Desert festival of jaisalmer 
In desert festival organizers was created a challenge for youth of INDIA from stage of desert festival . a speaker told our youth are not know  how to wear to male DHOTI  . that was a competition of Dhoti wear on stage . actually that competition  was for international tourist but they were not in confidence so few tourists were came on stage for that competition . in same time speaker got some emotional condition and in that motion he was said some critical words for INDIAN  youths. He said our  young blood not know how to wear to male DHOTI ( 6 to 7 X1.5 miters white cloth of cotton ) . I were listened that critical words and felt something wrong for me because I were knew  wear to Male  DHOTI. I were went near him and I said in angry mood you give me male Dhoti I will wear on stage . he was felt some uncomfortable after listened my critical words . then he was invited some Indians on stage with me and gave us  fresh male  Dhoti for wear on stage. That was live show of Rajasthani cultural male dress up . I were learned wear to Male Dhoti from my late Grandfather Shri Bulaki das ji Purohit . he was wear to male dhoti in special style . in that style your male dhoti is cover to lag like a English pant . I were taken that fresh dhoti from hand of Desert organizer . on stage  they were gave us time limitation for wear to that male dhoti . I were wear to that male dhoti on my jeans pant .on stage my competitor was some villagers and some international tourist . but I were only one young boy on that stage with all. By luck  I were wear that male  dhoti very first to all. And I were showed victory action from that stage it was my live performance of Rasjasthani culture . it was in my blood from my family culture. ha

Myself is representing  to culture of Rajasthani male Dhoti wear performance on stage of Desert festival of Jaisalmer 

In that desert festival . organizers were informed to all for a cricket match with title LAGAN match. That was international tourist Vs INDIAN. There registration system was very IDNIAN first come then get first. A cricketer is living  in myself  because in my child hood age I were played cricket very much with my friends  so I were thought about participation  in that lagan match. On day of cricket match I were went very early at play ground for myself registration . I saw no one was there ha ha . that’s mean I were first INDIAN in that Play ground for lagan match..time was 5 am haha. there jaisalmer was sleep but I were in play ground  ,it was my interest for sports. In wait of organizers I were started a landscape of that play ground it was plus point for me .when my waiting time was passed , I did not knew . Finally at 7 am organizers came in Play ground and they were visited me very first in drawing condition . I said  you all are late sir . they were accepted late condition. Ha ha .After some  time  they were registered me for LAGAN match but on match time two international tourist were not came for play to cricket then organizer changed my role and added my name in list of International tourist player list . ha

Myself  and Six hitter ,player man of the match of  Lagan Match in
desert festival of Jaisalmer .
When they were doing registration in that time a sports man was taking a virtual test of player by action because there cricket kit was not came on time in play ground . in that test or on my text number I were went on Pitch that sports man told me how to  you hit  six .there no bat or no any ball in   hand of bowler  . that was critical condition or funny too . in that motion I were created a new critical condition  in front of that sports man . I were taken a action , I were acted for demand of middle guard position .after visit my action that sports man asked to me what is this . I said sir I am asking to  you for middle guard position it is right or wrong ?  . he was laughed very much and said me  you selected ..hahaha  there in that movement on pitch no wickets, no bat  and no ball but that sports man was taking test like a cricket coach  and I were coaching  to him as a artist action by demand of middle guard  position .ha

My self is going for bating for our team in Lagan
match of Desert Festival , Jaisalmer 
Over all I were played with my best and I were care to my partner and got self run out for him because he want to play more on pitch. As a bowler I were through two over to Lagan Team captain  City Collector of Jaisalmer and some balls to  co player. I were not gave more run and in last our International tourist team was won to that lagan Match by a good six hitter player.  he was hit six time  six in that match . I were got run out but in fielding,  I were did  run out to lagan Team Player after catch a very fast throw and hit to wickets. that was our victory wicket by me .ha it was  interesting movement of that Lagan match in  desert festival of Jaisalmer .

