Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 145


It was my real art work  for social life by this live dialog . I were not created any visual but I were created this dialog after visit to 10 days live visuals of fight for life  in Hospital .

My niece Mr. Mayank Joshi was six months old he was in danger zone by week heath. We were admitted to him in a PVT. Hospital there Doctor was not taking risk for that medical case , so we were shifted to my niece  in main GOVT . Hospital in emergency ward . there I were saw some PG students were presented but  main Doctor was not in Hospital , in that emergency movement .I saw two PG Doctor’s were  trying to control on  that serious condition of small kid. After few minute I were called  to Main Doctor Mr. P.C. Khatri . he said I will not come on   visit in hospital because I am going to Jaipur. That time I were requested  to him with very feeling full words I said  you are god on this earth  your short visit can give life  to patient. Your bus and train will go in night and at present time is 6 pm so please visit  to my niece . he was listened  my request and told me ok I am coming  for  you.

Within 20 minutes he came in emergency ward and he was checked  to my niece and gave some instruction  to his juniors with some medical guide line . I were noticed my niece was on full risk .but I were watching his all condition and action or caring work of PG Doctors . I were observed two PG Doctors were working with full of patience for patients  .

My niece was doing fight to life and I were doing fight to condition . in that case I were not leaved hospital . I were continue  10 days observed to that medical fight for life.

There I saw some very careless doctors and some very serious and carry for others life. Someone were working for medical or someone were working for Degree of doctors.

Dr. P.C. Khatri and PG Doctor I think Priya kour  was gave a new life  to my niece after right medical exercise or for me that was a live exercise  for life and about my art duty . I were not lived  alert only for my niece I were lived  alert there for all kids of emergency ward. In night  I were not sleep there I were watched to my niece condition like watchman. ha ..

Over all after 10 days Doctors was came  in confidence  for my niece life then they were gave  leave  to him from hospital . but his medicine was on. We faced trouble mostly , when he was started weep in weep condition he could not taken ocsigen  ( O2). Without ocsigen his body got hardness and he was Got silent motion .that was major tens matter  for us or  for  Doctors . but after right medical backup my niece was not came back in that bad zone of his health .

I were happy to support of Doctor P.C.Khatri  ji  and  there some PG Doctor s  was feeling light but they were not happy to my activeness or alertness. I  were lived still there like a master on them . but that was must or natural for life care  .

When Doctors gave leave  to  my niece from Hospital , before that movement I were went to market  and I were buy some dairies and then went to home of my senior artist Mr. Murli Manohar K. Mathur  ji , I were told  to him sir please write  a  caption on this dairies . I want to gift it to doctors , because they have cared life of my niece .sir  your hand writing is very nice  so I want  your artistic help  . he said ok I will. Then he was asked  to me what I write , I were gave him a slip in his hand that was a caption for doctors in my hand writing . I were wrote that like a old critical line ( LIKHE KHUDA PADHE MUSHA  ) this critical line  for URDU text critics said its write god (KHUDA ) and it can read only urdu text reader ( MUSHA )  ..haha..

Sir Murli Manohar  K. Mathur was wrote that caption  on first page of that dairies by his very fine hand writing . 

To Doctor ,

“ your patience give life to patient ”

Thanks From

your patient - Mayank Joshi

Master Mayank Joshi busy in art work art workshop
When Sir Murli Manohar k. Mathur was wrote that caption on all dairies , I were packed that dairies by  gift  packing  cover  and  come back very fast  to hospital .

Family were picking  to my niece and I were giving a artistic gift for  thanks in form of diary , some PG Doctors were happy to my art activity and someone not but I were said to them , I were done my duty as a family member it was must  for a kid life and I am thankful  for  you because you have controlled  on that danger zone condition of kid life from  your patience  so its just a thanks by small gift for  you , actually you have gave life to a kid,  this gift is very big from you to our family  . so  take it as a thanks or as a symbol of memory .

After leaved to hospital ,next day  evening we were went at home of Doctor P. C. Khatri and gifted him one diary for his big gift of kid life, after few months Doctor P.C. Khatri  was gifted a oil pastel color box  to my niece after his final medical checkup. Today he is playing , creating art work, designing small play script by himself ,he is joking like a critic over all he is enjoying his gifted life .it was gifted by doctors to him. So I said  to doctors  your patience give life to patient ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA