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Art Vibration - 117



Title Cover Of my Dissertation, I were created  it by myself 
It was my master education  time . In master Education rule want to Art Students a research work in form of literature by dissertation submission . So I did followed that education rule  for my masters  and in that case  I were selected  my own subject for dissertation . I were thinking  in that time  for life and human nature  and I were observing to visual artists how to and why the created art work . so there to I collected  a title of my true art research in form of Dissertation .

 By luck  My HOD Dr. Vidhaysagar Upadhyay was permitted me  and Dr. Mamta Chaturvedy  was guide me for this art research . I were used  some  reference in that art literature  writing work . I were gave reference of Philosopher Dr. Hari Prasad Dvivedi by his book Darshan – Shastra . I were gave reference of Dr. R. B. Goutam  Book Art and Philosophy .

My writing focus on human nature ( artist nature ) so I were designed  a format for  my dissertation writing , I were selected  20 artist on my nation Senior to   Junior or myself . in that writing format I were selected  some question  for artist why Artist paint to painting , and what was that talk and point of his or her life , there to they have start to painting or they came in painting field ? or what a artist think for future of visual art. And some more short question of his or her life .

In this 20 Artist Selection  I were selected some late senior Artist and some contemporary senior ort junior artist . I were started  that dissertation  writing to Painter  Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur and then Jamini Roy , Ram Gopal Vijay Vargiy , Amrta Sergill ,K.K. Hebaar , M .F. Hussain ,F.N Suza, S.H. Raza , Dr.Vidhyasagar Upadhaya , Dr. R.B. Goutam , P.N. Choyal . Manjeet Bawa., Dr. Mamta Chaturvedy , Jatin Daas ,Surendrapal Joshi, Naresh kumar , Vinay Sharma , Mukesh  Sharma , Vivek Kakda and Myself .
On this Artist work and that’s work concept I were done a research as a painter .
 And I were observed  that artists  nature  and then work nature of them . I were wrote few special regions of them , by that region they have created painting  and they can could created  concept  for true art life for self .
By that research matter  I have learn lots of  for life or for my art concept with some strong logic or definition. That was very artistic research for me because I were talked  to some contemporary artists of my nation . kind  your information  that dissertation  was wrote  in Hindi by myself typing   work on PC . so I were learned Hindi Type for my dissertation within three days . that was magical typing education by me or in guideline of Myself ( I will share in next time that magical story ) .

 I were collected some art work and art information of All 20 artists and I were taken live interview  of contemporary  Artists . by that interviews I got very different  kind of art view and concept  for my dissertation  writing . My HOD Dr. Vidyasagar Upadhaya  Sir was not Gave me his view because he was my Master guide .so I were taken a interview  of Him , that interview was taken  Art Critic Prayag Shukla  .
By that Interviews of All 20 artists I were got many views about Artist nature because that was practical life views of contemporary artist of my nation. So I can say that time was great  for me  or for my dissertation  subject .

I were wrote to that all interviews and art information of that 20 artists in literature format . I were first time wrote 100 page ( Type ) in art literature form like a literature  writer . I don’t know where  to I got literate words for my dissertation  but that was came in my writing . over all I did wrote a complete art book on Human Nature and art . That art literature  work  for my University  so here I can’t share  with you so I am very sorry , but one day I will published  it for  your reading  in book format or may be  you can read  to that  art literature writing work of myself .

Here I can share  with  you that dissertation  title  image  for  your visit and I sure by this image  you can imagine what I have wrote  in that 100 page of Art Literature ( dissertation ) .

Kind  your information my art literature was read very first  a Art Gallery  Owner . that’s Gallery name Is  Pradarshak Art Gallery , Mumbai , and that’s Owner name is Msr. Savita Hira , after read  my  Dissertation She was gave me a Address of A Art Literature publisher of Mumbai . that was live Example  of  my writing  Success for my art literature or my art research on Human nature and Art .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
 Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA

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