Food product company Britannia was sponsored to  that lagan Cricket match . they were gifted to all players  food product gift package of Britannia  and dress kit with tag of  Britannia Logo.So I said  That desert festival was  for me a live  performance of art ,culture and sports .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA 

My self In group Photo of Our International Tourist Cricket Team In Ground of Lagan Match of Desert Festival of

Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 163


Friends we all know about our Guinness world Record team . They are observing  to our world and that’s extra ordinary person or that’s activity for world records .Guinness world record society is giving promotion to real person of extra ordinary activity of humans  .This society have no boundary for any field in concept of record registration . they are promoting to human energy, dedication, consciousness, passion , patience, confidence ,will power, vision , creativity, sense of hummer ETC. because this words are  indicate to a extra ordinary person . by world record they are prove to extra ordinary capacity  of that record maker in front of our world . so a  extra ordinary person is in aim of Guinness world record team. Every year they are receiving many record applications after receive to that applications they are observe to all applications and that’s performer by rule of Guinness world record society .

In our world someone busy for record work and someone working and they are  live busy , that busy condition is making world record condition  for them by  itself . Guiness world record team is accepting that both condition for record registration without any boundary or limitation. Because both work come out by hard work or dedication + human energy or patience . they know value of this kind of work of  humans. So they are accepting . it is good and it is must  for human energy. They know it .

Here I am sharing it with  you because it is must for us.  You know , you are  my world art family  , you know I am completely busy in  Visual art and  that’s communication . it is must  for me because it is my duty as a visual art master . your visit and your comment is my real income or output of my art energy. By luck Guinness world record society is connect to me  to last three years on online . they are also observing to my visual art sound  time to time .it is a good point for my art energy because energy register team is observing to my art sound by this online way. Its giving me a natural confidence for more art energy . that’s result I find from myself  in form of some more visuals with some more extra art sound about visual art .

Guinnes world record team is selecting to extra ordinary person of our world it is fact .I don’t know I have extra ordinary sound or not  in myself. But I am remembering to a talk of my first art teacher . I was in class 11th subject fine art . he was visiting and observing to my visual work and art dedication . then one day he said to me yogendra listen to me. I said say to me sir. My teacher Mr. Vinod Achary ji said to me yogendra, in our world we have lots of ordinary persons but they are not special for society they are living in society as water of river . but I want to see you as a extra ordinary so you do self commitment for extra ordinary image as a artist  , I know this way is not easy for you but I am confident on you , you will get to extra ordinary stage in field of art .i were listen my teacher words and started thinking on that . he was charged  to me as a right teacher , he was gave me a key of hard work with word extra ordinary . it was year 1992 or today year 2013 , 20th year something  time is pass I don’t know I have achieve to that extra ordinary stage in my art journey but in this 20th year I have done lots of work by my art energy for world art family . it is true..

Extra ordinary word was came in my short mind dictionary in year 1992 and in 2013 that word I were felt in observation of Guinness world record team rule .

Kind  your information in this year 2013 , before two month , I were completed my one thousand drawings by simple art medium that is pencil , paper and ink pen . I were created that with very limited element of drawing for symbol of myself . in that one thousand drawings I were expressing to myself art journey. I were started this drawing journey in year 2008 and today 2013but this drawing journey is continue day by day in my life I have completed 1050 drawings. About this drawing work journey I have posted on this blog in past posts so you can take a look on that post  for more observation of my art journey.
When I were completed my one thousand drawing  then I were visited my all work and journey of this drawing sound  and I were rememberd some seniors work and that’s work definitions. I were remembered to work of Michelanjelo , he was worked in one medium that was marbal Stone . I were remembered to art work of Sir Ravindranath Thakur he was created drawing by black ink on paper . they both were worked with limited elements and expressed to his inner art sound by his self art energy . today his works is ideal work of our art history . Michalanjelo work is in category of world monuments .
So  you can say I am on same concept path I am on limited space with unlimited  art energy  of myself .
Myself Drawing Number 1050

So one day I were shared  my art work online updated  link with Guinness world record team . they were visited  my art work and then posted me a mail with link of registration form for a record or new record. I were filled  to that application form and that’s column with my right art information .as a true person . After few week I were received a one more mail from Guinness world record team . they were informed  to me about my application. That was a simple informational mail from Guinness world record team .in that mail they were wrote to me congratulation  . your application is accepted by our team and we will put it on desk of  our record judge team. Our Record  judge team will judge  to your application then we will reply to you with in 4 to 6 week .

