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Art Vibration - 290


Warm Regards to Rajasthan  School of art , Jaipur ..
Friends yesterday I were posted  a post on this canvas about creative sound with critical academic mater . as a art record  I have not national or state level  Lalit Kala academics certificate so as a  Govt OF India record I am not a academic artist in system of our national academies .it is critical condition for a academic artist but it is true   ..

 Before 1992  or after 1992 to till 2014 , I am continue busy in art work totally 22 years and above in  my life. It is my creative journey with my social  life . In dictionary I found the meaning of word academic , there academic  mean a classical or related to education of any field of life. Notice it ..The definition of academic word.

I were completed 10 + 2 by Govt.School of INDIA , there my subject was Fine art , I was toper there  in fine art practical subject .in before  posts I have shared about it  with my art work visuals for your visit or observation on my art education.( academic study ) . in 1994 I were went to Jaipur there I were got admission  in Govt . Art Collage that’s name is  Rajasthan School of art .There  I were shared  my time for  four years B.F.A. degree ,  as a art student , I were also got first rank in my practical work .and after B.F.A. art education  I were got masters from Rajasthan School of art . 2004 to 2005 ,. I were created lots of work there in level of academic art education .or I were got again first rank  in my master of art education from Rajasthan  School of art. 

Kind  your information , our Rajasthan School of art is a primary art education institute of INDIA , it is a very historical art institute of our INDIA  like J.J. School of art Mumbai , Kolkata School of art  , Delhi School of art  , Shimla School of art . Madras school of art , Baroda school of art  or some more art institute . this academic art institute’s  were founded in INDIA very first by  British GOVT . and this state or national Lalit kala Academi concept is also founded by British art Academic system in time of British GOVT , in India . 

So question is this last 22 year to I am moving in academic art sound and I am busy in academic work in form of drawing, painting , sculpture , it is coming out by me after lots of academic art education of myself ,  but art academies are  not accepting to my academic work ..? notice it .. it is critical academic sound of our academic system .ha 

Only Rajasthan  School of art was accepted  my academic art sound . they were noticed  my academic art energy and art work , because they were filled in me academic art sound by art education of academic level . In six year Rajasthan School of art was noticed to me and my academic art sound they were modify  to my vision for academic view or visuals , time to time in art collage . there I were learned how to create art medium ? how to use to art medium ? how to create visuals ? or how to exhibit to that for social visitors ?  There I were created still life, landscape, portrait, life size study work, drawing, collage ,graphic printing, lithograph , photography, space composition, 2D or 3D , wall painting , Mural ,mosaic painting  clay modeling , fiber casting , sculpture, installation and some more art exercises .

1994 to till today  I have used that all academic art styles  in my art work or visuals , this blog posts are   proving it with academic records in visuals of  my art works. 

In 2003 All INDIA  ART AND CRAFT SOCIETY NEW DELHI , was gave me a certificate of a national art camp . so I can say that was a academic certificate in my data about my art journey but that is a non GOVT of INDIA  society of art and craft promotion and in 2005- 06  My art collage Rajasthan  School of art was proved to my art work ,it is academic , they were certify to my academic art study by a reward of capability award . 

I am remembering how to I were collected that reward from My art collage , In our  collage function our principal sir was called me from stage with my name , he said our best student of  collage Master  yogendra kumar purohit is a academic art student of our collage so we are giving our capability award to him from our Rajasthan School of art .

Here that’s award symbol  image  for  your visit.

But question is this . one side Govt  of INDIA  is giving academic education to students and after that academic education when they are perform or present to that academic knowledge  in front side of academies then state or national  academies of GOVT of INDIA is rejecting to that academic knowledge of performer or presenter ?
 So where is confusion in academic system of our GOVT of INDIA ? may be our academic education is wrong  so state or national academies are not accepting to that or may be state or national academies selection system is wrong about academies work or performance so real academic work can’t come in selection of their academic level .? .something is in confusion with big wrong about academic or academic education  matter who will clear to  this confusion  for right academic definition or works… who ? 

Because after Rajasthan School of art  any academies are not noticing or accepting and  prove to my  academic art sound . 

so here I said   my art sound is academic , Rajasthan School of art was proved it ….

Yogendr kumar purohit
Master of Fine art
Bikaner, INDIA

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