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Art Vibration - 147

365 DAY’S,

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Text Photography is a new concept to literature from  my art vision . you can laugh on my concept before know the real meaning of this new word or concept .

I am telling to  you about this text photography . one day I were listen to some literature persons  in my city,  they were talking about writing or about Rajasthani language .writer Bhawani Shankar vyas  Vinod  was said , about two senior writers  one was kanhaiyaa Lal Sethiya  and second was yadvendra chandr Sharma  . he said they both were committed  for his writing every day they were wrote 1000 to 2000 words for literature . there to I were got a right concept  of  writing for literature . there writer Bhawani Shankar vyas vinod said to all today we have no committed writer  for Rajasthani language its painful condition for Rajasthani Literature. In that movement I were planned for a commitment for Rajasthani Language writing .

I were came home and thought on that writing talk. I said to myself  I will write Rajasthani . ( Kind  your information Rajasthani language is my Mother tong and Hindi is my grandmother tong and English is my late English King mother language ) . I am not a student of Rajasthani language but I know my City language that is in Rajasthani , my family was gave me that language culture in my home. You can say to that Bikaneri Rajasthani language .ha

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When I were thought about Rajasthani   language writing that time I were planned for 500 words I will write every day . but what I will write that was tens matter , I could not created story or any poem or article and I were not wanted  write that for  my rajasthani writing.  because I am master of Fine Art so as a visual artist what I can give  to Rajasthani , I were thought it . In that thinking movement I were remembered  a lesson of my 9th class , that was a journey of AMARNATH DHAM .writer was wrote that story or thats visuals like a live picture or video . I was 15th  years old when I were read that lesson in my Hindi subject book. I were visualized that all visuals of writer and I were on that live journey I were  feeling it . so that lesson was recalling to me for writing in visual style . I were followed to that visual writing style. You can say my past education was supporting to me for a next writing commitment .

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I were started  first Rajasthani language writing work  from Radio Station of Bikaner, I were went there  for  Interview as a visual artist. I were waiting for my interview  in waiting room , in that room I were observed to room condition and I were noticed that room condition like a photographer and when I were wrote that I were feeling in that first visual or Rajasthani language of myself , that was not a story or any lesson that was a live observation  like a camera photography  .

so I were gave title to my first Rajasthani language  matter. I were not wrote that  text photograph from my pen on paper . I were type that on google transliteration software direct  online in roman Hindi and I were updated that on my facebook page on note box  With title text photography . that was very critical but true text photo by me on condition of waiting room of Radio station.

After that first text photo image I were not stop to myself . I were lived busy continue 365 day’s  for my text photography . it was a live journey of myself through Rajasthani language writing. I were wrote lots of visuals of my city with lots of subjects , in that subject I were wrote to labor, animal , farmer, traffic polic, literature event , some social festivals. Fairs , poetry function , NGO activity, schools activity, road condition, nature and environment , temples , shop keepers , market , Bikaneri food , culture and much more every day one text photo with 500 to 1000 words . I were wrote after visit a live seen of my city parts.

I were shoot this picture from World Tourism day in my city ,
 i used it for text image indication 
After updated  to  that text photo I were got lots of comment from online readers of Bikaner or out of INDIA ( Rajasthani  Reader or Some Hindi Reader ) . you can say that was  my live success of commitment of Rajasthani Writing . in that writing many time I were faced problem of connectivity , power off, self illness , family work or time disturbance but I were lucky god and time was supported me after my hard test in that committed writing work . kind  your information our national literature Academies and some senior writers were read it and accepted  my writing exercise and that’s title . Many readers told me when they  were reading  my  text image in that movement they were feeling it if they  were presented there . it was very big compliment for my writing and I can touched the level  of writer of my 9th class  Hindi book lesson AMARNATH KI YAATRA  . I were completed my Rajasthani Journey ( Yaatra ) In 365 days without any time brake.

I were shoot this picture from World Tourism day in my city ,
 i used it for text image indication .
 By that writing of Rajasthani or that’s update + new concept of Writing by a painter to literature it  was making a writer image of myself  in mid of my nation writer’s  , they could  knew my writing skill or that’s commitment sound.

But in this journey I were faced a very critical or painful movement . when I were completed 200 text photography writing work I were subimited my book layout to Rajasthyani Bhasha  Sahitya awam sanscrity Academy  Bikaner, Rajasthan . they were invited book layout to youth writers of State or Rajasthani writers. So I were submitted my text photography with 200 text image. They were not accepted to Rajasthani book layout because that was not a story or poem book , that was not in academic Rajasthani language  ,but in my city we speak that Rajasthani in all home of Bikaner. By that rejection of my text photography book I were not upset . I were  continue and on 365 day I were wrote a last text photo image in Rajasthani and I think that was my last writing note in Rajasthani language.ha.and I said why I write Rajasthani ……..?

But on online facebook .com page was gave me full space with international level ,there my 365 text photo image is save like a E book or on that network 10,000 something people have read and registered his or her comment . it is a real feedback  to my Rajasthani  language writing  Text photography or to my writing commitment .

Here I want to share  with you my 365 text photo images  link for  your reading and  you can visit or read it through  ( it was my first Text photo image link )

( It was My 365 day’s text photo image link. National Literature Academy  and Mukti society  Bikaner were  posted  me a invitation of Rajasthani language event  in Rajasthani language . it was  my real success of Rajasthani writing . it was last  text photo by me  to Rajasthani literature  .  ) 

Image from Google Image  for indication of text Photography in Rajasthani Languaage. 

I hope  you will notice  my writing commitment and concept of text photography after read to my text image in Rajasthani language. Because in  365 day’s I were committed for Text photography ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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