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Art Vibration - 120

100 fits drawing on land  for display ,in event of golden Jubilee of ANURAG KALA KENDRA

Golden jubilee word is a definition of a long journey .Life , art & culture and some social NGO is celebrate to success of 50th year with name golden jubilee in our social system. Golden jubilee is showing  well condition and working level of long time on a one path of life or ETC.

I am remembering year 2008 , in that year I were participated in a event of performing art of art Society ANURAG KALA KENDRA , it is from Bikaner , its founder member was late Actor , writer, poet ,and theater Director Sir Nirmohi Vyas . Art and culture  is in his family , his two son  is busy in theater art with ANURAG KALA KENDRA Banner . In 2008 ANURAG KALA KENDRA  was completed  50th year with performing  art presentation or that’s promotion. 

Myself  busy in display to my 100 fit's drawing
for Golden Jubilee Event of ANURAG KALA KENDRA

ANURAG KALA KENDRA  was celebrated 50th years  success by event of Golden Jubilee . In that event  they were invited  me as a painter . they were gave me two project for myself art performance . That invitation was very important  for my art Journey because a art society  was wanted  my performance in that big art celebration of ANURAG KALA KENDRA . I were accepted  that big invitation  for my small art journey.

As a Project  they were gave me two type idea  one was for Art Exhibition  and  second was live sketching of live theater performance . I were selected my one big drawing  for that big art event , actually that was a art festival type art activity by ANURAG KALA KENDRA .  so I were exhibited  my 100 fits long Drawing in exhibition . that was open exhibition because in Town Hall we have no 100 fits long wall , so I were exhibited  my long drawing  on land .it was outside of Town Hall .

That Drawing I were exhibited before that art event in Jaipur art Fair and  late Art Critic Surendra Manjul  was noticed  my big drawing and that’s title ( I will share  with  you About his True Art Support  for me )  , I were  gave title  to that drawing “ EVERY THING IS MONEY ” .. This  big Drawing is In a roll, I  were created 100 fits paper by drawing sheet pasting work . I  used  Indian Rupees  image  and one image of coin of one rupee . I draw money in form of use in daily life elements. That was a critical drawing work of myself . you can say that drawing is a complete story of rupees, like a theater play. After Exhibition  on that drawing I got lots of comment by viewers about  my art exercise or that’s concept or display style . because that exhibition display style was very old street exhibition style . ha 

Its my live sketch's  from live play of ANURAG KALA KENDRA in GOLDEN JUBILEE.

After Exhibition I were followed to second project of that art event . I were draw live sketch of play  in darkness of theater . on stage play was running on natural play speed and on my sketchbook pencil was moving in nature speed for right line of sketch.  I were draw there many sketchs of play . that was live challenge for me or for my art exercise but I could done that in darkness condition . there viewers  were listening  play dialogues or sound of  my  pencil  .

That was a great experience for me . There Anker was told to all about  my live sketching  work or that’s exhibition so I were very conscious for sketching work .

They were expressed me as a live performing artist .so I were done  my art work with more patience in form of Sketching . they were exhibited  my sketches  in event of GOLDEN JUBILEE of ANURAG KALA KENDRA .

My sketch's Exhibition  In Golden Jubilee event of

First day my drawing exhibition  and second day  my sketches exhibition  that both art performance of myself is expressing  my art vision and my academic art sense in front of art viewers .that performance of myself was a golden chance for my art performance  by GOLDEN JUBILEE  art event of  ANURAG KALA KENDRA .

I am very thankful for all team of that art event ,because they were created a special art space  for me or my art. By that art chance  I could expressed to my drawing skill and observation sense . over all I were showed  my full art confidence about  my art action or by that art action  I was enjoyed  to Golden Jubilee of ANURAG KALA KENDRA .

Latte Artist ,Writer, Actor, poet and theater Director Sir Nirmohi Vyas  in center , left side Tourism writing society Director U.C. Kochar. Right side writer Sir Bhawani Shankar Vyas  Vinod  In event of GOLDEN JUBILEE of ANURAG  KALA KENDRA - 2008

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA                                                              

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tada date of a country community celebrates
is appropriate to the artist involved in it. also participates
and create cultural ties, according to his cratividad.por what I see, you participated in the event a party called golden wedding
where besides involved, served to show their creativity .. I encourage you to continue, have a great talent and artistic possibilities.