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Art Vibration - 164


Myself  after played  our cultural holy with City Collector of jaisalmer
he is in sky blue shirt with pink TILAK , i did pink Tilak to him
Very first for start to holy  activity In desert festival of  Jaisalmer .
It was my visit on Desert festival of Jaisalmer .I were went there with our family .Kind  your information desert festival is a very popular festival of Rajasthan in International culture festivals of our world .we were went there for visit to that cultural festival of our Rajasthan . we were stayed there one week for enjoy to desert festival .

 There I were lived busy in study on  cultural activity, historical buildings or that’s environment . I were lived busy in photography work by still roll camera . In that seven days I were shoot lots of visuals of Jaisalmer . you can say that was a still photography documentation or my study on a traditional city of Rajasthan. That was work of art by me for our world art family.

When Desert festival was performing some cultural activity that was giving me some more cultural knowledge ,that was live educational class of culture for me . I were studied on  folk dance of Jaisalmer city , kalbeliya dance , girls is performing to That  kalbeliya dance . I  were saw some performance of folk music that was another study on cultural music of manganiyaar or langa casts of Jaisalmer . I were observed to instrument of folk music of Jaisalmer , Morchang, Algoja, Kamaycha , Sarangi , Pungi or Khadtal . when  you listen this instrumental music then  you can say its folk music instruments sound  of Jaisalmer folk music. There I were learned how to create music by Khadtal ( khadtal is two wood slices in size 5 inch X 2 inch X 2 mm ) that desert festival give me Khadtal Music performance style very first. So I am thankful for folk musician of Jaisalmer.today I have Khadtal in my collection  .ha

A international tourist is in motion of critical victory after waer to male Dhoti
on stage of Desert festival of jaisalmer 
In desert festival organizers was created a challenge for youth of INDIA from stage of desert festival . a speaker told our youth are not know  how to wear to male DHOTI  . that was a competition of Dhoti wear on stage . actually that competition  was for international tourist but they were not in confidence so few tourists were came on stage for that competition . in same time speaker got some emotional condition and in that motion he was said some critical words for INDIAN  youths. He said our  young blood not know how to wear to male DHOTI ( 6 to 7 X1.5 miters white cloth of cotton ) . I were listened that critical words and felt something wrong for me because I were knew  wear to Male  DHOTI. I were went near him and I said in angry mood you give me male Dhoti I will wear on stage . he was felt some uncomfortable after listened my critical words . then he was invited some Indians on stage with me and gave us  fresh male  Dhoti for wear on stage. That was live show of Rajasthani cultural male dress up . I were learned wear to Male Dhoti from my late Grandfather Shri Bulaki das ji Purohit . he was wear to male dhoti in special style . in that style your male dhoti is cover to lag like a English pant . I were taken that fresh dhoti from hand of Desert organizer . on stage  they were gave us time limitation for wear to that male dhoti . I were wear to that male dhoti on my jeans pant .on stage my competitor was some villagers and some international tourist . but I were only one young boy on that stage with all. By luck  I were wear that male  dhoti very first to all. And I were showed victory action from that stage it was my live performance of Rasjasthani culture . it was in my blood from my family culture. ha

Myself is representing  to culture of Rajasthani male Dhoti wear performance on stage of Desert festival of Jaisalmer 

In that desert festival . organizers were informed to all for a cricket match with title LAGAN match. That was international tourist Vs INDIAN. There registration system was very IDNIAN first come then get first. A cricketer is living  in myself  because in my child hood age I were played cricket very much with my friends  so I were thought about participation  in that lagan match. On day of cricket match I were went very early at play ground for myself registration . I saw no one was there ha ha . that’s mean I were first INDIAN in that Play ground for lagan match..time was 5 am haha. there jaisalmer was sleep but I were in play ground  ,it was my interest for sports. In wait of organizers I were started a landscape of that play ground it was plus point for me .when my waiting time was passed , I did not knew . Finally at 7 am organizers came in Play ground and they were visited me very first in drawing condition . I said  you all are late sir . they were accepted late condition. Ha ha .After some  time  they were registered me for LAGAN match but on match time two international tourist were not came for play to cricket then organizer changed my role and added my name in list of International tourist player list . ha

Myself  and Six hitter ,player man of the match of  Lagan Match in
desert festival of Jaisalmer .
When they were doing registration in that time a sports man was taking a virtual test of player by action because there cricket kit was not came on time in play ground . in that test or on my text number I were went on Pitch that sports man told me how to  you hit  six .there no bat or no any ball in   hand of bowler  . that was critical condition or funny too . in that motion I were created a new critical condition  in front of that sports man . I were taken a action , I were acted for demand of middle guard position .after visit my action that sports man asked to me what is this . I said sir I am asking to  you for middle guard position it is right or wrong ?  . he was laughed very much and said me  you selected ..hahaha  there in that movement on pitch no wickets, no bat  and no ball but that sports man was taking test like a cricket coach  and I were coaching  to him as a artist action by demand of middle guard  position .ha

My self is going for bating for our team in Lagan
match of Desert Festival , Jaisalmer 
Over all I were played with my best and I were care to my partner and got self run out for him because he want to play more on pitch. As a bowler I were through two over to Lagan Team captain  City Collector of Jaisalmer and some balls to  co player. I were not gave more run and in last our International tourist team was won to that lagan Match by a good six hitter player.  he was hit six time  six in that match . I were got run out but in fielding,  I were did  run out to lagan Team Player after catch a very fast throw and hit to wickets. that was our victory wicket by me .ha it was  interesting movement of that Lagan match in  desert festival of Jaisalmer .

Food product company Britannia was sponsored to  that lagan Cricket match . they were gifted to all players  food product gift package of Britannia  and dress kit with tag of  Britannia Logo.So I said  That desert festival was  for me a live  performance of art ,culture and sports .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA 

My self In group Photo of Our International Tourist Cricket Team In Ground of Lagan Match of Desert Festival of

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