Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Art Vibration..10

Vedio Catalogue of Art Exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010,ITALY...

A art master of ITALY Mr. Vincenzo Montella is a real art promter of our world and his relation sence is very storng and rich. i have atteched with him in year 2008 by google search and through my yahoo mail. i were posted a simple application with my work image and a web page link to him on his mail id for visit my art work that day to till today he is with me like a wall. its example is ,yesterday night i were wanted the vedio catalogue file of Asian overview 2010 ,i were mail him and after received my mail he was contect on chat with me and then the vedio file of vedio catalogue of Asian Overview 2010 on my mail box with HTML code , in that message he wrote for me yogendra the vedio file is very big data file so i am sending to you a easy format that is HTML code you can cut paste it on your blog page. after this example you can understand his art nature..ha

after 2008 Artist Vincenzo montella was called me many time for exhibition but i was busy in my art work and i were not capable for join his art exhibition as a artist but in 2009 i think month oct.or nov. i were find him on facebook art network and on facebook he was visited my art work and again called to me for a exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010 that time i were free and i have some art work for exhibition then i told him yes ,i will and then i have post to him my two art work that was drawing in size 8X10 Inches. point be noted for vincenzo ,he did not only disply my art work in that exhibition , he did created a vedio invitation and he had selected only my small art work for that vedio invitation of ASINA OVERVIEW 2010,

the ASIAN OVERVIEW2010 art exhibition was my first international group art exhibition i have participate in mid of 7 countris artists. you have visit the name of that country and thats country artist in vedio catlogue link.

Art master Vincenzo Montella have lots of work for my art promotion he have wrote some news and article for news paper of ITALY ,and have published a big and very artistic article of Vincenzo in time of exhibition of ASIAN OVERVIEW 2010, that exhibition time was jan. 2010. i am going to update this art story at on my blog very late but i think its a feeling representation of art relation not a art news or story or etc...ha.

i want to say once again thanks to ART MASTER VENCENZO MONTELLA by my heart.and my text of this post for his art repect. ..

yogendra kumar purohit



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