Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 135


Director of RAMA hotel , Jaipur  Mr. Babu Lal ji  Modi is in rest mood  and  his committed worker  in red shirt,  he is
listening his work order in   Bikaneri style ,  . for me he is like  Big brother of  My father  , its  true  .

Yes , it  is a real truth  of  my art journey. When  I were went to Jaipur  for  my  master of art education . in that time I were lived in a rental room of  my artist friend or my master class mate . there I were planed  I will not waist my art education time in cooking . I will live busy in art study  with full dedication without any other activity . in that movement  in my vision art education was very must  food was not .you can say to me I was crazy about  my art master. But my friend art master Sohan Singh Jakhar  was very cool in his life because he was busy in art job as a faculty in a institute and master education was a degree collection work  for him.  So after one or two month he said me very clear yogendra I can’t live with  you in this room.  so you search other place  for  your stay . that was very hard word from a very close friend  but I were too much hard for  my art . I said  to him ok I will leave  your room.  In a one or two week .

There I were used  my mind like a army man and I were taken a fast action and I did final,  I will live in hotel  and then I will search a room a rental room near my art collage .

In Jaipur our Bikaneri person Mr. Babul al ji Modi have a own rest house for people . he is giving place  to stay in his rest house . his rest house name is RAMA HOTEL , here in My city His Father Mr. RAM JI MODI was selling  pure cow milk and some sweet of Cow milk  like RABDI , MALAI, MAVA BARFI and etc.  he was very famous person of our city because he was 100 % pure character of my city . today his son’s Hari ram , Prabhu Dayal Makhecha is  maintaining his milk shop and our 50 % city people’s are buying  milk from RAM JI KI DUKAAN . we are also buy his shop milk for our home use. RAM JI family was knowing to  my Late Grandfather  Munim Bulaki Das Ji Purohit  so Mr. Babu Lal ji was gave me space in his RAMA HOTEL in Jaipur .

There I were got a real home  for some time with Bikaneri environment  .i were every day met to some bikaneri people at there some senior and some junior and some school friends so I were not feeling there alone after collage .

I were stay there three month  continue with very limited  life activity  . I were only  reading  my art books in night there I were leaved  to bad at 5 am and that hotel environment was created a good habit in myself  for morning walk in Jaipur . there I could not paint but there I were got lots of matter for painting or for my sketching . when I were creating sketch in RAMA Hotel in that movement many other people were visiting  my art exercise  and I were explaining  there about visual art  , that was  my live  art work  for visual art education . I were sharing   my art vision with people in RAMA HOTEL .

Mr. Babu Lal Ji Modi always noticed  me and  my activity of art and study , like a big member of my family . every day he asked  to me about  my food in Bikaneri language .he was  giving me family environment and he was observing  my craziness about art master education . he was caring  my lockup and cloth but he was always said  to me  you care  your all object we are not responsible for miss laps  of that . he was living very hard when he was following  his hotel rule  in that movement he was getting a right business man character in his self . he was not getting emotional in his business . that was also a big lesson for me about  my art education I were used  that in  my art master study .

There I were invested every day 80 rupees for art education , and in that case I were try to full use of  my time and money as a professional . I were learned  much more from that three month of RAMA HOTEL .
There to I were learn how to design patience , how to live silent , how to get right place in life, how to live alert , how to get activeness and some more it is a big list  of  my learning point from there .

After three Month I were got a rental room near my art collage so I were leaved  to RAMA hotel . when I were leaving to RAMA hotel That time Mr. Babu Lal ji got Some emotional . I saw first time emotional condition of him in that three month , he asked to me why  you are going to here  Purohit  ji Maharaj ?  I were reply to him I will not want to create more tens  for  you at here  so I am leaving this place  and I got a room on rent near  my art collage  so I will save  my art time for more art study . so I am leaving  your service and  your love  too. He was putted his hand on my head and then I were leaved  his family environmental  bikaneri hotel or rest house.  I can’t forget to that struggle time of my art master  education . there friend was went far to me ,  in that movement a Hotel director was cared  my motion of art education in Jaipur City . so I said a hotel was my home in time of my art education.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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