Sunday, March 30, 2014

Art Vibration - 293


Before and after it is  a live indication of past and present , old and new, last and fist , in my art philosophy before and after have a one more word  in mid of it that is work . when I select a white paper for drawing in that case paper live clean white,  that is condition of paper before drawing  and when I draw line on that paper then paper convert in a art work but it is possible by work and after work paper gat a title of art work .
In my art journey I am living with many shades of art or many style of art work like drawing , painting, sculpture, photography, poetry , writing , graphic , digital graphic and photo editing work . 

In past I were shared a post on this art vibration about  my photo editing work , in that post I were cleared to before and after condition of  a critical photograph . today once again  I have completed a photo editing work  on photoshop .i were edited a very critical photograph of a facebook friend . he was updated  his old photo for friend. I were visited his updated photograph and felt some emotional feeling for my friend or his memorable movement by his critical picture or that’s update . I were saw many rough scratches on his picture , that picture was in Monochrome color . so for me that picture was in condition of before , before editing work . I were saved that picture  in my pc and then started editing workon that  . in a one hour I could give a fresh look to that picture in B & W  format. After that one our editing work I got a final result of my editing work that was after of that critical photograph of my facebook friend Lorenzo Pescini  Musicista Italy . 

I saw a artistic exercise on that photo before to after .when I were completed editing work I were informed  to my fb friend about his photograph , first I were shared that edited photo with him and then I were updated  on my facebook wall for visit of our world art family . 

Because I want to clear to definition of art work by before and after so I did that . first artist friend Lorenzo was liked that edited photograph. he was surprised when he was visited  his old picture in fresh look without any scratches or  white spots .he was game me a big  thumb in language of FB -  like -  this (Y) . 

Here I am going to share that photograph for  your visit with that’s two condition before and after . this art work of today was created a peace full smile on face of a soft heart person or a member of our world art family so I think it was my true art work of today for fresh environment creation  on this earth by art. 

 A art work had touched to heart of a other country artist by way of art communication , before this editing work my facebook friend was in tens condition because he want  to share his past time or that’s happy mood by his old photo update but that was not clear and  fresh , when I were shared to him his photograph after art work on his old photo  , he was got a happy movement in his self . that happy movement was  creation of art .today I did it. ha  

So here I said about this  photo editing work  before & after 


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Art Vibration - 292


In web world today we have many ways for express to self by words , sound or visuals or some other activities in form of digital  data of our own life . that data we  can transfer on online networks for our communication . by communication we can get real web promotion of our activity of life .it is true because it is working very well . 

Main wall page of

After 2007 I were joined to this web communication system by our BSNL internet connection system of INDIA . I were started communication with our world by this online network . 2007 to till today . I have shared my lots of art sound, art energy by visuals or by words , its result I am getting a right way of art and a right stage in mid of world art family , seniors and juniors artist and art critics are noticing my art sound by this online communication and they can visit  my art work in his or her room or on screen of pc monitor or on screen of laptop . 

Today I am connected or registered on may art network sites like facebook, twitter, google blogger, google + , linkedin, Dr, Amitabh Bachchan Blog , or pinterest .com . here I am connect to may art  peoples or  art groups.  so  you can say I am  moving in web world with unlimited space or connection , it is a very large canvas for me or for other online users . so it is great for conceptual talk by words and visuals about world art family . I am happy if I am in this web motion with advance communication system . it is saving my time energy and money because I am freelancer artist in struggle condition. So it is very help full for me . 

 This  network are  expressing to me by very easy process after register to myself identity on it. So last eight years to I am on online with my art sound and today many great art master and art critics are  knowing  to myself art sound and they are promoting to my art activity by his or her like or comment on this online networks . it is making me more confident about my art work . so a special thanks to all online network creators .

