Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Vibration - 289

( Sculpture of Still Life )

Friends last week  I were started a new paper Sculpture by news paper . I were observed  to live condition of contemporary time .in my nation this present  time is election time for next parliament of INDIA . so nation is busy for this energetic festival of INDIA. 

In all sectors of life, here I can see to sound of election  in market, in colony, in TV, In political group and gangs , or that’s live observer is media , media is making sound or noise ?  I am confuse for judge  to it . election for change to time and nation condition for better future but here people are making lots of sound about election  by corner talk, by table talk, by live talk , so I can say it is my nation culture . election vote is a key of change to nation. today all world countries know it very well  because world is following  this format about change to system of a successful nation. But what is the success on this earth it is in question marks ? 

Here every day when I am reading to news paper Rajasthan Patrika , then I am seeing  to cartoon , some big political  reports , some table of election history, some visuals about education to voters and some more words fight of politicians . that all sound is giving me a different feeling about my creativity . I am feeling  election sound is cooking to my mind or creativity . it is  not to only my mind its cooking  to mind of all common man’s  of  our world . so this is not only with me . its universal matter about election sound .

In past when I was trying to live busy in academic activity  by submission of my art work for state or national art exhibition of academy. there I were felt the sound of election in art field . there I were  saw some artists were   voter  of national academy , someone were got selection for voting  in election of Academy , I were saw there some one rejected  to artist because they did not  wanted  to gave chance to them for academy vote or election..i was one in that rejection  by academy of state or national  . after 2005 I were stopped participation  in art exhibition of academy of state or national, in that participation I were lost  my lots of money, time and art energy  , because  after  2005  , I did not wanted to me about myself a cooking medium for academy election , they were just cooking to my mind and my creative sound so I were leaved that path of academic selection of art or that’s  election , I am not a voter of art academy but I am working as a academic artist because I have education of master  in painting with academic certificate from my art institute  Rajasthan School of art .Jaipur . 
2007 to till 2014  I am busy in art work at my studio it is in Bikaner ( My home town) I am happy art is with me and blessing on me  so it is continue with me . here  I am sharing that art sound with  you time to time  by this way of web communication .

Here I am sharing with  you my mind condition  with a paper sculpture, I were created it   by news paper after observed to sound of election of nation ,  In my view election is a very simple format for change to present condition of a nation  for more better future but someone are playing for it, someone are making unwanted noise, someone are pulling lags of others for win to election  someone are creating campaign for voter this critical condition they are cooking to mind of common man. So I were converted that critical condition or sound of my mind in form of a paper sculpture .you can say to that in art definition a still life or a campaign  but actually in philosophical view of myself it is mind  cooking tools .

So here I said cooking tools by newspaper …( sculpture of still life ) 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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