Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Art Vibration - 137


It is a very internal art story of  my art journey. I am saying it because its not related to creation of myself but its very close to my creative inner sound , so it is a internal story.

A Cup of  Tea  on Table of Indian Coffee house at Jawahar Kala kendra  Jaipur 

One day  I were sited  in coffee house after  my art work and I were taking tea of INDIAN coffee house of Jawahar Kala KENDRA . In that movement I were alone  IN coffee house on tea table . I were went in very deep thinking in that movement .you can say I were went in my unconscious part of mind and heart .

Actually I were thinking  on  my life and that’s way . because that was  my real struggle  time and I were facing  tuf  condition of  time by myself . that day I were very serious and that seriousness was looking on my face  for  others .but how to I could changed that ?  I were not a actor . a actor can hide his real condition by his acting or expression but I could not that.  so that seriousness was on my face very live with true expression . I were very close  to weep condition because time was bounded  to me with  my limitations. I know every struggler is facing this tuf movement in his or her life so I were not only one in that time . but in that movement I were one and only in Jkk Coffee house  with my serious face expression.

Actor Shiv Devenda  is busy in art Discussion at JKK 
In that same time a actor of theater Mr. Shiv Devenda  was sited in front side of  my coffee table  in JKK coffee house . he was there with two other actors of theater . I were observing  his  body language or activity and he was observing  my face expressions . a Actor can read very fast to face expressions of other face because they live busy in study of  face expression all time in mid of common man.

I were silent  there and watching  to my tea cup and then Actor Shiv Devenda , because I am not knowing to that actor before that art motion. He was looking me continue and he was taking  to his friends when I were going on  emotional point of weep,  in same time he was called to  coffee house  waiter very loudly , he was broken my emotional mood , I were came in my consciousness and looked  to him , he was observing to my face, in next movement again he was called  to waiter with a different sound like a king style, he was created  this type sound  with call of waiter in many styles of sounds  . I were forgot  to myself  emotional mood and condition  . he was got busy to perform a live acting action for change  to my mood without any dialog to me or to coffee house  waiter.

 In that movement he was proved it if  he was a real actor and there he was completed  his real art duty as a true actor. After visit his live art performance I were laughed with in two second , it was his real art success or magic of his acting  , I think in that movement he was got blessing of BHARAT MUNI, ( writer of Indian Theater theory )   because he was followed theater rule  for a social duty and he was applied that on my serious mood and created a natural smile on my face  . he was pulled  me , out to my serious condition of art mood .

My self  Is  Busy In thinking  to visual art  matter at Jkk , Jaipur 
After few days , I were shared his art action and that’s  right reaction on me , then he was acted like surprised by me , he was again started acting in front of myself . then I said I am not actor but I know to a real actor  so please stop acting  and accept my thanks , because  you have changed  my mood from  your true  art performance .  In reply  He said  to me  you are a thief , a art thief , then he was hugged me very tit like a close friend . he was offered me a one cup tea . I were accepted  his offer and we were taken  one cup  tea in fifty -  fifty . he was gave me a title in  Hindi filmy style DIL  JUDA …( destroyed heart ) ha ha.

After that true art friendship many time we were taken one cup  tea in fifty fifty at JKK INDIAN  coffee house. He was talking to me about his art work , he was asking to me about his action  and he was observing to my art patience always when I were lived  busy in work of art. he was always try to created some light mood  for my serious art mood so I said it , actor was changed the mood of painter …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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