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Art Vibration - 155


Installation Art presentation by Artist cum Poet. At Sudarshana Art Gallery Bikaner. 

Friends , it’s a very different type art story of my art journey. Yes it is different because  a very different type artist was created a art sound in Bikaner. In art and culture his image like a writer, poet , painter over all a creator . he have sense of art in his vision by art education or education of literature . in my view he is a master key of all kind of literature or art lock . and he know how to  it lock and open.

Dr. Nand Kishor Achary Visiting to Symbolic Art Exhibition.
Here I will not share his name with  you because he was locked to me about his name writing in past .so I will tell  you by symbol of art and words about him. Ok.

His exhibition was organized at Sudarshana art gallery , Bikaner , he was called me so I were went there for his help in display of his art work ,as a artist friends and he was guest of my city so it was my duty for care his art sound as a artist. So I were there for him.

In very first he was presented a magic of art in front of myself , really that was a art magic by him. He was created  a installation within five minute by his art medium . in first picture  you can see his art magic in form of Installation form. When he was creating his installation art I were shooting his performance about his installation work . I saw a natural speed and control on his body like a actor and he was planning like a art director . over all that installation creation movement was very interesting for me . I were enjoyed his live art performance and I were  shoot that by my camera. Sorry I can’t share his pictures because I am locked by him .ha I am giving respect to his locked condition on myself .

Artist HariGopal harsh and Poet Shree Harsh ji
Visiting to Symbolic art exhibition in sudarshana
art gallery Bikaner. 
His Exhibition was inaugurated by national Hindi Writer Dr. Nand Kishor Achary . and I were noticed his art work was representing to inner sound by very symbolic visuals. He was used some Hindu religion symbol and color . when I were reading and visiting his art work I were feeling sound of poetry in his art work . symbolic poetry like poetry of  Dr. Nand Kishor Achary  . It was natural because he is a poet and he is Inspired to Dr. Nand kishor Achary and his writing.

In my view his art exhibition was very first art exhibition in Bikaner with sound of Symbolic art , before his  art exhibition  I were done some art exhibitions  by my symbolic art but his art visual was very different to my art visuals . he was converted to Art gallery  in a form of poetry book. His each one art work was a live poetry in visual or symbol . I were noticed his art work was mostly visited  by poets  and book publishers  .I were saw a national book publisher Mr. Deep Chand Sankhla was visited his art exhibition with Dr. Nand Kishor Achary in sudarshana Art gallery Bikaner .

 In his painting he was not try for fill to space . he was try to expressed  to his self with full inner sound . some paintings were  related to Hindu religions, some paintings were related  to nature and some paintings were related  to his self life motion . over all he was represented his pure inner sound by symbolic visual art and there I were visited his art work as a art viewer.

In Deep - Dr. Nand Kishor Achary and Deep Chand Sankhala is Busy
in visit of art exhibition of symbolic art at  sudarshana art Gallery Bikaner. 
In gallery he was gave his 100% to art. I were liked that 100% of that artist so here I am expressing his 100% by my 100% art contribution sound about visual art . I don’t Know what he will think after read and visit this blog post because I am locked by him but I were felt this true feeling after visit his art exhibition . so I am sharing here with  you without any fear of him ha . but I am giving respect to his locked motion about myself ,so that is still on same place . it is symbolic sound of our art communication. Ha

Actually today I were checking to my Computer data or visuals file then I got his exhibition folder I were created that because his art sound was 100% in Sudarshana art gallery . I were not deleted his true work presentation or as a visual  artist I were cared his art sound in my data  . so when I were visited his art sound again by my computer data  then I were went in past memory and by that memory I were got this post matter for  your reading and notice . by this post I want to show here no lock in my vision by him . but I am showing locked condition for his mind peace . I am with 100%  in  art , not with any person in my  art vision . kind  your information on my vision any master key can’t lock to my master art vision because there no option for any kind of lock..haha . it is God gift to me from God.

So here I am sharing with you his 100% art sound,  I said  to his art sound “ Symbolic Art Exhibition was in Bikaner ”….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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