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Art Vibration - 140


Architect Joyced Plath  USA In Exhibition of My Junior
Art Master  Suresh Jangir At Samanvai Art Gallery Jaipur .
photo by  yogendra kumar purohit 
Some time  yourself commitment give you very different type condition in life. In that movement  you can’t go back and you can’t leave to  yourself commitment  boundary . can  you do it , in  yourself commitment   condition ?. but I could not and I can’t .

Yes its true of myself  committed art life.  In that case  one day I were got a very different condition for  my art journey . that was not a call of visual art or any creation work . that was call of  my junior art master Mr. Suresh Jangid. He was called me on my mobile and told me , Big brother  I want to your help for  my village visit project . he was  faculty in a architect Institute of Jaipur , his collage comity was gave him a big project  with two international  senior lady  architect of America . he told me we will visit  to  our Rajasthan village in 15th days  and in this 15th   days we will come Bikaner  for two days , in that two days we will want  your help for Bikaner village visit.

As a senior I were accepted his feeling full request , because I know artist is a big emotional black mailer or my all junior are always  do it  with me because   they know I am loving to them . ha

A Senior Villager giving  demo to Architect Joyce Plath  USA  about
manual design  texture on wall plaster .
Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
After two day Suresh was called me again but that call from my city Bikaner, he was stayed in a hotel with five  member team . he was invited me at hotel  and I were joined  to him in next hour at city hotel.
I saw there suresh  was still waiting of myself  with  his team. In his team I were met to Architect Joyce Plath and her assistant architect and professor Janette Heartwood, and other person . Suresh told to  Ar. Joyce , we will visit village architectural structure  with my senior  art master yogendra kumar purohit . then Ar. Joyce was explained to me her subject and  village  visit aim . in very short as a professional architect . I were liked her talking way . I said ok , I will come with  you.

hand made wall design .
Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
Suresh  was came Bikaner  by jeep . that was tour agency jeep. In that project they have planned par day run with fix kilo miters  through  that Jeep on village roads . first day i were guided  to driver  for way of KATRIYASAR village , that is 50 to 60 KM far to Bikaner. Ar. Joyce was enjoying to that tour and visit , she was documenting to that visit  by her hand note and by photography . she was observing  village home design and that’s basic structure or construction medium . she was surprising  after visit to hut and home design of village , she was noticed there no any educated architect but they have constructed very strong home by perfect architectural structure through dust and wood.

Traditional Architect Design  in Rajasthan .
Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
She were asking some questions to villagers about home design and that’s construction  , she got some interesting answer , villages said we learn it from our seniors or our late family members , we learned it in our child hood age when our family member was created our home after rain weather , because in rain our home get melt by rain water .

Joyce was noticed medium of that village home , dry grass , cow dung , water, red and white clay , normal clay, some bamboo and ropes in Rajasthani language we have  different name of this medium. ( Ghass, mud,rati miti , dholi miti, bhim , khinp, dori  , jhad , jhonfa , musal  , lath , etc. )

A cultured  lady is decorating her home by wall painting
Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
Second day we were went to village LUNKARANSAR , it is very far to Bikaner. But there Ar. Joyce was enjoying her documentation work very well . she was happy after visited  to lots of designed  home in a one village . really that village was very artistic  and decorated village  by wall painting . she was noticed  women’s of village are decorating her home by blue color design ,.that women was very cultured .she had covered her face by her Dupta and she was busy in wall painting of her home  wall . on other home Ar. Joyse  was visited  a senior man was working  for home reconstruction by clay and cow dung mixture . you can say he was doing plaster on wall by traditional medium of wall plaster for traditional village home .

A Traditional Hut in Rajasthan village.
 Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
In that two days visit I saw a senior international architect was completely busy in her work  for her village architect   design study project . I were learn something  from her dedication of work  and I were  happy by my commitment  if  I could help to them. And then they can do work very well by artistic style , because I were caring to them from villagers by my art nature or communication . that time I am ,  a art master was a guide , a guard or a promoter plus supporter  of  international senior Architect or my junior Suresh.

A very traditional  Show cash of a village home of Rajasthan  its crafted  by
cow dung and white clay .Photo by architect and professor Janette Heartwood,
That was  my true contribution to creation field as a world art family member , I were not taken any charge or etc,  on that project or on architect institute of My Junior  Suresh , Second day evening  the  last day of  village visit Project of Bikaner  was end ,  I were said good bye to Architect  Joyce ,( Kind  your information  today Architect  Joyce Plath is connect  with me as a friend  on online network facebook  ) there  I  were taken food on a one table with  my Junior  art master Suresh Jangid and his life partner ( Msr. Sonika she is also my Junior )  After food , I said good bye to my Junior Art Master Suresh Jangid  and came back to  home .. in mid way of my home I were thought “ two day  I were gave to international architect ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


richard kushinsky said...

sounds like you were able to assist them in a positive manner, did they ever publish anything about their findings? very interestin


sonika sharma is name of suresh jangid's life partner....plz correct

yogendra kumar purohit said...

Thanks Surender , for your knowledge of friends wife names..keep it up.