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Art Vibration - 121


my art work "Natural Beauty" image was published with article of  latte art critic  Surendra Manjul , right  side eye image work is myself art work with primary color strokes ,
 Fair is a place of open exhibition  for society and art fair is a open exhibition of art . In our world art family or society we have this fair culture for open exhibition of art for art education with art collection  . it is a great activity of live communication by visual art. Our INDIAN culture we have national and state level academy branch’s , its working by GOVT. of INDIAN - Art And Culture  system.this academy is working  for art promotion by art exhibition ,art workshop or art fair’ s.

So our state level academy  is organizing every year a art fair in  our nation states. My home is in RAJASTHAN state  so I got chance for participation  in art fair of RAJATHAN LALIT KALA  ACADEMY , it is in Jaipur City . I were participated  in seven art fairs of this art academy . I were not got any academic award from that art fair but I founded a real art critic for me . that was a great movement of my art journey , I founded a true art critic for my art work judgment .

my art work way of death  with article of Art Fair 2001 , latte art Critic Surendra Manjul
was published  it  for my art promotion.
I was busy in my true own conceptual visual art  and that art visual was observed by a real art critic . he was committed  for real contemporary Indian art promotion or that’s criticism . he was writing weekly art column in art and culture magazine THAWAR of Rajasthan Patrika News paper. He was working for Sanchay TV  News  of RAJASTHAN PATRIKA .

Friends his name was  latte Art Critic Surendra Manjul , I don’t know how to I explain or define his real art image in words  for  you . I sure after read this story you can know his real art confidence and art sense too.

I were busy  in art fair of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur at Jawahar Kala Kendra. I were drawing some line on paper  in that movement  a simple energetic person came  near our art shop  and he was started to taken  a interview  of my Senior artist, and he was asked to my  senior artist, what are  you giving to young artists by this art fair of academy ? my senior was gave him a right answer in language of academic answer . ha . I were noticed  that interview and then  in last I were asked  to that person you are asking to senior about  young artist  why you are not asking to young artist about this art fair ? he was observed  my question sound  and then told me,  I will ask to  you,  can you give me right answer ? I said yes  I will. Then he asked  to me ok tell me what is giving to  you  art academy  in this art fair ? I were reply to him this academy is giving to me a art space  for exhibition, a promotion to my art exercise  and some sound of art competition .ha

A article  on our MANTHAN art Exhibition by Latte Art Critic  Surendra Manjul
, he was used  mycritical art work On Concept of Mahatma Ghandhi. 
He was noticed  my answer and last line or word competition. After that he asked to me what  kind of competition  you are facing in this art fair ? then I were reply to him competition of prize ..simple Sir ..he asked to me again a new question , are  you thinking   art for competition or not ? I said no idea because I am very new in this art field our senior is taking prize so we student Also following to them. He was laughed .haha  , because  my answer was funny , today I know it ..haha. but by that short art communication I were founded  to a real art critic  for  my art journey , his name was Surendra Manjul .

In that Art Fair or after our first meeting he was collected  my art work visuals by press photographer Rakesh Sharma Rajdeep ( RAJASTHAN  PATRKA )  and in next week he was published a big article in Rajasthan Patrika  with  my art work image . that was very first art promotion to my art work by a real art critic. Because he was understood to me and my art vision about contemporary art of INDIA.

Latte Art Critic Surendra Manjul was published  my 100 fits drawing image by
his article in Rajasthan Patrika .
After that art fair I were exhibited  my art work with MANTHAN  art group of RAJASTHAN I were founder member of that Art Group . Our art group was very strong youth artist group like Progressive artist group of INDIA. In that art exhibition  I were exhibited a very critical art work on Concept of Mahatma Ghandhi . latte Art Critic Surendra Manjul was came in our art gallery and he was visited  my work  then he was shoot us for SANCHAY PATRIKA TV. He was gave me only 40 seconds and instructed  me  you will tell full information of  your art exhibition with  your all group artist  name or works details  . that was  my first short live time test by my true art critic , that time he was not a critic , in that movement  he was a teacher of myself , he was teaching me time value . by luck I were gave complete information of our art exhibition in only 35 second’s.  Surendra Manjul  sir was told me well done boy you have saved 5 second of Sanchay Patrika TV.

Surendra Manjul Sir was telecast our art exhibition on TV and after that he was wrote a article on our art exhibition  with my critical art work image  in Rajasthan Patrika .

After that exhibition  I were exhibited  a big drawing of myself that was 100 fits long drawing , I were exhibited  that big art work In Bikaner . there I were shoot some picture of my art work and then send  to Sir Surendra Manjul . he was published again  my art work images with a article of social life.

Media Cutting  with my Prayer words  for Latte Art Critic Surendra manjul ,
News Paper Rajasthan Patrika ,Denik Yugpaksh and ETC.
That was his last promotion to my art work or my true art journey. Because after some time ,  time was attacked on him and he was pass away in very small age by road accident. When I were listen that bad news about him I could not stop to my tears . I were felt I lost to my GODFATHER ( HERE MY EYES IS AGAIN WET after write this words. ) . That Day to till today I am missing  to him when someone not understand  to me and  my art vision. God Was gifted me real art critic Surendra Manjul and after short  time god pulled back to him .

( As a true lover or fan I were done prayer  for his peace of Soul  and for news I were submitted that sad news with art society by news paper of my city Bikaner.)

I have not seen again that energy in other art critic after latte  Real Art  Critic Surendra manjul . and I sure I will not see his  same energy in other art critic of future  . so I said I found a real art critic Mr. Surendra Manjul to art fair of Jaipur.

Art Critic Surendra Manjul

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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