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Art Vibration - 128


Sant Shri Somgiri Ji Maharaj  Visiting Exhibition of RAMTA DRAG at JKK.
Yes it is fact of that. I am saying about a art exhibition of Jawahar Kala Kendra  Jaipur . that was a group show  of youth artist of Rajasthan. That’s Title was in HINDI “ RAMTA DRAG ” its mean a bird is enjoying  to itself in large space of Sky . I were noticed  this title was fit on that exhibition  artists  all were enjoying  to his or her inner art sound on canvas space . here canvas space mean is large vision of creative  thinking.

I saw there photographer was exhibited his paintings , a painter was  exhibited  his poem on canvas , and a poet was exhibited his photography work. I saw there all art work was in black and white shades or few work in colors .

A comment in URDU Language  by Muslim  Girl  for
RAMTA DRAG Art Exhibition  at JKK .
I were noticed in that art exhibition  A artist of Australia Mr. Daniel was exhibited his big portrait work . as a artist friend I were helped him  for his display . in his art work I saw complete freedom without any boundary .there  I were noticed My artist Friend Cum Big Brother Himanshu Vyas , he is a great  photographer but in that art exhibition he was exhibited his fresh paintings , before that exhibition I were many time requested  to him for painting so he was exhibited  his painting work . after visit his painting work I said  to him Prabhu  Chitra  aap se bahar aagaye hai , painting is come out from  you. So thank  you.

Artist Apra Thanvi  Purohit ( My Little aunty ) was also exhibited her creative  work  in that art exhibition and I were there as a committed artist  with my art , you can say I was only one person at there with  my art boundary . ha it was critical but it was fact of my art  time at there. Ha

artist  Ajay Mishra My junior art master  was exhibited  his colorful building paintings and drawings and one other Artist ………….. was exhibited  his art and poetry works in that art exhibition .

Malty art master  Himanshu Vyas Busy In writing  to Poetry  on canvas
 for exhibition of RAMTA DRAG  at JKK. 
it is about art , there I saw no boundary in art work presentation and that’s expression.

After that  I were noticed  a other view about no boundary . it was from visitor side . I saw there a SANT SHRI SOMGIRI JI MKAHARAJ ,( BIKANER ) was came to  visit  that creative art exhibition , I were saw he was observing to all artists work and thats work and exhibition concept as a art critic . he did taken a live test of art knowledge of each one artists in that art exhibition . there I saw a SANT was broken boundary of his self or may be he was teaching the right meaning of No boundary for  art and art visitors .That Sant Was Hindu .

Writer Dr. Nand Kishor Achary  Finance Adviser of PM  Comity of INDIA
Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas and Editor Mr. Rajendra  Boda at RAMTA DRAG .
On same day I were noticed  a young girl was visited that art exhibition and after visit that art work she was demanded  to me  charcoal stick for write a comment on visitor book . I was not a part of that art exhibition but she was demanded to me charcoal stick . she was broken boundary of visitor  but as a committed artist I were searched charcoal stick for her  and by luck I did founded charcoal for her from  my artist friend Daniel . when I were submitted charcoal in hand of that girl she was wrote  some URDU words in visitor book by that charcoal  stick. She was MUSLIM girl .her name I think Tabeena, she  was wrote her name in visitor book . and I were shoot her comment as a art documentation of myself.

Writer Dr. Nand Kishor Achary launching catalog of Ramta Drag 
I were noticed there our national level Hindi Writer Dr. NandKishor Achary  was inaugurated that visual art exhibition with a news paper Editor  Mr. Rajendra  Boda . As a painter I was there and  some more junior artists were  presented there as a visitor .

So I can say I saw there no boundary for  art visitors because I were noticed  a Sant HINDU , A Reporter Muslim Young Girl , A national level Hindi  Writer  and a Editor too. They all were came in that art exhibition after cross to Boundary of his or her self field boundary . they all were very up to all kind of boundary then they were there with boundary less artists of my nation .

Editor Mr. Rajendra Boda  Inaugurated To Ramta Drag Art Exhibition at JKK. 

I can say RAMTA DRAG art exhibition was a right definition of boundary less art vision there no boundary for art and art visitors.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful article and so very true. Just a small way we can all exhibit out talents or come and view the talents of others to make our world smaller and more lovingly together.