 After read that words I felt some nice feeling with confidence because Guinness world record team was observed to my art work or that’s extra art level by rule of Guinness world record. So I said I were completed first step for Guinness world record.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 162


Photography by me as a visual  Art Master

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
Master a word of complete control  on condition by a one person or by one mind . it can in art, culture , writing, farming, architectural and all kind of field have master for control to that field . its universal fact. Here for  you , When i will start to share the name of different kind of  field master, in this case  I sure this post will not get end for  your reading . Am I right .? yes I am right you know it .
Master word was came in my mind very first in my childhood age when I were went to visit to a circus in my city with my family. I saw a ring master was controlling on tiger or on lions. Tiger and lion’s were moved on action of that ring master . that master was created his fear in mind of tiger and lion’s by his master mind action.

You can laugh on me because I am also master ..haha . but my master condition is very different to that ring master he was created fear and I am creating love and peace by my art  action as a master . in 20th year I were faced lots of master’s and I were supported  to others as a master .this master work is continue with life. May be it will stop after me. Ha

Here I want to share a short story or  you can say visuals of masters . it is not related  to ring master or to art master . you can see that visuals through a art master .he is myself. This visuals will say to  you  about a right command ,control on self and on other, target aim of finish line and some more .i were observed it as a visual art master  for my art study .

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
Friends I am  saying to you about animal race . yes I were observed to master grip from that animal race . it was official race from RTDC  event of Bikaner. I am saying about camel race or horse race . kind  your information animal love is in my family blood . Late Shri Shivratan Ji purohit father of My late grandfather Shri Bulaki Das ji purohit  was having his own camel that camel was his real friend . he was not eaten food before his camel .My late grandfather Shri Bulaki Das ji purohit  was also having his own ox with ox trolly of wood .it was his hobby he was master of study on  ox . he was participated as a master of ox in race of ox in his young age he told to me  . I were not seen his ox race but I saw his love and mastery on ox .

So you can say some animal love sound is in myself by my family blood .thats result I were observed to race of animals or here I am sharing with  you that observation of animal masters by my art master view with live visuals .

It was also year 2008 .i were in village ladera for visit to camel festival . there RTCD was organized two race of animal . one was camel race and second was horse race. I saw simple villager s were riding to his camel and his camels were running on track very simply for his master .there I were noticed camel is working and following to indication of master and master was focused on his finish line . on that track start to finish line camel master was making many different sound and camel was hearing that different sound and running fast and fast or more fast for finish line . what was that tuning of animal’s  soul or soul of animal masters they were running by sound communication or some indications . that was live presentation of connection of soul to soul . it is design of nature on this earth no one can create it after nature or before nature.

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
I saw that master activity by race of camel . that same think was applied on horse race . in two days that two  race I were observed . in same time I were shoot to that race motion like a visual art master . I did captured some special motion from that race . camel was in full speed and in that motion camel four lag’s in air . that was very fine master movement of that master race. Same photography work I were done for horse race the horse was in horse power in that power the horse was in air .really that was great movement  for my master view . That race and relation  of human and animal was touched to my deep heart. For that movement of myself ,  I have no more words but I have lots of  in my vision to say  so  you can see that in visuals . I sure  you will feel same thing just like me. Because I saw and observed to performance of  real master’s…

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 161


wood Fire before  performance of  Soul Fire Dance of Nath Sampraday society.

What is art ? this is a question to self or question to history writer’s  . yes it is a question to our  world too.  In my view after study on time I can say art is a language of inner sound . by this language our hidden inner sound can come out very easily . in this language medium is our sensors and that’s activity . it can sound , dance, craft and some more medium s  .its depend on performer what he or she will adopt for this language presentation . so in my view art is a language of inner sound .

Second question is . what is fire ? in simple word every one can say fire is medium of burn. Fire is on sun .but in philosophical view fire is something different its not only work for  burn . Philosophical fire word is a definition of soul power its connected to human life and that’s  aim . this philosophical fire we can see in crazy person , in passion of  dedicated person ,  in soldier fight, in sportsman spirit over all we can say a committed person have this philosophical  fire in his  or her self.

