Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Art Vibration - 528

Art Critic Prayag Shukl said  word beautiful in Hindi to my Recent Art work …

Art is a very free space for a creative person .when a creative parson use to this freedom of art then he /she give a very different and pure creation to our society with  a new vision or angle for thinking to art . I read it in my art history or I saw it  in practical when I was art student in study time or today I am practicing  with it .
When I think for installation art work in that time I look to useless or damage item of our daily use or use of life . in last post  you have seen to old guitar in form of a installation art work  or here I am going to share same thing with a new item of our daily uses,  mostly In India that is   water storage clay  pots  

 I selected useless five old water storage clay pots and I painted  white wash on upper surface of that clay pots . on that five pots I painted different type of textures in black color . after painting work that use less clay pot converted in form of a art or that was ready for installation art . 

It was surprise for  my family . because they could not imagined like this . it was great for them . because their useless clay pot was looking nice . that pots were got a aesthetical sense itself after some art practice by myself .

As a artist I represented to traditional thought in new form .clay pot is cooling to water by natural cooling format . today that is going to out to our culture , it is critical . but many handicrafts families are living  by this clay pots . they are survive their life or their family life by this handicraft work . today its demand level is going down so their life in danger zone , they are leaving their own job or they are searching another job in our society . so our contemporary  time or culture is killing to their art and life too . so I selected clay pots and painted for show this thing in front of our society . 

Where we are moving to our culture in this modern  time . it is a question itself ? for all of us . 

When I created this concept of Installation art,  I share it with International art Critic  Sir Prayag Shukl INDIA , by luck he is reading to my art sound when I share with him  my work images or texts . in  time of art education  I got good marks in my art degrees after read to art chapters of sir Prayag Shukl . so it is very much surprising condition for  my art journey . I am thankful of Sir Prayag Shukl because he is with me as a art critic ..

Sir Prayag shukl noticed to my art practice and he said In HINDI  SUNDAR ( beautiful ) ..his one word was gave a full completeness to my practice about installation art .

Today that installation art work is in collection of  Academic personality of Bikaner Sir Sunil Rampuria ( Director of  Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner ) . 

Overall a right art concept achieved that’s right definition or a\ art place for right message or communication about  value of handicraft work or natural value of clay pot for natural cool water or about natural life in this  very modern  time .  

But I am happy Sir Prayag Shukl noticed it very well and he was appreciated by his one word SUNDAR ( beautiful ) .

So here I said Art Critic Prayag Shukl said  word beautiful in Hindi to my Recent Art work …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner .INDIA