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Art Vibration - 126


National Art Exhibition INDRADHANUSH  In DNA news paper Jaipur . 

One day I were busy in  my art exercise of myself  drawing creation. In that movement I were received a invitation  call from Jaipur . My junior Mr. Lakhan Singh Jat , was informed  to me about a big art exhibition of national youth artists . Artist Lakhan Singh Jat  was co-ordinate to that art exhibition and that National  art exhibition organizer was a art medium shop keeper .That exhibition title was INDRADHANUSH ( Rainbow ) and that was started in banner of GYAN MANDIR  art medium shop.

My self Busy In painting creation  for INDRDHANUSH Art Exhibition
Gyan MANDIR art medium Shop is very close  to our Art Collage Rajasthan School of Art , Kishan Poll Bazar , Ajmeri gate , Jaipur . Gyan Mandir is giving art medium to art students  in right cost . Gyan  Mandir art medium shop is a very friendly  with all art students or artists. I can say it because I know him. Shop Keeper Mr. Abdul  ji . he was always talk to me in Shudh ( PURE )Hindi, when we talked in SHUDH Hindi then other juniors were noticed and observing our Hindi language  communication about Art medium .

Gyan Mandir art medium shop is a very helping point  for youth artist of Jaipur  City . it’s a  very small art medium shop but that’s action and way of art promotion is very big and artistic . Gyan Mandir Art medium Shop is running  by two brother and they are caring to artist better to Agarwal Bothers  art medium shop in Jaipur . that live example was INDRADHANUSH  art Exhibition . I have no any art activity record of Agarwal Brothers  in my memory . but I have lots of art activity record of Gyan Mandir art medium shop .

Myself  With My art work  "myself "
I were accepted  that invitation of  my Junior . I said to him I will join this art exhibition as a exhibitor . I will exhibit  my three art work  in your art Exhibition . they have not  collected  any kind of fee or charge  to me for that art exhibition. It was first art promotion by Gyan Mandir art medium shop. It was a silent art promotion action specially for me why ? I did not knew but that was  for me .ha

Before  two day of that art Exhibition I were in Jaipur  with  my three painting s .That painting was not framed  . so  my junior Chandra shekhar sain was managed  a display board  for me . I were displayed  my art work on a one board and then hanged  on   wall  of Chaturdigh art gallery, Jawahar Kala Kendra , Jaipur .

Our Indradhanush Art Exhibition was inaugurated by senior  late sculptor shri  Somhendra   Sharma ji and architect Mr. Bhartiya ji . in opening time of our Art exhibition I were noticed many  youth artists were came from other states of our nation . they all youth artists were  very fresh and energetic about visual art presentation . I saw Gyan Mandir shop keeper Mr. Abdul  ji was very busy in cared  to all artists and artist works. A Small Shop keeper was getting a real big art promotional step by that big national youth artists exhibition . I saw his face was very confident and he was feeling proud on his self . really that was a great art activity by a small art medium shop keeper . when I were met to Gyan Mandir Shop Keeper Mr. Abdul ji  . I said very first PRANAM ( respect in INDIAN cultural Hindi words )  he called  Me Purohit ji  , then again we were started our communication in Pure HINDI  language ha ha ha .

Owner of Gyan Mandir art medium shop  Mr. Abdul ji  In mid ,
left side junior artist Shrikant  Ranga , right side  other junior artist 
Others states  artists were observing our HINDI communication and they were smiling after listen our  communication words . that was interesting for me or for them . ha

Next Day Gyan Mandir art medium shop keeper Mr. Abdul  ji was gave some art medium for painting creation . it was a good action of Gyan Mandir . By art medium guest artists were  lived  busy in creation of painting after exhibition  and they all youth artists were  feeling nice because that painting creation  activity was converted  in a art workshop . I were also created  a painting on paper  for Gyan Mandir Art medium Shop.

It was a very different  kind of art activity  by a art medium shop so media was promoted  that art exhibition with full coverage .News Paper DNA was published a big group picture with full text  story . my Junior Mr. Dinesh Meena  was press Photographer In DNA News Paper , so he was taken a special picture with me for that art coverage  and Editor of DNA  was published  that art action of My junior Dinesh Meena with full art respect.

Late Sculptor Shri Sohmendra Sharma ji is busy in art talk with Architect -
Mr. Bhartiya ji  In Indradhanush  art  Exhibition of Gyan Mandir Art medium Shop.
I were observed to that art exhibition as a art critic  and I were found , that was a artistic game design  for me  . My juniors  and shop keeper of Gyan Mandir was worked  for me . they were created a art sound in form of exhibition and invited  me in that art exhibition for work of art presentation of myself . I can say that was a true love and art promotional  work by my junior and my junior were collecting  that  art motivation action from Gyan Mandir art medium shop . so  I said ,Art medium shop keeper was promoted to  youth artist of INDIA.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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