A burn charcoal in mouth of Fire dance performer 

I know  you are thinking here why I am telling on art and fire definition with that’s different  views ? it is a another question for me after this two paragraphs . so my friends I want to tell  you a right example of this art & fire subject . I were observed it from a very old historical cultural folk dance . there I saw art and fire or that’s real definition.

I were saw that folk cultural performance very first in year 1998, in village Katriyasar , Bikaner  . I were in B.F.A painting education  in that time . I were went alone to that village for observed  to live performance of fire dance . A cast NATH SAMPRADAY ( Society ) was  performing that  and they were  saying God gave us this  fire dance art as a blessing . there in village Katriyasar they have temple of that God DEVI MAA. There they performers were said to me no one can this performance After Nath Sampraday or without blessing of DEVI MAA.

Performers of fire Dance 

Nath Families man’s are  perform that fire dance in winter time on birthday of Devi MAA ( Shakti ) ( Symbol of Fire ) .that evening I were completely observed to that live performance  as a visual artist or as a art observer . in three step they were completed  to that performance . in first step prayer to  god with folk dance that was  own created dance style by Nath Sampraday .  I were not seen that  same dance in other community after Nath Samprday. They were dancing on music that was also different to other folk music . that  performance was  not for enjoyment that’s for prayer . after prayer dance performers  were taking small  burn charcoal in hand and then in his mouth . there women’s were  not permitted . in third step they were performed  to dance on fire . but they were not got burn condition on feet they were  saying god is blessing on us when we perform it. ( God Is Great )

Prayer by Folk Song  before Performance  of fire Dance 

It is a right logic of  Nat  Samprday  performers  . but in my view they all performer s are  going deep unconsciousness there they are create soul fire .  that fire make them crazy for performance and in that crazy performance they are forget to his self because they are follow to self inner fire . that inner fire come out by language of folk dance ,folk music and folk song ( BHAJAN )  .

They all performers  were  going for  put out his self inner fire , in that performance motion they were  not lived  to his self , they were lived  to his inner sound and expressing by his body performance . we are saying to that fire dance . actually that is a live and direct art presentation of expression by a traditional style .some experts and practiced person can do that very finely . because they know  how to put out inner fire by fire dance in front side of god  . they know that fire dance is a language of them for prayer to God ( SHAKTI ) they are show  trust on god in that trust fire.  they can dance on wood fire that wood fire can’t burn to them because they have very big fire in his self or that fire get cool by body activity and when they complete  all kind of activity of body then they get cool in side by his self . today we are saying to that fire full activity  or a art performance but actually that is a language or presentation  of inner fire.

Performers of fire Dance 

In 2008 when I were visiting to camel festival that time  there NATH  SAMPRADAY Society members were performed a live fire dance . that was in same process three step one by one and in last fire was  converted  in cool wood dust . there I were shoot to that  performance as a visual documentation by my camera. I did got some visuals  like paintings some visuals like theater art and that was a live street performance of  folk art . I were focused on fire I were noticed there two fire one was visible or second was invisible . one wood fire could saw  every one there, and second  invisible fire   I were  observing through  performance  of  Nath Samprday persons ( Art )  . here visual will prove it for  your vision. Because there I were observed to  art and fire .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, July 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 160


Speed it is a design of our universe , who  designed it ? we don’t know about it but we are following to speed . in Indian Philosophy we have been  define to speed . our philosophers were said our vision or imagination speed is very fast to this universe  speed . Science  saying Sun light speed is very fast but human vision or  imagination speed is too fast to sun light its fact. For example I want to give  you a imagination  plot for  you. Think you are still on earth and  you are walking on moon .think now and when  you think then you will on moon with me . haha ..accept it human vision speed is very fast .

Here I want to share with  you this speed matter because I have catch to speed by myself vision. A creative person can do it by his or her self . here I will start it from design of late or great art master Leonardo da vinci . he was fly in sky by his vision or imagination that’s result he gave to world a flying machine design or concept . before that design he was fly in sky by his imagination . In his real life he could not used  to his concept of flying machine but today all world is enjoying to his flying concept .because that was practical and scientific design of him.

Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci was designed tool of speed as a flying machine . in my education time in 12th class I were in unite of Air wing N.C.C. , I were read to design of flying machine , I were completed  my exam of flying machine in Air wing N.C.C. I were wanted  to see myself as a Air wing  pilot but time was moved  to myself in field of visual art for more speedy journey for our world vision . today i am saying , I am designing to world art . in front of this concept pilot job is very small. There side aim is war here aim is peace and love  for future . here is real speed for future design. Ha

But when I saw in sky of village Ladera  in year 2008 . there I saw real speed of flying machine I saw a live air show of our INDIAN AIR WING Force . I were there for collect to visuals of Camel festival . there that air show was part of that camel festival . in reality that was very critical and risky but that was for people fun . there jet air craft was passing in sky but very close to land .i were noticed a speed of sound and speed of flying machine .

There in my hand a visual capture machine of digital format . when I were listen the sound of jet air craft I were taken camera in my hand like a shooting gun and focused on large space of sky . there my every click was like a gun trigger puss . I were went in super consciousness like a army man and there I were noticed some army officers were noticing my shooting action . I were forgot where I am and why I came here there that air show was my aim in that movement . I were listened sound of my camera click one by one without any stoppage , click click and click.  

 I did not wanted to missed any chance of shoot to flying machine movement in sky . you can say that day flying machine was in my target here visuals will say to you  some more words about that motion of my vision speed .

I were shoot many visuals of  that air show and in that air show our INDIAN AIR FORCE  was showed  three different type flying machine in sky.

A Art Master Leonardo da vinci was created flying machine by his fast speed vision and after him a art master was caught  his speed vision by shooting to his conceptual and scientific  flying machine by super speed capture machine - digital camera Nikon D 70 S .

 For  your visit here I am sharing that movement and flying machine movement and motion as a Story photography by a video presentation  . I sure  you will enjoy to that movement and  you can understand to my talk about speed and flying machine because in past I catch to speed.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 159


INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
Year 2006 , on Television A entertainment channel Sony was presenting  a musical art performance event with title INDIAN IDEAL . That event was very important for our State or after that for my city . because a young Singer of Bikaner was selected  in that musical program INDIAN IDEAL -2 . I were noticing my city was completely busy in support to Singer  Sandeep Achary by Mobile SmS . I can say my city was in flow of SMS post for win of  Singer Sandeep Acharya . kind  your information Singer Sandeep is in our family relation , he is niece of husband of my father , real sister . but I were not met to him live and face to face . when he came in IDNIAN IDEAL that time my family told me about him or our family relation.

Here I want to say a very true talk as a artist or as a art critic . I were leaved to watch to Television after 2003 or as a artist I said art can win  to heart by self performance art not need sms for win.  because art is out of game , there some one pulled  to art in game of win or loss . that was not a right angle of art so I were not sent any sms for Sandeep Achary . but when I saw his one and two performance .  I were got some confidence about his win by his self confident performance . time was support to him and he was got his real goal INDIAN IDEAL IMAGE by art and by game of SMS .

INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
 In that time I were in Jaipur for my master of Art Education . one day I were sited outside of our Art collage with my seniors and some juniors . I were noticed some senior were busy in talk of INDIAN ideal -2 . they were  giving me information about that musical event by his talks. I were  sharing my view about SMS game for art in mid of them , I said when art result will come by sms then one day visual art  Academies   will organized a sms exhibition and by that sms they will give first and second award to artist ..hahaha.. they all were laughed .

 In same  time a senior Artist  Baqar Naqwi Asked a question to my senior Artist Himanshu Vyas  ,he asked who is Indian Ideal ?  

Himanshu Vyas was  indicated by his eyes to my side . then all were looking to me and my face . Actually he was gave me a big work for my art in that work no support of any sms or any other entertainment show. That was a live direction for GO..ha

I Don’t know what I am after my master art education or after my name yogendra. But I am busy in my art exercise with art dedication it is true.

INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
When Singer Sandeep Acharya was won to IDNIAN IDEAL musical game he came Jaipur at GOURAW TOWER . I were went there for visit his live look . I saw him live first time but he was knew me and my art image before that meeting. That same evening one artist came at JKK for meet to me, but I were busy in meeting of Singer Sandeep  Acharya .

After Jaipur Meeting we were met again in Bikaner , in our  home town ,that was year 2008. But there Singer Sandeep Acharya was on stage and I were in listener crowd .That day I were there with my camera so I were not missed chance of photography of Singer Sandeep  Acharya our INDIAN IDEAL -2 .

