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Art Vibration - 136


Badal Mahal Of Junagarh Fort Bikaner, its in giving rainy Environmental feeling always.

Here I want to share a right symbol of painting. Yes,  our city fort is a real symbol of painting . our city history is 525 years old,  but here  you can see painting in gold . In this fort you can see every where paintings on walls  that is design format of Mugal and Traditional Rajasthani painting mixture . painting on wall and on doors of fort . In this fort artist and designer was created environmental painting  for feeling of environment in different  environment of nature.

Myself Busy in Creation of painting on packing sheet 
 For Example I want to share  with  you a picture of that fort room , that room name is BADAL MAHAL  it mean room of clouds. Inside of that room designer and painter was painted walls of that room in sky blue color with form of clouds . when we enter in Badal Mahal  in that movement that room environment is giving some cold feeling  to eyes and mind  in summer environment . it was a  magic of painters .

Here In Bikaner A very great art master H . K. Mullar  was painted lots of paintings in this fort  for MAHARAJA of Bikaner . that historical paintings is exhibit  in Junagarh fort . Today that paintings and traditional wall paintings are inspiring  to visitors and art researchers .

painting is under creation  by oil pastel color 
 In my view our city Fort Junagarh is a symbol of paintings ,because when I think about traditional art and craft work,  our city fort Junagarh is coming very first in  my view ,as a symbol of art. By luck i am master in painting so I can say it with full confidence  because I have read it in my art history .

Today In my real art journey this fort have  very special role . because I have started  my national level art expression by first national  painting camp from junagarh fort . that was organized in Junagarh Fort with title KALA KUMBHA 2003 . After that art camp I were exhibited  my drawing exhibition in that fort , that drawing work I were created from  some part of junagarh fort.

painting on packing sheet by oil pastel, i were created  this different art work in  art camp of  Junagarh fort. Bikaner.

painting on packing sheet paper .
Our Bikaner  Late   Maharaja Karni Shingh Ji was also a great contemporary artist , he was painted many experimental work on canvas  by oil color or by simple black ink. It is a bad sound  for him because his art work was not registered  in our INDIAN art History . May be some art historian  will add his art work  for our INDIAN Art History . it is very must to for contemporary art  .may be time will notice his true art work .
I am remembering to day of Birthday of Maharaja late Karni shingh ji , in Junagarh fort I were participated  in a art workshop that was organized by  Princess  Shidhi  Kumari  ( M.L. A.  East - Bikaner ) granddaughter of Maharaja late karni shingh ji . I were invited in that camp as a youth artist  and I saw there lots of school kids and some other  youth artists of my city were  presented  for that art workshop . we were created painting in art gallery hall of Junagarh fort .

When I were creating painting in hall of junagarh  fort that time I were giving respect  to our king family and respect  to vision of our late MAHARAJA’S and respect  to our historical traditional art history  of Junagarh or Bikaner. I were giving respect  to late un none painters of Bikaner . by that art camp Junagarh was again converted in symbol of painting . but there all  artists were busy in contemporary painting .  I were done there some experimental work like our Maharaja late karni shingh ji . I were created a painting by oil pastel color on packing paper sheet .i were created canvas to packing paper  for painting. That was critical art action by me for visual art from place of symbol of painting ,Junagarh fort.

A drawing of ant on canvas by me 
After that experimental art work I were created a landscape of a part of  junagarh fort , that was in water color on hand made sheet , you can say that art work was very academic art work by me . a complete study work of landscape . on a other white canvas  I were draw a ant and my sign only ..ha

Here I want to share  that   painting workshop visual  for  your visit . because that was  my true art exercise with critical view . 

landscape of part of Junagrh Fort Bikaner., i were created  it   .
There camp organizer was gave a task to all  youth artist , in that task they were gave canvas and oil color to all artists and said  you will create a portrait of MAHARAJA late karni shingh ji , they were display some photo portrait of MAHARAJA  Late Karni shingh ji  in front of artists .  that was competition for all artists. I were created a portrait of MAHARAJA Late Karni Shingh  ji but I were not participated  in that competition , because I were not in practice of portrait and I were not liked  competition  in art that dislike is with me today  and it will live continue  in this art journey.

But in that art task I were noticed organizer wanted  to search a true artist from that artists of art camp . They were founded  a youth artist and then our Hon’ble  Rajmata sahib was gifted a prize to junior artist of our city . in that  art activity our hon’ble Rajmata sahib was followed to her family culture or action of art promotion .

After saw that live art promotion action .  you tell me how to I stop to myself  for saying it ,  painting symbol of Junagarh Fort Bikaner.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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