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Art Vibration - 159


INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
Year 2006 , on Television A entertainment channel Sony was presenting  a musical art performance event with title INDIAN IDEAL . That event was very important for our State or after that for my city . because a young Singer of Bikaner was selected  in that musical program INDIAN IDEAL -2 . I were noticing my city was completely busy in support to Singer  Sandeep Achary by Mobile SmS . I can say my city was in flow of SMS post for win of  Singer Sandeep Acharya . kind  your information Singer Sandeep is in our family relation , he is niece of husband of my father , real sister . but I were not met to him live and face to face . when he came in IDNIAN IDEAL that time my family told me about him or our family relation.

Here I want to say a very true talk as a artist or as a art critic . I were leaved to watch to Television after 2003 or as a artist I said art can win  to heart by self performance art not need sms for win.  because art is out of game , there some one pulled  to art in game of win or loss . that was not a right angle of art so I were not sent any sms for Sandeep Achary . but when I saw his one and two performance .  I were got some confidence about his win by his self confident performance . time was support to him and he was got his real goal INDIAN IDEAL IMAGE by art and by game of SMS .

INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
 In that time I were in Jaipur for my master of Art Education . one day I were sited outside of our Art collage with my seniors and some juniors . I were noticed some senior were busy in talk of INDIAN ideal -2 . they were  giving me information about that musical event by his talks. I were  sharing my view about SMS game for art in mid of them , I said when art result will come by sms then one day visual art  Academies   will organized a sms exhibition and by that sms they will give first and second award to artist ..hahaha.. they all were laughed .

 In same  time a senior Artist  Baqar Naqwi Asked a question to my senior Artist Himanshu Vyas  ,he asked who is Indian Ideal ?  

Himanshu Vyas was  indicated by his eyes to my side . then all were looking to me and my face . Actually he was gave me a big work for my art in that work no support of any sms or any other entertainment show. That was a live direction for GO..ha

I Don’t know what I am after my master art education or after my name yogendra. But I am busy in my art exercise with art dedication it is true.

INDIAN IDEAL -2  Sandeep Acharya  Busy in his song performance in
Camel Festival 2008 Bikaner. 
When Singer Sandeep Acharya was won to IDNIAN IDEAL musical game he came Jaipur at GOURAW TOWER . I were went there for visit his live look . I saw him live first time but he was knew me and my art image before that meeting. That same evening one artist came at JKK for meet to me, but I were busy in meeting of Singer Sandeep  Acharya .

After Jaipur Meeting we were met again in Bikaner , in our  home town ,that was year 2008. But there Singer Sandeep Acharya was on stage and I were in listener crowd .That day I were there with my camera so I were not missed chance of photography of Singer Sandeep  Acharya our INDIAN IDEAL -2 .

That day I were noticed Singer Sandeep Acharya was want to talk with me he want to come with me but he was on stage with his commitment limitation .there I were free but committed by myself art sound. He was  came very close to my camera I were shoot his very natural image . in same time a senior Photographer or media worker was came near myself and told to me , yogendra I want a nice picture of Singer Sandeep Acharya . so he gave me a one more challenge for my photography work .he said me  you can go on stage , I said no I will not brake my limitation or his art concentration . actually he was wanted to me a portrait picture of INDIAN IDEAL -2  for his  daughter . ha ha ..( Another Story for love creation by art )

I were gave full time to event of  Singer Sandeep Acharya and I were waited  for a good portrait of him , by good luck I were shoot his one portrait from that stage show and shared  with my senior photographer and media worker. He said I wanted  it thanks yogendra .

 left side junior artist Dadhichi patel , In Mid  Artist Waqar Naqawi and right side Artist Himanshu vyas talking on art in art exhibition at JKK , JAIPUR myself is busy in shooting to ideal art movement of that art exhibition. 

In that movement once again I were remembered the question of my senior Artist Baqar Bhai . he asked to Artist  Himanshu Vyas who is INDIAN IDEAL - ?

Yogendra kumar purohit 
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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