Saturday, June 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 127


Artist Giriraj, Waqer Bhai , Shwet 

Holy festival is a color festival of our INDIA. We all Indian is celebrate this festival by color , we paint to close person by dry and wet color on this festival . But I am saying it, we painter is playing holy  festival every day with our canvas  when we paint to canvas for new creation with deep emotion’ s. ha  , its facet of a painter life  in our nation INDIA.

Artist Giriraj and Dadhichi Patel  in form of  color ul live portrait .

But when I am remembering  my first holy festival celebration at my Art Collage , that day was very critical  for me or for  my artist friends . In art education time we were painted color on canvas full year  but on day of color festival our collage was locked and we were painted color out side of our art collage on friends face’s . ha ha .

On festival of Holy I were went to My art Collage Rajasthan School of Art ,  there I were alone  with dry color and in morning time in wait of artist friends ,  I were taken  a one cup tea . after some time  my two junior were came there and they were joined  to me we were sited on basement of our art collage main gate , collage door was locked .i were busy in talk to  my junior  in that case  my three senior were came there . Artist Giriraj , Shwet and Michel Bhai .they were offered  me cold drink so I were taken that cold dink  and then they were putted dray color on my face  and I were also painted dray color my seniors faces  .  in same time Artist waqer Bhai came with Artist Dhanesh datt ojha so we all were putted color on face of them .

Two Junior  Artist in colorful portrait form. 

Over all we were created live colorful portrait by dry color  in front side of our art collage building . we all were artists or art students, so we were celebrated holy festival with dray color at our Art collage . that was a great art sound for our art collage because that’s student were playing and enjoying to color festival on art collage building .

We were used vibrant color for play to holy ,  so after painting of face we were created very creative face look impression and we were started talk on live portrait . when all were busy in art talk  in that movement  I were taken camera in my hand and stated photography of my friends faces because that was very creative  live colorful portrait for me  .we were used dry color so that portrait impression was not permanent and as a documentation I were captured  to that colorful movement of our art energy in form of  live color full portrait photography .

Artist Giriraj in form of colorful live portrait  on Holy festival .

I were observed malty color portrait of my seniors and juniors . so step by step I were shoot to them with color impression of  red, yellow, green .blue ,orange ,pink , magenta ,sky blue and some color impression was came out by color mixing  on face by manual hand painting .   ha

When we were busy in our holy celebration  and that’s documentation  I saw a tourist from Germany was visiting to our art collage Historical  building. he was capturing to our art collage building structure or our holy festival activity . we were invited  him offered to tea and cold drink he was not taken our tea and cold drink but he was played holy with us . he was painted our face again by our dry color  and my seniors were painted his head by dry colors and I were shoot his picture when he was enjoying to color festival with artist in front side of Art Collage  Rajasthan  School of  Art Jaipur . 

Here I have wrote much more about my first holy festival  at My art collage so I am going to stop it and sharing  with  you some pictures of that special artistic color festival because that holy festival was gave me some colorful  live portraits. So I said  Live colorful portrait I capture on holy festival .

A Another visual of Live portrait  of Artist Giriraj and Dadhichi patel .

Artist Dhanesh Datt Ojha  with two juniors in form of live portrait .

A Tourist of Germany was enjoying festival of holy with us ...
Myself  in form of life portrait 

                                 Yogendra  kumar purohit
                                           Master of Fine Art
                                               Bikaner, INDIA 

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