That day I were noticed Singer Sandeep Acharya was want to talk with me he want to come with me but he was on stage with his commitment limitation .there I were free but committed by myself art sound. He was  came very close to my camera I were shoot his very natural image . in same time a senior Photographer or media worker was came near myself and told to me , yogendra I want a nice picture of Singer Sandeep Acharya . so he gave me a one more challenge for my photography work .he said me  you can go on stage , I said no I will not brake my limitation or his art concentration . actually he was wanted to me a portrait picture of INDIAN IDEAL -2  for his  daughter . ha ha ..( Another Story for love creation by art )

I were gave full time to event of  Singer Sandeep Acharya and I were waited  for a good portrait of him , by good luck I were shoot his one portrait from that stage show and shared  with my senior photographer and media worker. He said I wanted  it thanks yogendra .

 left side junior artist Dadhichi patel , In Mid  Artist Waqar Naqawi and right side Artist Himanshu vyas talking on art in art exhibition at JKK , JAIPUR myself is busy in shooting to ideal art movement of that art exhibition. 

In that movement once again I were remembered the question of my senior Artist Baqar Bhai . he asked to Artist  Himanshu Vyas who is INDIAN IDEAL - ?

Yogendra kumar purohit 
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 158


My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.

My Junior is  in poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
It is an  idea for modeling  field . you can say I were gave a model to Modeling field of our  nation. It was a accident . we know life give us many accident in a one day  some emotional and some practical but we are facing accident every day in our life. We can’t change to this condition . by that accident condition  some time we lost and some time we find for us . so time have designed accident is must for us on this earth.

Here I want to share a accident or that’s result . that was positive for me or for my junior . one day I were busy in art work at Studio of  JKK JAIPUR. My one junior was came near myself ,for art talk . he was in advertising study but as a visual artist my junior were talked to me when they were felt puzzle condition in his or her art study . it was my good luck if god was designed this type accident in my art journey.

My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
He was asking  to me about his study work and I were studding on his body language , as a fun I were calling to him “ He man ” ha ha . his face look and body height was giving me a feeling of model by him. I asked to him why  you are not joining to Modeling field ,. I sure  you will get your right goal from that field .  you have a very good face look, a nice body language with a good height , I am sure  there  you will achieve  your aim because in my view god have designed  to  you for modeling .

He said I am interested in modeling but I have no way because I am in presser of study or family . he was right on his track so I were gave some contact link to him that contact was theater artist and some actors .

My Junior is in poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
After that art talk one day I were shoot his pictures from my camera in JKK. I think I were shoot his ten pictures in different angles . as a modeling photography you can say that was my labor work for a junior . after shoot that pictures I were shared  with some theater artists and with press photographer friends . they all were said yes he can do modeling very well he is fit and fine for modeling . theater artist and press photographer friends were proved  right to my vision or idea for my junior.

In next meeting I were said to my junior  you can join modeling classes in evening time . in day time  you can complete  your art study for  your education certificate and in evening time  you can complete your real job that is modeling .

He was interested in Modeling so he was followed to my idea and step by step he was got a frame of Model by his self exercise or dedication. He was my junior and he was giving me respect very much so he was noticed  and followed to idea of Modeling .

My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
After few month we were met again in JKK . he was changed , I saw a special confidence on his face after join to Modeling classes . actually he was came there for share his surprising news with me . as a model he was presented his self on ramp of modeling in Jaipur city . he was showed his new pictures  with me in that pictures he was looking a complete model like a professional Model . I were felt happy and said to him congratulation Mr. Model . keep it up .

After Art Education he was went to Mumbai . there some modeling society and community was invited him for ramp show . that was a final result of my Idea of Modeling for him . you can say that was result of a accident . because time was designed that accident for us I were gave and he was taken to an idea and that idea was changed his life way for right progress .

Here I am sharing with  you some visuals of him for  your visit , I sure after visit his visuals  you will accept it ,my idea was not wrong for him.

In present  he is not in my connection or in communication but he is in my vision or may be I am also in his modeling vision . because I were created that idea for him as a senior or as a art observer . so here I said an idea to junior about modeling .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA