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Art Vibration - 124


Rajasthani Cultural Folk Musical  performance  By Jaisalmer Artists. 

Tera Tali  Mucial  performance at Jawahar Kala kendra , Jaipur . 
 I am saying it because I am feeling it, when I were busy in  art exercise at Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur  as a studio member . there I were learned and observed  to cultural folk music by many performing presentation of our Cultural folk singers or musician’s . there,  after art work I were always lived busy in activity of cultural musical event . I were not participated as a performer but I were observed  to that musical event as a learner , because my art sound was came out very first  by folk music creation or that’s composition  . I were created traditional musical tune on CHANG in my childhood age . so music sense is in my vision .that result I were shared  my time after art work in folk musical activity of Jawahar Kala Kendra .

Traditional  NAGADA  Music  for Tera  Tali  Folk Music 
I were shared  my time in cultural musical event of Virasat Art Foundation, Lok rang cultural festival , Rajasthan foundation day festival or some other musical activity of that art Center .

I were leaved alone there for listen to sound of folk music ,and performing or raag or folk song . Some time I were captured  to that cultural musical event as a photographer . in case of Photography work  my sensor’s were  working two work  to mind  one for sound observation and second  for visual collection of that folk or cultural event + festival .

Kadtal  Music  performance  By manganiyar  folk Artist 
 You can say  I were lived busy in exercise of art observation with all kind of art section. Painting, photography , sketching , Music , sculpture , theater art observation  and art discussion’s , that was making me a true art student and that artistic environment was teaching me itself without any art Teacher. That  myself art Study about artist vision.

 I know art have no limit and any final stage  of art , its getting maturity after a perfection stage . because perfection need always more dedication and artist patience . I think there that cultural musical or folk performing activity  was designing in me a right art perfection by self art observation . I know I am not perfect in music  but I can explain about a perfect musical presentation after listen to that musical presentation .

2006 to 2008 , I were lived busy in Jawahar Kala Kendra , as a painter in Visual Art Studio ( Graphic art ) . in that time  I were met to some folk singer of Jaisalmer , Kota, Udaipur , Bikaner, Alwar  . in same time I were met to some other country folk musician’s or singer At Jawahar Kala Kendra . that was a open art institute  for me it’s a real fact of my art journey. I can’t forget to that artistic time of my real art journey.

Matki Music for JUGAL BANDI  To Dhol Music At jawahar Kala  Kendra .
After that folk music  Education by open art institute,  today I can create music on KHADTAL ( its  two wood slice in size 2X6 to 7 inches ) it’s a part of  Jaisalmer folk music . I can create music on BHAPANG its from Alwar folk music . Chang music  is in  my blood from Childhood age and some more musical strument  I can handle  by me  for folk  music creation or that’s composition  . I am saying it with full confidence because this confidence was came in myself by that open musical art institute of Jawahar Kala Kendra , Jaipur.

Here  I can’t share  with  you my own musical  composition but I can share  with  you a good folk music composition  for  your listen and I sure after listen to it  you can observe my folk musical sense .Music composition is update on bottom side of this post thats words is WARI JAUN RE , BALHARI JAAUN RE .

Nagouri  Folk Dance On western  Folk Music ,
And I want to share  with  you  some visuals of that  folk music learning time . by this visuals  you can observe to that right musical environment and I sure  you can imagine to that high speech level folk music  sound and that’s cultural performing steps.

There I were learning to folk Music in same time I am getting true and a right refreshment of mind . there in day time I were lived  full time busy in painting exercise because I was committed for  my visual art exercise . I were starting   work in Morning time after 9 am and I were stop to painting in evening  time at 7 to 8 pm . After 8 pm I could joined 

to folk musical event or theater art in Jawahar Kala Kendra and I were getting refreshment of mind from that cultural musical activity  so I said Rajasthani Cultural  folk music is refreshment of mind .

Bhopa is Busy In Singing  to PABU ji  ki  FAD Painting  
A folk music performer busy
in tera tali Music  composition  


Yogendra  kumar purohit
                            Master of Fine Art
                               Bikaner, INDIA

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