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Art Vibration - 148


Title Cover for Book Teacher today.
I create It for Education Department of  Rajasthan.
Visual artist is  always face to new exercise  in his or her art field . this kind of exercise is making wide view of a visual artist .i can say it because I have lived it and I am living it . for  your example here I want to share  two real story about this art exercise .I am sure  you will notice it.

Actually  illustration  art work is in Applied art section. This is a definition of Academic Art Education. But in my view  illustration is a first presentation of inner sound . our inner sound is very wide and unlimited but when we express to that , then inner sound get a very limited form . so all presentation of inner sound is  illustration   in my view . it can music, dance,  writing , painting, acting , craft, sculpture , sports, fight, love, cooking, farming , social work or etc. So I were not thought to section of art,  art is one or that is pure and unlimited .

After 1999  were started  illustration work  for book publisher of my city. I am remembering  my first  illustration  , I were created  for Natraj Prakashan Book Publisher of Bikaner.   after that I were created many  illustration work  for Shivira magazine of Education Department of  GOVT. of Rajasthan . I were created  a title cover of a book  for national art Critic Mr. Prayag Shukla  , ( TILLI BHAR ROSHANI ) , light of matchbox stick . when I were submitted that title design in hand of publisher and came at home  I were weep . I were felt , today I have sold my art from my hand , that was my true respect  to my art sound. But that was time design so what I could .nothing.. I were crazy for art work exercise in  illustration form but I were not crazy  for money . (   you can visit  that title image on this blog -post - art vibration- 16 )

 Illustration for A poem book -  title  Silver line .

In that  illustration exercise work case, one day I were received a phone call from Singapore . A lady poet called  and said to me, hi yogendra , I am poet I am from India and living in Singapore . I were listen about  your art work from  my family  so I want  your art work  for my poem book. Her book title was silver line . in that time I were in Jaipur and walking on the road . I were reply to her , you send your poem I will do exercise for  illustration on your poems. She was posted me her poems  on my E mail  , her poem  was in English .  so by help of dictionary I were translated her poem in Hindi . after translation  I were read her posted poem in Hindi with deep emotional feeling . when I were reading to poem  that time in my vision I were visualized  some visuals  for  illustration , as a professional Artist I were created four visual or illustration on a one poem . that was ruf layout for her poems .

I were posted her that  illustration visual but after that communication I were not got any connection from  her. That was a  live exercise  for literature by  me  on a unconfident poet demand. Ha , but I were gave  my 100 % to that poet words or to that illustration exercise .

 Illustration for a Story book 
 Illustration for a Story book 

 Illustration for a Story book 

After some Time one day a senior book publisher Mr. Kedar Vyas came at my studio , kind  your information he was first publisher of my  illustration work on title cover of Art Critic  Mr. Prayag Shukla ( TILI BHAR ROSHANI ), ( I said it ,up side of this post.)  He came in my studio.  I were  sited on my computer and I were busy in my studio job ( digital art work ) . I saw him and gave full respect as a student . he saw my studio and then asked  to me can  you work  for me about  my book , in past  you came near myself at my office today I come in your studio. After listen his feeling full words I said yes I will do it  for  you, always when  you want to me my art work . then he was submitted a story book to me and said you will create 10 visual for this story . but he was not confident  on me so he  was taken my live test , he asked  to me how to  you will create ?  can  you draw some line ? I said yes,  then I were draw some sketch for him on his demand  . he saw and said ok I will come after one week . that day I were taken advance charge to him from my studio because I were designed some rule for my studio job. He was gave me advance and in that movement he said  to me  you are first person , because in my 60 years life I were not gave advance to anyone but you are taking to me in advance ,  its  your success young boy keep it up .

In a one week I were created very light  illustration for his book story in black and White ( Monochrome color ) , he was liked that and then published  in his book .

So I said I were created  illustration work for literature ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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