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Art Vibration - 116

UP TO 15,000

I were created this title for  Academy of Rajasthani
Language ,literature and culture and then shoot it by
 still roll  camera for my art documentation .
You can think what is this ?  but  you can’t idea about it . Think what is this ? yes what is this ? so my friends I want to tell  you this is  my  Still  Photography  art  journey  record . I have started  my academic art journey  In 1994 . that time I were knew  about artist journey rule . A true artist journey  want  right tool for a long journey . it is like Everest Hill  climbing . There you can’t climbing without right tool and without tool you can‘t  start  that journey .Because that is very risky and there a climber climb alone. In art Journey a artist is following that same way or rule but here in art ,artist use art tool  for creation or that’s documentation .

So I were started  my art Journey with art tool . in that tools  I were buy many types art mediums and a still camera that was cosina still camera of roll. By that still camera  I have shoot lots of rolls with ISO 100 to 800.  1994 to till 2001 I were shoot many landscape, my own painting visuals or some friends art work visuals and on holy day I were shoot some side seen of our nation city with family. By that still camera I got a challenging picture and then I were converted  that in painting here on this art vibration last post  I have shared  with  you that painting with a title ,when I was in shimla.

Holi festival dry colour in my  view.
In 2002 -03 I were buy a new camera in format of digital that name is coolpix 4500 Nikon . it was a very small moveable camera so by that camera  I were shoot lots  of pictures. That was  my documentation level art work .in that art work shooting  I were shoot many art fair, art camps. Social art event, literature events , theater and drama , some biographical photography ,landscape , some offbeat pictures and some historical elements or many more art movement of  my true art Journey . I can’t explain to  you that all movement and that’s name at here because that is very big list of my Photography subject.

A play of Budha,  i were shoot it from Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur.
2003 to 2007 I were converted to myself  as a digital  Photo worker .it was  my side education after master education .but in my masters education I have used  this art tool many time and by this tool I have done complete documentation of  my master education . Actually camera was   my time register past  to today . by this camera I have captured to International artists of my  nation or out of my nation .in same time or after master education I were done a two month job  for a press  as a press photographer there I have shoot many shades of life in 3000 something  visuals  in two month . but that was not  my choice that was work on consignment . but I did documentation work for press . there they did not cared  to artist so I were leaved to that press job and came back on my art journey.

A bird in my view  from  my studio entrance  gate .

performing art with fire dance i were captured it from Open theater of JKK.
After 2007  I were buy a new Digital camera Nikon D70s  that time Nikon D70s Camera  was very costly for me but I did taken a big risk for big art journey . in three year I did worked  at My own studio  for market photography ( kind  your information I have not added that digital photo work counting  in this  art documentation  work  because that was for market not for my art but I did shoot for  my camera cost recovery. ) I am happy by that market work I could recollected Nikon D 70 S camera cost.

In 2010 1st January I were off job work photography from  my studio , because there to my art wanted  to me my full art time , art dedication or my full mind concentration . so once again  my true art pulled me in field of art . 2010 to till 2013 I have shoot mostly my own art work because I have completed 1500 something  art work  in this two years at my art studio .

Art Critic Mr. Radheshyam Tiwari  in wainting of art exhibition opening ,
i shoot his light mood from Coffee House of JKK Jaipur .
Today I got a idea about counting  to all visuals of myself  photography . then I were searched in my data records and I did found  a very surprising result from my photo data  for share  with  you by this art vibration post. You know as a data register record I have shoot up to 15,000 something art visuals ( artists  to art works  , critics to critical art works ) in this 20 years of my art Journey camera was lived with me just like my shadow .when I am taking camera in my hand grip that time I am feeling like a army man and my shooting motion is convert in army firing action it is true because many other good photographers were  said to me this comments about  my Photography work  action.

P.M. of  INDIA Sir Manmohan Singh  Ji , i were shoot his open meeting  stage
from common men gallery of Maharaja karni singh Stadium , Bikaner,
Actually I have knew how to use any tool of art for a complete art visual . first  go in your consciousness .get alertness , focus on object ,observe to condition and that’s impression for right visual and capture to that motion on right time , when  you went in your consciousness that time , time will order to  you for a right click that time order is coming out  from your inner  art sense when  you follow to that time order then  you can get a right visual for visual art in form of Photography or ETC. so in that  case of art process or art journey I have shoot or  documented up to 15,000 .

Performing Artist of  Bangal folk art at JKK Jaipur. I were  shoot  it from Open theater of JKK  in  LOKRANG  festival .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA

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