Sunday, July 07, 2013

Art Vibration - 142


Left Side my edited picture view of  Rampuriya Haveli  , Right Side original  View of Rampuriya Haveli , Photo by Myself 

Friends we know challenge is live with us like a shadow of our self , every time in our life .We are face to that challenge by our self knowledge or patience . some time our knowledge and patience support  to us or some time not . but we are living continue with our self challenge of life. We know its creation of our time and condition  or some time our people connections . it is fact of human life  we can’t leave to this challenge and we can’t live without this challenge condition of our life. .

I am saying it because  I am facing it continue in my art journey to last 20 years. Every day a new challenge  for creation or for life movement . As a committed artist  I can not go back to this challenge condition so I have only one way that is acceptation of live challenge of art condition. In this 20 years I have faced lots of different‘s challenges about visual art and that’s creation. But here I want to share  with  you only my digital art challenge condition.

In 2003 I were started  my digital art and photography Studio  in my Home town  Bikaner, from my studio I were started digital art work for social income . that was very complicated  and challenging job  for me .but I were done that continue 7th year from my art studio . In that digital art job  time I were shoot lots of picture s and I were done lots of digital editing work with full challenge , I were decorated to a very simple family girl in look like a queen of nation. I did edited some very old photographs and gave natural picture look by digital editing  work, I were colored lots of  B&W  Pictures   in color with natural look . that was full challenge  for me and by blessing of art I could edited very well to that pictures from my art studio job.
But that Editing work was just  for social art work or that was for society on society demand . that was not my creation work in  digital editing .

As A Visual artist I were shoot many off bit pictures of my city in free time of myself . in that case I were shoot some pictures of our historical building of Bikaner.  We are calling to that building RAMPURIYA HAVELIES . we have a very popular historical street of Rampuriya Havelies In Bikaner. So I were shoot a picture of that street with a fine view of Rampuriya Haveli , but there a electric pole and that’s wires is disturbing that’s artistic look . so I were accepted a challenge about that picture . I were edited to that picture and by digital photoshop software I were removed some unwanted elements of that street view from that picture , I were gave 48 hours to that picture  in a one week and then I could  edited to that picture with some new look  . that was my real  photo editing challenge and I could completed  that by my patience or practice of photo editing.

After that photo editing challenge I were accepted a one more challenge in this year 2013 , my online senior  friend , Editor of Jansatta News Paper and  freelancer  writer   Mr. Om Thanvi Ji was updated his profile  image on his facebook page . that picture was his young age picture.  he is liking his young age look ( because he was a actor of theater art ) so he was updated that picture on his profile page of facebook network. I saw a other photo editor was edited to that picture but in my view that picture was needed some more editing work for better look .

1.Original Picture of  Mr. Om Thanvi Ji , 2 Edited by Other Editor , 3  My editing work on Picture of Mr. Om  Thanvi ji 

I were saved that image  in my pc data and then accepted a new challenge for photo editing . I were shared my 5 hours on that picture  for reediting . by luck I could edited some more better because that picture was wanted that editing work Itself  . in that editing work  I were faced a error problem very first in that photo image , second that file was not in JPG format so all tool of Photoshop was not working on that file , I were edited that picture by very limited  tool of photoshop , step by step. That picture was lost some part of face like half lip, and one side part of nose . a one picture was gave me many challenges  in a one time but  by patience of myself , finally I were done that photo editing after accepted to that  live photo editing challenge. Ha 

Here today I want to share  with  you that challenging digital art work exercise for  your visit , I sure after visit it  you will accept my talk about photo editing because I accept challenge of photo editing .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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