Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 158


My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.

My Junior is  in poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
It is an  idea for modeling  field . you can say I were gave a model to Modeling field of our  nation. It was a accident . we know life give us many accident in a one day  some emotional and some practical but we are facing accident every day in our life. We can’t change to this condition . by that accident condition  some time we lost and some time we find for us . so time have designed accident is must for us on this earth.

Here I want to share a accident or that’s result . that was positive for me or for my junior . one day I were busy in art work at Studio of  JKK JAIPUR. My one junior was came near myself ,for art talk . he was in advertising study but as a visual artist my junior were talked to me when they were felt puzzle condition in his or her art study . it was my good luck if god was designed this type accident in my art journey.

My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
He was asking  to me about his study work and I were studding on his body language , as a fun I were calling to him “ He man ” ha ha . his face look and body height was giving me a feeling of model by him. I asked to him why  you are not joining to Modeling field ,. I sure  you will get your right goal from that field .  you have a very good face look, a nice body language with a good height , I am sure  there  you will achieve  your aim because in my view god have designed  to  you for modeling .

He said I am interested in modeling but I have no way because I am in presser of study or family . he was right on his track so I were gave some contact link to him that contact was theater artist and some actors .

My Junior is in poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
After that art talk one day I were shoot his pictures from my camera in JKK. I think I were shoot his ten pictures in different angles . as a modeling photography you can say that was my labor work for a junior . after shoot that pictures I were shared  with some theater artists and with press photographer friends . they all were said yes he can do modeling very well he is fit and fine for modeling . theater artist and press photographer friends were proved  right to my vision or idea for my junior.

In next meeting I were said to my junior  you can join modeling classes in evening time . in day time  you can complete  your art study for  your education certificate and in evening time  you can complete your real job that is modeling .

He was interested in Modeling so he was followed to my idea and step by step he was got a frame of Model by his self exercise or dedication. He was my junior and he was giving me respect very much so he was noticed  and followed to idea of Modeling .

My Junior is in  poss of modeling  at JKK , JAIPUR.
After few month we were met again in JKK . he was changed , I saw a special confidence on his face after join to Modeling classes . actually he was came there for share his surprising news with me . as a model he was presented his self on ramp of modeling in Jaipur city . he was showed his new pictures  with me in that pictures he was looking a complete model like a professional Model . I were felt happy and said to him congratulation Mr. Model . keep it up .

After Art Education he was went to Mumbai . there some modeling society and community was invited him for ramp show . that was a final result of my Idea of Modeling for him . you can say that was result of a accident . because time was designed that accident for us I were gave and he was taken to an idea and that idea was changed his life way for right progress .

Here I am sharing with  you some visuals of him for  your visit , I sure after visit his visuals  you will accept it ,my idea was not wrong for him.

In present  he is not in my connection or in communication but he is in my vision or may be I am also in his modeling vision . because I were created that idea for him as a senior or as a art observer . so here I said an idea to junior about modeling .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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