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Art Vibration - 119


sketching class students of Summer camp of Rajasthan Patrika Bikaner.

It was year 2009 . Rajasthan Patrika group . was organized a summer came  for kids .in that summer camp  they were listed me as a faculty of sketching class . that was ten days art classes for kids and I were art master of that sketching classes. 

It was  my first participation as a art faculty in a summer camp of Rajasthan Patrika Group . by luck in my class 15th kids they all were real child artist because they have selected sketching class in summer camp.  In that art class I saw 5 year to 15 th years old level kids were interested in learning to sketching .

First day of that summer camp I were invited to all kids one by one  for drawing on black board . by that kids drawing I were observed to skill of sketching of that kids . someone draw better and someone not . But as a art master I were noticed drawing skill level of that child artist of my class.

Little Child Artist busy in sketching  exercise in summer camp -2009
First day a lady came in my class with her daughter her daughter age was 6 year something , she was asked  to me sir I am came from ARMY section. I am getting late so please teach sketching  in short time today and tell me what medium is must  for sketching class. I were told to that lady she was wife of a Army Officer Ma’m you can send  to  your daughter tomorrow  with a pencil or a single sketchbook or water bottle  and  you can go because  you are getting late . That  time I were observed   very critically , parents want to develop  skill of art in kids vision but they are not giving freedom to kids and kids vision . so where to art come in kids nature or vision ?

Other side a very small boy I think his age was 5 year something . he came in sketching class with notebook , when I asked  to him where is  your sketchbook ? then he told me my father said you learn on this notebook  your sketching ..haha.. There Rajasthan Patrika Group was organized that summer camp as a academic education to kids but that boy father  was very critical for academic art rule , his vision was very close to Sir Ravindra Natha Thakur . ha.  its  my view about  his father.  but actual condition was , his father want to save money ..so he gave notebook to his son for sketching  class.

Second day I were setup the sitting system of kids , I were putted some objects in mid of kids and they all kids were sited around that object .i were try to gave observation sense ,drawing to observed objects  form on paper by pencil . After seven days I saw and noticed  kids were came in real sketching motion by self observation without my help . I saw,  there  kids mind power is working for drawing sense.  some big kids were drawing  perfectly and small kids was facing trouble in drawing . I were promoted to all with right guide line of art sketching .

There some kids were learning sketching for prize and someone by family presser . so I were also in presser of right art. i saw competition was not in same level mind in my class . some were very small or some kids were big . so I were asked to all kids who want to get first prize in this class ? . there all were up his/ her hands . we laughed because prize was one and award demand by  15th  . then I asked again a new question to kids who can give very first this prize to little kids of our class ? then they all 13th kids were up his or her hands . there I were noticed they kids were observed  to my view . I said you all are first in my view . but this kids mind is very small and they can’t  learn or draw just like  you big kids . so we can give first prize to our two little artist of this class . there problem was still ,because prize was one and little artist was two . so I were told to Rajasthan Patrika Team and they were accepted  my idea about first prize of sketching . That was compromise by my senior  students  for two  juniors . it was not academic but that’s process and result was  academic , real art history have this kind of example for us.

Little child artist busy in sketching on notebook  at summer camp 2009 
Second last day of our sketching class  I were told to that  little boy  of notebook . I said , when  you will go to your home then  you will tell to  your father I win first prize in sketching class .That boy was shared  my words  with  his father  and next day he came in class with a new sketchbook or pencil  . his father came with him and said  to me thanks . then I reply to him thanks to you too  sir because after listen first prize news  you have buy a sketchbook for your son . after it I were not say anything to him ..ha

On last day of our sketching class or that summer camp , I were shoot some pictures of  my art students  and on final stage we have exhibited  sketching class art work for visitor ‘s .

On award distribution evening , Anker of That Summer camp  event Ravindra Harsh was called name of sketching class students then there all were surprised because they were gave first prize  to two child artist of my sketching class . when I were going on stage for collect  my movement from our MP Shri Arjun Ram Megwal ji or Gm of Rajasthan Patrika ,that time I saw to that lady wife of army officer , she told me thanks sir and said to her daughter  baby go with  your sir  on stage and collect  your prize . that day she was not getting late because her daughter was colleting first prize of  sketching skill by Summer Camp .

Sketching class students busy in exhibition of His or her Sketching  practice
In exhibition hall of Summer camp of Rajasthan Patrika Bikaner, 2009 
I were noticed there , I gave smile and confidence to my two little art students and I gave upset heart condition to my 13th other art students . I were broken academic rule for true art. But I said to Team of Patrika they can give same level participation certificates and one movement to all kids of summer camp . summer camp is not a competition place it’s a place of self expression or skill development . here all are in exercise level , kids come in summer camp for learn  not for first and second or ETC. summer camp definition is fun + right cultural art education  without book,  class work or home work .summer camp mean full freedom for learning . But we know academic rule is rule,  Academic rule is not accept to rule braker so next time they were removed  my name from list of  faculty of Rajasthan Patrika  summer camp . ha ha .

I am not sad or upset but I am thinking about art and child artist . because I know art is for heart and vision.  its not for only award . award is making un wanted competitions feeling in vision . competition is want only consciousness . but art is running on track of unconsciousness or on  self freedom . Competition is killing to freedom its bound to freedom or vision . in child age this  competition  word and that’s work is giving unwanted presser on soft  mind  of kids . competition word is giving hunger of success but real success of art  is in free heart ..in Art Education ,no any complete definition,  because every true or free art is creating  a new definition for world art . there is no competition , art is a sole performing activity of inner sound  , that inner  sound is different to others so there is no competitor or any one can’t competition to that true inner sound . its universal truth of art. So I said Rajasthan patrika was provided art master to kids of summer camp .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.


Alan John Taylor said...

I just want to send energy and praise to all involved in this and future activites. This part of the foundation of creating a new future world of awarenes, and will continue into time less infinity. Well done. Congratulations.

rupam sarma said...

Great to read your post,Thanks a lot for sharing.All the best.


is beautiful to work with children, I was involved
ceramic workshops, well leave you lights harmony to this creative activity and good future