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Art Vibration - 162


Photography by me as a visual  Art Master

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
Master a word of complete control  on condition by a one person or by one mind . it can in art, culture , writing, farming, architectural and all kind of field have master for control to that field . its universal fact. Here for  you , When i will start to share the name of different kind of  field master, in this case  I sure this post will not get end for  your reading . Am I right .? yes I am right you know it .
Master word was came in my mind very first in my childhood age when I were went to visit to a circus in my city with my family. I saw a ring master was controlling on tiger or on lions. Tiger and lion’s were moved on action of that ring master . that master was created his fear in mind of tiger and lion’s by his master mind action.

You can laugh on me because I am also master ..haha . but my master condition is very different to that ring master he was created fear and I am creating love and peace by my art  action as a master . in 20th year I were faced lots of master’s and I were supported  to others as a master .this master work is continue with life. May be it will stop after me. Ha

Here I want to share a short story or  you can say visuals of masters . it is not related  to ring master or to art master . you can see that visuals through a art master .he is myself. This visuals will say to  you  about a right command ,control on self and on other, target aim of finish line and some more .i were observed it as a visual art master  for my art study .

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
Friends I am  saying to you about animal race . yes I were observed to master grip from that animal race . it was official race from RTDC  event of Bikaner. I am saying about camel race or horse race . kind  your information animal love is in my family blood . Late Shri Shivratan Ji purohit father of My late grandfather Shri Bulaki Das ji purohit  was having his own camel that camel was his real friend . he was not eaten food before his camel .My late grandfather Shri Bulaki Das ji purohit  was also having his own ox with ox trolly of wood .it was his hobby he was master of study on  ox . he was participated as a master of ox in race of ox in his young age he told to me  . I were not seen his ox race but I saw his love and mastery on ox .

So you can say some animal love sound is in myself by my family blood .thats result I were observed to race of animals or here I am sharing with  you that observation of animal masters by my art master view with live visuals .

It was also year 2008 .i were in village ladera for visit to camel festival . there RTCD was organized two race of animal . one was camel race and second was horse race. I saw simple villager s were riding to his camel and his camels were running on track very simply for his master .there I were noticed camel is working and following to indication of master and master was focused on his finish line . on that track start to finish line camel master was making many different sound and camel was hearing that different sound and running fast and fast or more fast for finish line . what was that tuning of animal’s  soul or soul of animal masters they were running by sound communication or some indications . that was live presentation of connection of soul to soul . it is design of nature on this earth no one can create it after nature or before nature.

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 
I saw that master activity by race of camel . that same think was applied on horse race . in two days that two  race I were observed . in same time I were shoot to that race motion like a visual art master . I did captured some special motion from that race . camel was in full speed and in that motion camel four lag’s in air . that was very fine master movement of that master race. Same photography work I were done for horse race the horse was in horse power in that power the horse was in air .really that was great movement  for my master view . That race and relation  of human and animal was touched to my deep heart. For that movement of myself ,  I have no more words but I have lots of  in my vision to say  so  you can see that in visuals . I sure  you will feel same thing just like me. Because I saw and observed to performance of  real master’s…

Photography by me as a visual  Art Master 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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