Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Vibration..13


I were talked to great art master and cartoonist Mr. R.K.Laxman by visual language in 2005,
At JKK, Jaipur.i were created  a sketch and posted by FAX to the Hindustantimes. the Hindustantimes was shared that sketch of  myself with R.K.Laxman. i were asked a question to R.K.Laxman by my art sketch and in day time or  in mid of live interview he answered  me with his sign on my sketch book. three time same sign and then asked to me are you want more ? i were reply  to him no no ok sir..he did guided me that day, you and me are same a common man of our nation.....

This sketch i were draw on date 15-11-2005,time 11:45 pm ,Jaipur. i were feeling pain , the JKK officer stop  to me for art work in studio of JKK, because that was blocked for former president of INDIA.  that day the president of INDIA Dr. Abdul KALAM have started  the Exhibition of R.K.Laxman so they have stop my art work. i were told  to Officer Sir ,i am artist not a terrorist but they are bounded from duty and i am bonded by my art commitment .but i respect to rule so i came out to jkk and leaved the studio of jkk from that day..ha

and i were got a reply in visual language by Art MAster and Cartoonist Mr. R.K.Laxman..ha

this sign drawing of Mr. R. K. Laxman on my sketch book a real history of my art journey..!

R.K.Laxman with press live interview and in background you can visit his comman man cartoon drawing .

The name R.K. Laxman is create a art history in cartoon language with a big historical art work from his art sense and his soul power. i wish for his long life ...!
...HAY RAM...

yogendra kumar purohit

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Vibration ..12

" The Concept On EARTH Matter By Visual Language..."

In last days i have created some visuals for international art and poster compitition with my self thought about our plant Earth. i were thought how to we can care the nuture of our EARTH by our activity and adoption of nutural ways of our culture of EARTH....
in this post i am sharing my tree art visuals for your visit and for your study of my concept may be you will read the sound of my visuals and follow it for fresh nuture of our plant Earth, i am very confident about you and i am sure you will do it for our next generation of EARTH..ha

In first Design i have try to show the adopt our culture system for food dis , mostly we Indian and some Asian country were used this system for food dis ,its a real and nutural recycle system of nuture , in this system we not require the extra recycle bin on our Earth..point be noted....!

and in second visual i have show the action sound on our real pain of Earth Peace thats name is "Terrorism" so i try to pull your attention on this real pain of our Earth, may be our world will take a real action on this painful condition very soon..because its very must for real peace of our Earth life....!

and in third visual i have show the problem of our future , the real problem of our earth about Drinking water, on Earth the water level is going down day by day and our science is saying this and science have no any way for come out from this real future problem so i asked a question by this visual "where is water"....!

this art work visual i have created for "Concerned Communication Award 2010" by Patrika group,A International communication sound of Rajasthan patrika news paper group.
and one visual i have created for the Group Green + You its invited to all international artist with his conceptual visuals on his group . i have submit my concept by visual to the group director Mr. Byoung Won Choi .. he did liked that and give me a word .GREAT WORK YOGENDRA.. so i am very thankful for Mr. Byoung Won Choi .. & for DRECTOR OF PATRIKA GROUP..!

my ,this post just a way of communication of us with vision of myself about our EARTH plant..!

thanks and i hope you will start the work on it from today..ha

Yogendra kumar purohit

Friday, August 06, 2010

Art Vibration..11

I have done some work for a news web portal on request of Editor of http://www.journalisttoday.com/ & http://www.newsnetindia.com/ in this project of portal title and logo design three mind have done work one is myself second is web designer and third is web portal Editor and ditector. important part fo this work our all communication was on online step by step. i am still in my home town Bikaner and news editor and director from Delhi and web designer i don't know where from ....ha .But when i were design the first design then web designer told me for resize the file then i got a real file size by Editor the file size is 980X150 or 980X104 in Pix. then i recreate the new file and submited to editor then editor told me about text and logo size and font style then i again work for them on design and step by step we were getting the sance of web portal design with technical digital track .the editor was watching the transformation of his idea in design and in web designing and i am trying to convert the idea of Editor with boundation of web Designer.and the web designer was packed with thachnical system so he was indicate to editor and me by his knowledge and then we have created a final design in a three days for presentation on web portal. in that case i were take a challenge and i did lots of exercise by my vision for design of web portal title. you can visit that design on web portal at http://www.newsnetindia.com/ and on http://www.journalisttoday.com/ i am thankful for editor of this web portal Mr.Yograj Sharma and his news portal team...ha
yogendra kumar puorhit

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Art Vibration..10

Vedio Catalogue of Art Exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010,ITALY...

A art master of ITALY Mr. Vincenzo Montella is a real art promter of our world and his relation sence is very storng and rich. i have atteched with him in year 2008 by google search and through my yahoo mail. i were posted a simple application with my work image and a web page link to him on his mail id for visit my art work that day to till today he is with me like a wall. its example is ,yesterday night i were wanted the vedio catalogue file of Asian overview 2010 ,i were mail him and after received my mail he was contect on chat with me and then the vedio file of vedio catalogue of Asian Overview 2010 on my mail box with HTML code , in that message he wrote for me yogendra the vedio file is very big data file so i am sending to you a easy format that is HTML code you can cut paste it on your blog page. after this example you can understand his art nature..ha

after 2008 Artist Vincenzo montella was called me many time for exhibition but i was busy in my art work and i were not capable for join his art exhibition as a artist but in 2009 i think month oct.or nov. i were find him on facebook art network and on facebook he was visited my art work and again called to me for a exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010 that time i were free and i have some art work for exhibition then i told him yes ,i will and then i have post to him my two art work that was drawing in size 8X10 Inches. point be noted for vincenzo ,he did not only disply my art work in that exhibition , he did created a vedio invitation and he had selected only my small art work for that vedio invitation of ASINA OVERVIEW 2010,

the ASIAN OVERVIEW2010 art exhibition was my first international group art exhibition i have participate in mid of 7 countris artists. you have visit the name of that country and thats country artist in vedio catlogue link.

Art master Vincenzo Montella have lots of work for my art promotion he have wrote some news and article for news paper of ITALY ,and http://www.absolutearts.com/ have published a big and very artistic article of Vincenzo in time of exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010, that exhibition time was jan. 2010. i am going to update this art story at on my blog very late but i think its a feeling representation of art relation not a art news or story or etc...ha.

i want to say once again thanks to ART MASTER VENCENZO MONTELLA by my heart.and my text of this post for his art repect. ..

yogendra kumar purohit



Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Art Vibration..9

MY FRİENDS2.wmv by Kırlangıç Martin (ARTIST of TURKY)

this vedio catalogue by Turky artist and art Director.."KIRLANGIC MARTIN" she have add my art work in this vedio catalogue.she have collect the artist and artist work from her facebook friend list .this vedio and its presentation is very artistic with cultural music of Turky its a complete art promotion by this vedio catalogue of our world art...ha

so i am very very very thankful for the ARTIST "KIRLANGIC MARTIN" Turky. my best wishes for her art journey.Good work in short...time..ha

yogendra kumar purohit