Here I want to give a live example of my  talk by a art work presentation story. Yesterday I were created a sculpture of  traditional drum NAGADA by news paper , that is a paper sculpture , I was created that and then updated on online,  after that on my art vibration blog or in same time on other online networks.  When today I were visited my yahoo mail box then I were saw a mail from pinterest .com network with subject . fresh pin for  you . I were  opened to that mail then I were read and saw my art work of traditional drum NAGADA image was on main page of pinterest .com 

copy of yahoo mail of

Actually this month I were updated  my all paper sculpture on with a art cost of that art work . yesterday when I were updated one more paper art work  in that time I were not thought if pinterest was pin and picked my work image for main page of pinterest , it was a live promotion to my art exercise by pinterest team . first piterest team was observed  to my updates and then they were noticed  to my real art condition of present time and then they were gave me space on main wall page of  pinterest .com after pined to my art work image they were posted me a information about my work on yahoo mail . that action of mail by pinterest is clearing they are promoting to my true art energy by pinterest .com .so a big thanks to pinterest by this blog post on art vibration .i can say it is a pin by me for pinterest . 

Here I am sharing two image of pinterest art action , one is from main wall page of pinterest .com with  my art work image and second is from yahoo mail page . because team of pinterest was gave  a fresh pin to my art work .

So here I said fresh pin for  myself  by pinterest.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, March 28, 2014

Art Vibration - 291


Nagada  ( old  name is Nopat ) , it is a very traditional musical instrument of our INDIA , I am not sure but I think it was created in time of NATYSASTRA of Bharat Muni , INDIA ( Rule or guide line of INDIAN  theater ) .

You know I were started  my art journey in my childhood age, in that age I were drumming to CHANG a traditional folk music instrument of Rajasthan . in my child age I were listened the music of NAGADA . in temple or after temple in performance of our cultural folk play on holi festival . we are saying to that play , RAMAT . that is musical play in,  Hindi we are calling to that  ( Nrty Natika ) , In RAMAT performer are playing to character of king or other historical character.  in mid of that performance they are using to folk music and folk song  in Ramat .so they use to Nagada Folk Music because it is making very loud sound without any microphone . a smart instrument for common communication by music or that’s sound indication for social message . our historical senior was really great masters ..! 

I am enjoying to music of Nagada all night , when SHARAD PURNIMA ( first full moon night of winter ) in that night a temple are organized a musical play of gods , it is continue to last 150 years and I am enjoying to that musical performance to last  15th years to continue . there some very good music performer are playing with sound of NAGADA  and they are giving musical refreshment to  my mind so I am sharing my night there in  Sharad Purnima Night . 

Friend this month our city was played holi and before holi some folk art performers or promoters were  performed to RAMAT musical performance on street stage with folk music of Nagada . I were missed this year my holi festival  and folk art performance in form of RAMAT . but inside of myself art sound and interest of folk art and music was inspired to me for put out to my deep feeling about this folk art.  so in  this week  I were started a one more paper sculpture by news paper . about RAMAT I were read in news paper with some visuals of that live folk art performance . so in this art work I were used to again news paper and in real size I have created  Nagada male or female a couple of Nagada . 

 In visuals  you will observe  to that real form and I were transferred that in paper sculpture for  your visit or  for myself refreshment of mind . here musical rhythm is silent but I can hear it in my vision by loud sound ( just like it naagd naagd  naagd dhina , naagd naagd naagd dhin …..)ha ha .  

In childhood age many time I were got chance for drumming to NAGADA in temple when prayer time was on in evening time . but temple Nagada Music is different to musical folk performance , in temple Nagada music is drumming in a one rhythm but in musical performance  Nagada is giving many rhythm according to play or folk song or its depend on Nagada Master . music in me, rhythm is in me and I am putting out that by  hard form of art and presentation  that is painting or here in paper sculpture for  your observation on my musical rhythm . 

By academic education I am master of visuals art but  in Myself  I have a music master with full of  rhythm,  that’s result is in form of traditional folk musical Instrument  NAGADA sculpture by news paper ..ha
So here I said about this rhythm traditional folk musical instrument Nagada 

Myself is busy in drumming to NAGADA , Holi 2013 ,
in Bullet wala Hanuman Temple ,Shree Kolayat Road,Bikaner 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA