Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Vibration - 149


Layout of Sweet box Design for BC 
When I were teaching visual  art to two MBA students of My city .they both were girls,  her father was a sweet and namkin food product businessman of Bikaner. One day I were taking class of my art students  , he was came near myself and asked  to me about design and printing . he was showed some printed paper that was design of sweet box cover . we know business persons  always use  to free space in business  for benefits . so they are doing publicity by cover of sweet box  for business of sweets and namkin .

In advertising field designer is creating campaign for business publicity of any product.  They are creating many items with one design  for business publicity in form of campaign  like  logo design, publicity design, poster design, carry bag design, box design ,paper weight design , diary design and many more designs  .they all come in a one word campaign.

 So Mr. Navratan Agarwal businessman of Bikaner namkin and sweet  was wanted  to me some help and design for his sweet and namkin business publicity. Like a campaign  . he told me I want some design for  my sweet box can  you create with Rajasthani culture  concept ? I were said to him yes I will do some exercise  for  your sweet box design. But I will not accept any other idea of yours in that design work.  First I will create some design layout and then I will share  with  you , may be we can change some but I will design by my own idea . he said ok  , but before his ok he was shared  with me some box design in different size or in different designs  .i said I will create very fresh design by my own idea I will not follow to this old design  format .

Layout of Sweet box Design for BC 
After listen  my hard word  for new design he asked to me how to  you will create new design for sweet box . then I were explained  to him , first I will shoot some picture of  your special sweets  in form of fine presentation in ball or in plate .After photography I will edit to that pictures and then create some design for your sweet box in Rajasthani cultural design format.

It was very new exercise for me but I were confident for my exercise because challenge always give me new way for creation.  So I were shoot some picture of sweets from his sweets  factory .

I were shoots many angle of sweets plates and boll‘s that sweets were specially decorated for my designing work . I were got very simple picture by very smile photography.  I were not showed any drama like a very  professional photographer so he was very surprising to my simple art nature .

After photography I were started some design work on my computer by photoshop software .  I were created some design of rajasthani folk art drawing ( we are calling to that MANDNA )by my hand drawing  and I were used some ideal  picture of  Rajasthani culture , like a desert man, Camle  , City fort image and some folk dancer image. You can say that was my row material for a new campaign of food product company .

First I were created three layout of sweet box design. It was came out with fresh color and design by me . I were got print of that layout and shared  with Mr. Navratan Agarwal . he saw that design layout and felt happy . because I have done exercise on his talk without any charge . he was happy after see my art dedication and art nature or that’s result was naturally good  .

Layout of Sweet box Design for BC 
But in a movement he was thought about his cast community or that’s commitment  . as a businessman  he said very clear  to me your design is very fine but we are committed  to our cast member , he have designer , printing machine and craft man of sweet box . so at present we can’t  use  your design but in future we will call to  you . I said ok you follow  your commitment I will follow to  my commitment for art exercise .

I were not felt hurt by that condition because that art exercise was gave me a new step of designing work . I were proved what I can for business publicity  in form of campaign design . I were showed it a  good design work want patience and simplicity not drama or any extra  advance activity . after that  as a honest artist I were not used that design format for other person that is save in my pc data and here I want to share  with  you that design  layout  for your visit . by that design  you can know to trade of that business community . that  business community father was started Bikaneri Bhujiya and sweets  business very first and today that business is very first in namkin and sweets  business of our nation.  It was a good   luck   for me if that community were gave me  a exercise chance about  a campaign design for Bikaneri sweet box .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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