Saturday, June 15, 2013

Art Vibration - 122


Logo Design of  S S P S 
 We know visual art is a symbolic language . we are reading it by our eyes it is a visual language for us about our communication. This language want open eyes its not making sound but we can read to it by silent eyes reading  process . This Language was started  in rock culture time .we can say they were creator of this first language  on this earth. that  past  time to till today we are following  and using to that visual language  for our daily life . we are using it  for our identity in many sectors  of life. So it is very must  and important language  for us. Because this language  teach to any one itself , its not want any institute for teaching .

By luck I have learned and observed to this language for my life design  And I got academic education about this language  by art institute ..haha. Last 20 years to continue  I am busy and this busy condition is giving me a identity of a art master .

As a Art Master I am receiving every day many call from  my art family or friends , they always want to me some creative  work for them . some time I accept or some time not but mostly I am accept request of  my close friends or others art family members . because its  my duty  for visual language promotion.

In that art promotion work  I have done some ideal work  for our society . it was a identity level art work  for societies . in that societies schools, social worker societies or some more NGO or Media societies.

Logo Design for MJP School 
Here I want to share  with you my three ideal work .it is logo Design for education or social worker. My school friend Dr. Namami Shankar Achary is a director of his own children School .he is operating his school in a small village and he is teaching to village kids . he is giving education to village culture for more strong village culture.  One day he told me about his school news and in same time he was demanded  to me a LOGO  for his School Identity or registration Symbol.

So I were created  a school logo for his school SANT SANI NATH PUBLIC SCHOOL .Village Shree Ram SAR. Bikaner, it was a social work by me for  my friend school Identity , I were not taken any charge for that ideal work .

After that I were received a other call from a online friend Mr. ANAND PUROHIT , he is also managing a school in village of  NAGOUR DISTIC . his School name is MAHARSHI JANARDHAN  GIRI PUSHTIKAR VIDHYALAY .he was asked  to me about a logo design , so I were created  a B&W Logo design  for his School Identity .he is very advance so he was used that logo design as a campaign , on online he was created a page for his school with logo design his page link is here. For  your notice.

. Today  I were came in studio for my art work in that movement  my younger cousin brother was came at studio . Mr. Anu Purohit . he told me Bhaiya ( Big Brother )  I want to logo design from you about our social work society . because our society have completed 25 years so this year is our Silver Jubilee year and we want a logo for our right identity or  you know identity of a society is logo Design its very must  for us so please  you create a ideal design  for us . he said we are working on none commercial track so we will not pay to  you we will take  your service for our  social worker  society.

Logo Design for Shir Navyuvak Ramdev Seva Samiti . 
I were listen his word and then I were started a design work  for him . because they are really giving service to human life without any charge . Actually this society is giving food and medical service to Walker ( Padyaatri ) of Religions .people walk 200 KM something  for pray to god , they are complete this walk journey by 8 to 9 days  in this days some social worker societies is  support to them by food and medical service on the way of walk journey of peoples. It is a big work for humanity , they are care to life by free service .so I were gave  my free service  for identity of that social  worker society .thats name is SHREE NAVYUVAK RAMDEV SEVA SAMITY , Bikaner.

 I were designed  a concept about silver jubilee of that society .i were selected a image  of Silver coin  and then edited  text or Image of Folk God Ramdev Peer ji on that coin image . Over all in two hours I were created  a silver coin effect design in form of Logo . he was liked that so I were submitted  him in his pen card data store . His social worker  society is very advance they have a blog page on online  for exhibition or promotion of social  work.  I saw that page so here I want to share  with  you that page link  for  your visit .  I hope  you will support to them as a human life care person.

here you can visit  my social art work by visual language for identity of others .so I said,  ideal work for social societies.

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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