Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 130


Great Sculptor Himmat Shah  is  Visiting Art Exhibition At Samanvai Art Gallery
It was rain time , I were busy in art work At Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur . Environment was very rainy so my painting was not getting dry in natural time , that was nature attacked on  my art sound . I were feeling puzzle  condition  in that rainy environment . my one painting was talking much more time of myself and in that case I were not completed  my painting in limited  time of  my daily art project , that was painful condition for me.

When I were leaved  to painting for dry , in that case I were went in Coffee house of JKK with  my sketchbook. There I were taken tea and coffee  and lived  busy in sketching work  . that  was  my art exercise time I were converted  to that time  for my sketching work because  my painting is not getting dry in right time . I were filling to time gape of my painting by sketching  work .

Artist Himmat  Shah is  Inaugurating Exhibition of My Juinior
Art Master  Suresh jangid
One day rain was started  and I were in Coffee house of JKK , that day there lots  of people were presented . there rain was continue so all people were fixed there .they could not move here and there and I were got very different type sketching matter in that movement by rain condition . I were saw people were caring his self to  rain water .so I got many creative and challenging sketching subjects , I were drawing to all motion of that crowds with full speed of sketching . many people were watching  my sketching lines and someone observing my art dedication in that complicated condition . in brake of sketching   I saw a very senior  artist was sited near me in that Coffee house , I did not knew when he was came near myself and sited there and watching  my sketching line continue .

His look like a rock , on head a heat a Kurta of Khadi  and Jeans or a goggle on eyes. He was great Sculptor Himmat Shah , he is from Gujarat and he is living in Jaipur Rajasthan . when I saw him I were offered  to him for draw a sketch for me on  my sketch book , I were try to submit  my sketchbook in his hand but he was not accepted  my request . he said NO,  you draw I am watching  to  you and enjoying  to  your line and speed of sketching .

Sculptor Himmat Shah In Exhibition Of My Junior Art Master  Shika Shekhawat
At JKK Jaipur.
I were offered  a one cup tea to him , but he was again said NO, but his eyes is watching  and noticing  my character as a senior artist of my nation . in that crowd  only I were knew it if Great Artist Himmat Shah is here in this crowd at JKK. He was not wanted  to show to his self art identity in that movement , it was  my view. May be I was wrong. Ha

In that meeting  I were shared  my right condition  with my senior Artist HIMMAT SHAH  Sir , After that meeting  he was observed  to  me many time  and I can say as a senior he was watching to me and  my art action time to time .

A Great Sculptor is talking to A great Photographer of our Nation  at JKK
One day he was came in Studio of JKK In Afternoon time , I were busy there with  my big painting exercise , he was visited  my working condition and condition of JKK studio and asked  to me , how  Many time  you are working here  young boy ?

I were reply to him sir I am coming here in morning time at 8 am and I am living it in evening time at 8 pm  in mid one time food and one time tea ,and its continue to last one year  with me . after listen my answer he was again watching  my face with blessing sound.

Many time I were met  to him in art exhibitions of Jaipur , I saw he was always watching to juniors art action , one day he came in   my junior artist art Master  Shika Shekhawat Art Exhibition  at Jkk, after that I saw him In exhibition of My Junior Art Master Suresh Jangid At Samanvay Art Gallery Jaipur and some more art activity he was attended and I were met to him because I were also active  for visual art  in that time  In Jaipur . 

Myself  is  Busy  in lighting to candle on inauguration of
my junior art masters exhibition at samanvay art Gallery , Artist
 Himmat Shah is watching to me and Artist Suresh is clapping .
As a art Documentation I have some visuals of Sir HIMMAT SHAH  so I am sharing  with  you by this post   for  your visit and I sure after visit  his rocking face  you will feel direct word  NO,, ha ha ha .. Because  I did  faced this NO word was  came from Himmat Shah .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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