Monday, June 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 123


Myself  with my painting in exhibition of art hub , Baroda 
 This is a title of  art exhibition of ART HUB. Art Hub was a online  art web gallery .it was from Baroda City , INDIA . this art exhibition was exhibited  at  Abhivyakti cultural place ,in  Aakrati  art gallery Baroda . it was a group show of Indian  youth artists.

I were received  a invitation by mail from Art Hub  Owner Deepali Jagtap . she was  invited  my four paintings for exhibition with  my art bio data . so I were posted  my four paintings and full bio data to postal address of Art Hub Office  by courier .

I were posted  my art work  in roll condition  and they were fixed  to my art work on canvas structure . so that was good step of art care by art hub. They were designed  a big catalog of our art show , and a one compact disc of art catalog of art hub exhibition .

Catalog of our art Exhibition 
They were not paid to artist travel charge . so first I were thought  I will not join to that art exhibition of Art Hub . but when I were remembered my past time or a true art story then I were taken step for join to that art exhibition of art Hub. Actually after B.F.A. education year 1999 ,  I were posted my admission application  form to M.S. University Baroda for Master  Education In painting . but they were not understood  my art language and master education demand they were rejected my application form and I missed good art education of painting  about my art journey . After that rejection of my masters application of admission I were gave three year gap in   my art education of art  masters . finally my Rajasthan School of art was gave me master Education with academic  art certificate .

A Senior Artist of Baroda is busy in lighting to traditional lamp in art hub
Exhibition . 
But after ten years Baroda city was invited me and my art work was displayed  as a art master work . so I were joined to Art Hub and that’s art exhibition .

I were completed a long journey of Baroda by bus in 22 hours from  my Bikaner city . I were went to Ahamdabad and there to Baroda , I was fully tired my body was  not in  my control , I could not stand  on my feet in that condition . so I were called  to owner of Art Hub Deepali Jagtap . she was guided  me by phone for a right address of office of art hub . By auto I were went on right address of art hub  .

There they were gave me  a rest room for refreshment or rest . that was day of our art exhibition opening ceremony  . so in evening  I were joined  to that opening ceremony of art Hub Art Exhibition .

Senior Artist is with catalog of art hub exhibition
Some senior artists  and art critics were lighting  to a traditional lamp for open to our art exhibition .media person and press was noticing and capturing our art exhibition views for art news . in that case owner of art Hub  was launched a big catalog and one compact disc of art hub online art gallery . that day I were wear t –shirt with caption (OM ) in design of @ symbol  with text ,”  there is life  beyond dot com .

So all were noticed  my dress and t-shirt caption , press photographers  were captured myself or my t-shirt caption  with catalog or compact disc  of art hub.

That  was very interesting for me because all were calling to me for press photos. I were noticed  Art Hub was published  my art work cost in catalog that was very high cost to other artist works one lakh to five lakh  ,  you can say that was extra art promotion to  my art work and that’s cost by art hub.

Myself busy in art discussion  with artist Sweta  Shah  at art hub .
I were talked  to art students of M.S. University  Baroda and they were liked  my art concept and we were discussed  on art and visual art by art exhibition of art Hub. There I were shared  my critical words , one day I were try for learn visual art from Baroda but today Baroda  city is exhibiting my art work and we are taking on it .it is great  for me or  I am very thankful for Baroda City .

There I were shoot some visuals for  my art documentation  so  here  you can see some movement of that art exhibition by my update pictures.

After opening ceremony I were stayed one night in Baroda city at rest house of art Hub. In night I were faced some risky condition because there electric wire was got short circuit  by luck I was safe .ha . but I were lived all night in dark in that summer time without electricity  and I were knew same short circuit was in Aakrity art gallery  . but all were well that was  blessing of god on me or on art hub art exhibition .

Art Hub Exhibition place Abhivyakti cultural place .Baroda .
Second day of my art exhibition I were leaved  to Baroda City for  my home journey . Before leaved to Art Exhibition place I were said  to owner of art Hub  Deepali  Jagtap . I said Artist is like a sant , but a sant is not live like a demander man of Footpath . I were not demanded  to art hub any catalog or compact disc . I were not asked  or  demand to them about   my art work or that’s inquiry . you can say , I have forget  my art work as a sant  and they were not gave right result to my art work after exhibition so you know what is they are …ha

AS a True artist  I were taken full risk for visual art and art promotion  but they were not cared  to art and artist . today time and art is not caring to them because art hub is not on online , after a second show of Delhi . 
so I am asking  to art hub what creates life ???????????????

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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