Sunday, March 09, 2014

Art Vibration - 286


Friends last four months  to I am busy in paper sculpture work. It is a another track of art in my art journey . I were started this paper sculpture work  by a small sculpture  and this month I have completed  a very big paper sculpture by me . 

 I think it is  my first Mega structure  in paper sculpture work . last ten days  to I were busy in that art work and yesterday  I were got a final stage of  that paper sculpture . 

You know I have transferred to a tooth brush and  tooth paste tube  in Mega structure  that is in size  seven to eight fit’s . I were created  it by news paper  or thread . first I were created lots of paper pips and then I were bind to that all paper pipes one by one and I were got a right shape in big form of tooth brush and tooth paste true .

In ten days  I were lived in busy for know to balance and I were learned  how to balance to a mega structure  with that’s right shape or form by paper pipes  . it was a live challenge for me because I am master in painting  and that paper sculpture of big form was a study matter of sculptor  but I could that by my patience or exercise of balance by paper pipes  .

It was live challenge for me because a mega structure I were completed by paper or only thread . it is a very challenging work but I could it in ten days that’s result is , I were got a mega structure form of our daily life objects.

This paper sculpture is giving me  some more energy for observation on all sector of art and life.  Its making  more confidence in me when I got a right form of art work after lots of hard exercise by body or mind  


I said it mega structure because it is  my first big paper sculpture before this big sculpture  I have created many life objects but that was not big to four  fits so I said it was   Mega structure  in paper sculpture  form .
When  you will see to visuals of that mega structure then  you can observe  to  my working condition and hard exercise on that paper sculpture . That  art work was pulled  to me  my lots of energy in binding work ,I were felt pain in  my hand fingers  that pain  is still now in  my finger and I am feeling pain when I am typing  by keyboard . it is true . but I love to  my passion that was pulled  a mega structure from myself art sound  in this ten days. 

Tooth brush sculpture I were created  in a single piece and tooth paste tube I have created in two piece for right balance or for move about art exhibition place.

 I were selected very simple object form for a mega structure but it was not simple in transformation  work of paper  sculpture. over all it was converted in a big form of tooth brush and tooth paste tube. For me that  art work is a surprising work , it was pulled to   my time, patience, exercise ,vision , thinking process or dedication plus  passion . that’s result is this mega structure was front side of myself .

So I said Mega structure  in paper sculpture ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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