Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 163


Friends we all know about our Guinness world Record team . They are observing  to our world and that’s extra ordinary person or that’s activity for world records .Guinness world record society is giving promotion to real person of extra ordinary activity of humans  .This society have no boundary for any field in concept of record registration . they are promoting to human energy, dedication, consciousness, passion , patience, confidence ,will power, vision , creativity, sense of hummer ETC. because this words are  indicate to a extra ordinary person . by world record they are prove to extra ordinary capacity  of that record maker in front of our world . so a  extra ordinary person is in aim of Guinness world record team. Every year they are receiving many record applications after receive to that applications they are observe to all applications and that’s performer by rule of Guinness world record society .

In our world someone busy for record work and someone working and they are  live busy , that busy condition is making world record condition  for them by  itself . Guiness world record team is accepting that both condition for record registration without any boundary or limitation. Because both work come out by hard work or dedication + human energy or patience . they know value of this kind of work of  humans. So they are accepting . it is good and it is must  for human energy. They know it .

Here I am sharing it with  you because it is must for us.  You know , you are  my world art family  , you know I am completely busy in  Visual art and  that’s communication . it is must  for me because it is my duty as a visual art master . your visit and your comment is my real income or output of my art energy. By luck Guinness world record society is connect to me  to last three years on online . they are also observing to my visual art sound  time to time .it is a good point for my art energy because energy register team is observing to my art sound by this online way. Its giving me a natural confidence for more art energy . that’s result I find from myself  in form of some more visuals with some more extra art sound about visual art .

Guinnes world record team is selecting to extra ordinary person of our world it is fact .I don’t know I have extra ordinary sound or not  in myself. But I am remembering to a talk of my first art teacher . I was in class 11th subject fine art . he was visiting and observing to my visual work and art dedication . then one day he said to me yogendra listen to me. I said say to me sir. My teacher Mr. Vinod Achary ji said to me yogendra, in our world we have lots of ordinary persons but they are not special for society they are living in society as water of river . but I want to see you as a extra ordinary so you do self commitment for extra ordinary image as a artist  , I know this way is not easy for you but I am confident on you , you will get to extra ordinary stage in field of art .i were listen my teacher words and started thinking on that . he was charged  to me as a right teacher , he was gave me a key of hard work with word extra ordinary . it was year 1992 or today year 2013 , 20th year something  time is pass I don’t know I have achieve to that extra ordinary stage in my art journey but in this 20th year I have done lots of work by my art energy for world art family . it is true..

Extra ordinary word was came in my short mind dictionary in year 1992 and in 2013 that word I were felt in observation of Guinness world record team rule .

Kind  your information in this year 2013 , before two month , I were completed my one thousand drawings by simple art medium that is pencil , paper and ink pen . I were created that with very limited element of drawing for symbol of myself . in that one thousand drawings I were expressing to myself art journey. I were started this drawing journey in year 2008 and today 2013but this drawing journey is continue day by day in my life I have completed 1050 drawings. About this drawing work journey I have posted on this blog in past posts so you can take a look on that post  for more observation of my art journey.
When I were completed my one thousand drawing  then I were visited my all work and journey of this drawing sound  and I were rememberd some seniors work and that’s work definitions. I were remembered to work of Michelanjelo , he was worked in one medium that was marbal Stone . I were remembered to art work of Sir Ravindranath Thakur he was created drawing by black ink on paper . they both were worked with limited elements and expressed to his inner art sound by his self art energy . today his works is ideal work of our art history . Michalanjelo work is in category of world monuments .
So  you can say I am on same concept path I am on limited space with unlimited  art energy  of myself .
Myself Drawing Number 1050

So one day I were shared  my art work online updated  link with Guinness world record team . they were visited  my art work and then posted me a mail with link of registration form for a record or new record. I were filled  to that application form and that’s column with my right art information .as a true person . After few week I were received a one more mail from Guinness world record team . they were informed  to me about my application. That was a simple informational mail from Guinness world record team .in that mail they were wrote to me congratulation  . your application is accepted by our team and we will put it on desk of  our record judge team. Our Record  judge team will judge  to your application then we will reply to you with in 4 to 6 week .

 After read that words I felt some nice feeling with confidence because Guinness world record team was observed to my art work or that’s extra art level by rule of Guinness world record. So I said I were completed first step for Guinness world record.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA


rupam sarma said...

Just read your post.Great to read read,Wish you all the best.

tripti said...

Well done, you are deeply observed the subject! congratulations... all the best!

Unknown said...

Yogendrajee... All the very best Luck to you.