Thursday, July 04, 2013

Art Vibration - 139


It is a surprising talk . a Computer  Engineer on flute , how  to it is possible ? I were thought it when  I knew about this live condition in my art journey. One day I were went on computer engineer workshop . that’s name is professional computer center, Bikaner,  Kind  your information  I have started  my Digital  Studio job and online  communication by computer of this center .  you can say professional computer  center was  my first guide about  study of technology. There  in workshop  room I saw my friend  and computer engineer Mr. Ravi Sharma was busy in exercise  of music compassion on flute 
I were not disturb to him and listened his fine music exercise , that was not perfect presentation of him but he was in true exercise work of flute music compassion.When I said to him , Mr. Engineer  you are a good music composer after  your engineering job of computer hardwayer. He said very simply no no , I am just trying for music by flute  . he said  flute  master Hari Prasad Chourasiya ji is my ideal  in flute music composer .  in same time he was shared a video on youtube with me , in that video  I saw a senior flute music composer  was creating  flute by his hand to  bamboo .

In next movement he was expressed a big flute that was bamboo flute , Mr. Ravi Sharma was created that flute by his hand . that was a artistic sound in him and I were observed  a true artist in Ravi Sharma .There we were forgot  to our computer  job and that’s fault and we both were enjoying to music of flute . some time Ravi was created  some tune on his flute and some international flute music we were listened on In same time Mr. Ravi  said  to me I want to buy a nice flute but I don’t know where  to  I buy . then I were suggested him a name of Shop, that was sports medium shop . ha.ha

After that art and engineering communication  I were coming back  at my home , in mid way I saw  to shop of sports medium , I were stop to myself and I were asked to shop keeper  about flute . he said yes I have flute . then I were buy a flute from that shop and went again at professional computer center . I were submitted that flute  to Mr. Ravi  and said  you will do exercise  on it for fine tune of flute music.  He was happy by my surprising action of art. Ha .

After that movement of art. One day  I were searched  to Mr. Ravi  On online he was on orkut .com network . I were joined  to him on online . and I were got his birthday  date from his orkut  profile page. On his birthday  date 1-8-1982 , I were planned for a art gift to Mr. Ravi . I were searched  a music instruments shop in my city and by good luck  I were founded to  Shop Music Sagar . there I were saw many flutes  in different size and medium  some in bamboo and some in fiber .

 There  to I were buy a fine flute and packed to that flute in gift packing. Then went to professional computer center . I were called  to Mr. Ravi and submitted  a gift  in hand of Him with birthday wish sound . he was very happy and watching to that gift , he was asked me what is in , I said  you think , its  yours ,  my friend  and your art sound need it for  you. He said I think its flute .ha

He was opened that gift and got his real tool for inner art sound . there he was leaved again his job work and created  some more new music tune on that flute . he was very surprising by me on his birthday . he was not imagined about that art gift by me without any information , I think that was my true surprising gift  to a true artist of my nation.

After some month Mr. Ravi was posted  a link to me on my orkut network ( today I am not on )  that was a video link of .i were clicked  on his posted link and I saw  a live presentation of flute music by Mr. Ravi Sharma .he was composed a tune of our national anthem  Jan Gan Man…

Here I want to share  with  you his video link for  your visit and listen  . In this video  Mr. Ravi is not speaking  but his inner art sound  is saying  about true art to listener  by music of flute and tune of Our National Anthem .by this video link   you can know my right angle and view about this post  , computer engineer on Flute .  

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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